ZRE Podcast #17- Newsflash! The Hollywood Adaption of “The Room,” X-Men Reviews, Fatzilla


Man, there’s a lot going on lately. I can’t say it’s all important but it must be noteworthy, since we made a note of it. Just a quick rundown of some of the latest updates goin’ ’round the net. Including John Goodman as a Transformer and a deleted Amazing Spider-Man 2 scene that may have answered some questions…or raised more.

00:00-03:09 Seth Rogen producing The Room Movie/James Franco’s weird career
03:10-04:56 Deftones new song
04:57-08:52 X-Men: Days of Future Past (fake?) reviews
08:53-10:01 John Goodman and Ken Wantanabe-bots/ Goodman’s Fatbot
10:02-11:14 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer
11:15- 13:52 Fat Godzilla
13:53- 16:36 Amazing Spider-Man 2 deleted scene/Why it may have been deleted

Is Godzilla that fat? Should he go on a diet or ramp up the Krispy Kreme binge? Do you feel you’re an adequate judge of someone’s diet? Really? I mean, look at yourself. You’re not so small either. In fact, you kinda make a 50 meter building look like a 20 meter building!



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