MBTI: Type You’d Most Wanna…SP and NT


Aaaand here’s the second part. We know about the SJs and the NFs, so here are the SPs and the NTs.


ESFP- Type you’d most wanna experiment with


Now I’m not saying this is a good thing, but it could also have its positives. The ESFP doesn’t know when to quit and it seems their motto in life is try anything. This being said, anyone with fears they need to get over or are looking to try new things could benefit from an ESFP partner.

ESFPs don’t shy away from the new and unexperienced but embrace it. Lead Se users are more likely to try new things because they live in the here-and-now with often times no regard for the future. While it can often be a bad thing, trying new things in and of itself doesn’t have to be.

ISFP- Type you’d most wanna hang out with


No arguing with this one. The ISFP’s lead Fi and auxiliary Se makes them able to adapt to just about any situation, physically and conversationally. Their leading Fi may cause some confusion between them and their intuitive cousin, the INFP, but really only in those moments where the ISFP is going on a short-lived rant about how they see the world. Other than those brief times, a conversation with the ISFP can go just about anywhere you let it.

The only issue then is that the ISFP’s relaxed attitude can leave many compatriots confused about what the ISFP is actually thinking with the ISFP saying nothing to relieve the tension. And once peace is lost, it’s not really their style to naturally bring it back.

ESTP- Type you’d most wanna on your team

Times-Mail / PETE SCHREINER Street Fighter IV screen shot

What team, you ask? Whatever team you’re on, man. ESTPs have a drive to compete and even bigger drive to win. So if it’s football or paintball, an ESTP is usually a great teammate to have on your side. Their love of the game they’re playing and people are the two biggest factors to motivate them to do their best which can also motivate you to do your best.

And though the ISTJ is notable for their loyalty, the ESTP, aside from their occasional willingness to lose control of themselves, will often know what to say as well as do, in any situation where beating an opponent is required.

ISTP- Type you’d most wanna have in a survival situation


The ISTP’s leading Ti and auxiliary Se makes them the perfect type not to survive in an unfamiliar situation necessarily, but to make the best of it. You wouldn’t bring a type with you because they, as a type, would get you out of any accidents that might occur, but your best bet as a type would be ISTP.

Their logic and level-head will allow the shock of this hypothetical situation to subside as you figure out what to do next. Anybody could have a plan for that specific situation but it’s the ISTP that can go into it knowing nothing and pick up enough information along the way to to do what needs to be done.


INTP- Type you’d most wanna teach you


While another type may be more fun to learn from, the INTP will teach you the ins-and-outs and actually have you learn as opposed to simply be entertained by it. The INTP’s ease of explaining makes them the perfect time to relay complex information to the listener in ways that others can’t do as clearly.

While the INTP’s method often relies perhaps too much on logic alone, their delivery of said logic can, at the very least seem flawless. The issue many have would be that logic without “passion” can make for a very cold speaker, but if you’re actually willing to learn about the subject (Say for example, wanting to know about something because you want to know, not just to pass a test), there is none better than the INTP.

ENTP- Type you’d most wanna have defend you


There’s a reason ENTPs get labeled the lawyer of types. ENTPs will argue anything and while it can get petty, it’s also something with a lot of positives. ENTPs will defend people they don’t even like, provided you’re not already defending them. It’s not an emotional response to keep everyone peaceful as much as it is seeing the other side and objectively stating the facts. This of course, puts them at odds with their own friends at times.

Nevertheless, if people are talking about you can always expect the ENTP to give them the other side of the story, letting the possibilities and facts guide them.

ENTJ- Type you’d most wanna follow


While it may sound obvious, those that know the ENTJ also know that their leadership skills are unmatched. While they have a tendency to run over people around them at times, that’s bound to happen by anybody with a strong personality. Even still, the ENTJ can’t help but take control and they’re smart enough to get you on their side.

It’s all too easy for many to rebel against whatever authority asserts themselves but when it comes to the ENTJ, you hardly want to. The combination of leadership and tact set them apart from other types to remind us of that age old question your parents would ask you- “If you’re friends jumped off a bridge, would you do that?” Well, if my friend is an ENTJ, then probably.

INTJ- Type you’d most wanna take an idea to


INTJ are the masters of criticism and they believe that no idea is without it’s flaw(s). With this in mind, any idea you’d like to see stand up to scrutiny perfectly fits with the INTJ’s desire to take apart any new thing that crosses their path.

While the negatives to this should be obvious, with the INTJ being overly critical and disallowing any positivity to take place, it still stands to reason that bringing something to the INTJ with the idea in mind that they tear it apart is exactly what you’ll need to make sure what you’re about to do makes sense. Other types may criticize in areas that need no more improvement or may go off of emotional responses to critique said project, but you can rest assured that the INTJ is going solely off logic.

3 Responses to “MBTI: Type You’d Most Wanna…SP and NT”

  1. death from above Says:

    Istp best at surviving anything period. Just say that. Don’t short change us.

  2. Thank you! Very reassuring as an INTP tutor 😉


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