MBTI: Type You’d Most Wanna…SJ and NF


There are a lot of goods and bads to each type. Of course, right? But it’s not like there are any awards for this stuff, it’s pretty much just some weird idea floating around the internet these days. It’s in some books too but I’ve almost forgotten what those are.

So when it comes down to it, who’s the best at what? Who would you most rather have at your side when some frat guy starts talking trash to you in front of your girlfriend? Who’s the type you want backing you up when some dude gives you a snotty look when he’s hanging out with his girlfriend? And why does everything have to be about fighting?

It doesn’t! There’s more variety after the jump!

ESFJ- Type you’d most wanna marry.


Yes, we’ve just turned MBTI into a middle school girl note-passing session. But there’s a reason ESFJ can be argued to be the “perfect” type.

While their dominant Fe can make them unsure of their own ideas at times, The Provider variant will do everything in their power to make sure you’re comfortable as soon as you’re sick or that you have everything you need for that day. ESFJ male or female, you’re getting a person that was born to please, it seems. And though everything is a two-way street, your only real complaint with this type is that getting everything you want can backfire on you on times.

ISFJ- Type you’d most wanna give a difficult task to


Sounds pretty generic, right? “A difficult task?” What’s that supposed to mean? But give an ISFJ a job and have them accept it. Then leave, and return at a reasonable time. If that job is not done to your exact specifications, it’s probably because they exceeded what you thought they would do. ISFJs excel in the detailed work that other people overlook and they treat that job as though they’ve sold their soul to make it happen.

Of course this can have it’s problems but on a day-to-day basis, there’s not a more perfect type for a tough job.

ISTJ- Type you’d most wanna have with you in a fight


Surely this is an Artisan’s forefront right? Not necessarily. While the Artisans will always have Se in their dominant or auxiliary functions, the ISTJ makes a good soldier for a reason. Aside from generally being considered the most disciplined, they’re also the most loyal on average. So while an Artisan type might even be in better shape in many instances, it’s the ISTJ that, if they’ve taken your side, will do all of your fighting for you if need be.

This could also include arguments as well. Not in the sense that ISTJs are great debaters as much as it means you’ll have someone backing you up. Though more than two people arguing rarely ends well. In that case, you’ve still got an ISTJ on your side!

ESTJ- Type you’d most wanna put in charge of something


You want something to run smoothly? You want to be able to set everything in motion and allow it to keep functioning properly? Put the ESTJ in charge. They don’t have the desire (necessarily) to keep moving up the ladder, just give them enough to work with and then some and watch the gears turn without a snag. The ESTJ loves to be in charge and doesn’t mind telling others what to do.

The problem comes into play when you have the ESTJ too comfortable with giving orders which might have them come off as jerks. But you already knew that. Still, nobody can argue that the ESTJ in charge will have things continue on schedule.


ENFP- Type you’d most wanna have around you on a bad day


Why not, right? The ENFP seems to never give up trying to uplift people and unless you and the ENFP already dislike each other, it can pretty much always work. The ENFP’s people skills and upbeat attitude can give the impression that they’ve read your thoughts before you walked in the room as they’ll immediately make their way over to get you out of your funk.

This section is almost discounted entirely if you’re choosing to be in a bad mood but in that case, you’re admitting you don’t want help. You giant baby.

INFP- Type you’d most wanna be inspired by


If there’s one thing the INFP isn’t, it’s realistic. If there’s one they are, it’s idealistic. It’s why they’re great to talk to and become enthused by. It’s not enough for the INFP to offer a word of encourage but to make you see the world in a way you hadn’t thought about before. Their leading Fi makes them morally conscious and principle-minded while their Ne has them breaking the boundaries of what’s thought to be practical.

But practical isn’t always enough and sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve always thought about doing. This is where the INFP excels and when you’re around them, it can easily rub off on you.

ENFJ- Type you’d most wanna go to with a problem


While the ENFP might put you in a better mood, it’s the ENFJ that will actually help you through your issues. They love people, and they love bettering people. It’s why they often go to careers that involve both of these things. Preaching, teaching; anything that can put them in contact with a lot of people that have to deal with personal problems.

Their leading Fe and auxiliary Ni makes up a person that not only cares about others, but also had their future in mind when speaking to them. Another type may be able to give you advice about the immediate future, but it’s the ENFJ whose advice will help you in the long run.

INFJ- Type you’d most wanna restore your faith in people


This is a strange one, huh? But the INFJ’s love of people and their reluctance to look down on the oh-so loving human race makes them perfect to keep you from losing the faith. But at the same time, they seem to be hurt by all that humanity is…which could be why they fit this. The INFJ’s quiet, contemplative mindset isn’t in the same realm as the cold Rational but from a place of genuine understanding and concern for the people around them.

Often times it won’t be what the INFJ says that changes you, but the spaces in the conversation they leave blank. If you’re looking for a reason to keep from hating people (Most aren’t) the INFJ is the perfect type to turn to.


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