ZRE Podcast #18: In Defense of The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Spoilers ahead!

So like, UMM, people are like, CRAPPING all over this movie and like, I just don’t understand all this hate, y’know?

Even though TASM2 is raking it in at the box office (Yeah- I said it), many critics are outright bashing the movie as if they were being paid to(!). Which, in turn, creates a bunch of negative Nancies. What, you didn’t like it either? I bet we cover your complaints in our extremely awesome podcast as well as an explanation for the X-men clip. Order in the court, betch!

00:00-04:36- The whos and whys (Intros)
04:38-06:08- Complaint #1 Too much Gwen and Peter romance
06:09-11:09- Complaint #2 Too Much Cheese/Kiddie stuff
11:11-15:33- Complaint #3 Electro was underused as a villain
15:35-18:58- Complaint #4 Peter’s parents don’t matter, we knew Oscorp was evil
18:59-22:05- Complaint #5 Maguire is still a better Spider-Man
22:06-24:33- Complaint #6 Rhino was hardly in the movie
24:34-27:31- Complaint #7a. Gwen’s death was pointless
27:32-32:00- Complaint #7b. Gwen’s death was too predictable
32:01-36:08- Complaint #8 The third act/Harry’s transformation was rushed
36:09-43:34- Questions of the mid-credits scene/Final thoughts

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And the Ugly (ZRE)
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4 Responses to “ZRE Podcast #18: In Defense of The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

  1. Black Mamba Says:

    *uh, people don’t like the same movies as me…” cry baby

  2. Are you going to review X-Men? I heard it is really good and that Marvel fans will love it.

    • Taylor Says:

      I’ve seen X-Men, but will I review it? I don’t think I could. I’ve got something of a bias against them at this point, which I feel is justified.

      I can say this though, that critics love it and the audience I watched it with were all into it. I would say if you liked the other ones, you’ll love this one.


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