Though football hero Flash Thompson may wear the suit now, there’s always a different musclebound jock we’ll associate with that dear old black goo.

When disgraced journalist Eddie Brock teams with the alien symbiote, they become the malicious lethal force known as Venom. But you already knew that.

What you may not have known is that the reason the symbiote and Brock fit so well together is partially due to their hatred of Spider-Man but also because the suit runs off of adrenaline; something the meat-head Eddie Brock has plenty of. Or did, at least.

Even before Eddie Brock teamed up with the symbiote, he could lift nearly 700lbs. What a jock like Brock (Rhymes!) was doing as a journalist and not a body builder isn’t fully explained but it’s possible the rush of an exciting story is what got him going before he turned to his physical self. Whatever job the ESTP has, it need not be something that has them sitting down, constrained. ESTPs need to have freedom!

It looks like it goes straight to his brows.

It looks like it goes straight to his brows.

ESTPs have a preference for leading with Se, drawing them to the sensory. None more so than the ESTP who love competition, even if it’s about besting their own record so it’s no surprise Brock was a work out fiend.

It could also be the extraverted sensing that got Brock fired from his job in the first place, leading to his wife to leave him and paving the way for Brock’s hatred of Spider-Man. Brock worked for a rival company of The Daily Bugle, known as The Daily Globe and when he reported a story that Spider-Man later inadvertently proved to be a fake, Brock was fired.

While any type can let excitement get the better of them and cut corners, ESTPs were among the top four types “valuing prestige” in a national sample. What does this mean? It means ESTPs can be superficial jerks. Everybody loves a taste of the good life now and then but being manipulators of their fellow man the way they can be, ESTPs will take advantage of anything and anyone they can to get ahead in life.

And for all his trying, he still ends up in the sewers. No justice, I tell ya!

And for all his trying, he still ends up in the sewers. No justice, I tell ya!

Every single one of them, every chance they get, Taylor?? No. That’s not what I’m saying. But out of all the types most likely to screw you over in order to get what they want, leave it to the ESTP to place a knife firmly in your back. Their Fe is tertiary, meaning that it’s in just the right spot for them to know what people want and how to read people, but it’s not high enough on the function list for them to really care about you until they mature a bit more. And Eddie Brock is the case of this.

And speaking of maturing, for as famous as the Venom/Spider-Man rivalry is, when Venom witnessed Spider-Man saving Brock’s ex-wife, Ann Weying (who would later become her own Venom) and called a truce with the web-head, realizing that hate is an emotion that only gets you so far. Of course, this truce didn’t last because hey, it’s comics, but currently Brock and Parker are okay with each other again. A lot can happen in twenty eight years.


But an Se user with an alien that not only empowers them but feeds off of their adrenaline would not be someone to take lightly. One of the first things you’ll notice of an ESTP upon meeting them is their energetic nature. It’s like they were breastfed Red Bull as kids.

These days, Eddie Brock is playing the role of Anti-Venom, who looks like this-


…And then to Toxin; the Venom/Carnage offspring.


And he’s an anti-hero again.

Technically, he’s always seen himself a hero of sorts, much like villains often do. One thing ESTPs would do good to remind themselves of is that people don’t give you a clean slate every time they see you. Building up a more positive reputation would do you some good.


2 Responses to “MBTI: Venom- ESTP”

  1. ESTP for Eddie’s definitely spot on! I’m curious how you’d type the other Spidey-villains particularly Norman since he’s by far my favourite of Peter’s Rogues Gallery

    • Taylor Says:

      I’m sure Osborn will be on here at some point but I can tell you right now he’s ENTJ; power hungry, dominating, and works with whatever crew he’s created instead of the behind-the-scenes INTJ.


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