ZRE Podcast #20- Questions!


Who doesn’t enjoy a good question now and again? Me personally, I like to sit down by a warm fire with some scalding hot cocoa and when I spill it onto my crotch scream at the sky “WHY?? WHY?!?!?”

But that’s for another time. Today on the podcast, we tackle a few things, only one of which is actually current in today’s fast paced news world. Come in and take a seat, hot cocoa is on the way.

00:25-06:45 Jason Momoa is Aquaman

06:46-07:43 What band/musician/singer goes underused in film and what genre film would their music be in?

07:44-26:05 What’s better, The Dark Knight Trilogy or the Daniel Craig Bond films?

26:06- 32:30 Who wins in a fight, Batman or Bond?

32:31-53:46 As posed by Terence McKenna, If you could do anything (ANYTHING), what would you do?

As with any hypothetical discussion, Taylor wants superpowers and Josh becomes a godlike jerk. What would you do with the power to do anything?


5 Responses to “ZRE Podcast #20- Questions!”

  1. I’d vote for Puscifer over A Perfect Circle. Their music is eerie/badass/contemplative/sensual. I’d love to see then in movies.

    • Taylor Says:

      Heh, we actually brought them up (and several others) but ended up editing them out for time.

  2. ulfhednar Says:


    nice typing. As usual, I tend to agree with your thoughts.

    True Detective is a funny case. To me, both characters types were evident, as they are expressed clearly through the whole series thanks to the great writing. Then again, this is the internet and as usual the self proclaimed intuitives were quick to claim Cohle as their own.

    Dark, brooding, rambles philosophically… Makes sense, right?


    Had the internet intuitives actually engaged their supposed primary intuitive and secondary rational funtions, they would have quickly noticed that the whole theme behind the criminal story line of the series is one of two sensor trying to make sense of a very large, complex and interwoven system. Are sensors capable of such a thing? Of course, if they play to their strengths, that is, drawing abstractions only from the concrete. As soon as they try to proceed from the abstractions to the concrete, they’re going to fall flat on their faces.

    – Spoilers –

    Examples: The story lunges forward when Cohle goes undercover and is engaged in the following heist/kidnapping/shootout. Beautiful scene and heavy on the Se. Also note how it is one of the few times the apathetic Cohle seems genuinely alive.

    In the end, tired from their unsuccessfull intuiting, Marty finally engages his secondary Si towards the case. Boom, notices inconsinstency in the house paints.

    On the other hand, while interesting to watch and again wonderfully written, everytime Cohle and Hart start talking extensively and trying to intuit a bigger picture, they go of target.

    Finally, consider the stressors of the two in the personal story lines: Cohle is unable to reconcile within himself his subjective logic (Ti) and his communal feelings (Fe), leading to his alienation. Hart is unable to mend objective, outside rules (Te) and his own feelings (Fi), leading to him destroying the picture he build for others in search of what he wants himself.

    Just my opinion.

    Nice blog, too.

    • ulfhednar Says:

      Ha, sorry about that. Posted in the wrong tab, This was supposed to land on the True Detective post, obviously 😉

    • Taylor Says:

      Great analysis, man. I wanted to write more but I try to keep it under a certain limit. Yeah, if there’s one thing you can’t rely on a lot of people online for is to type without intuitive bias. It seems anybody intelligent “must” be intuitive. The undercover scene with Rust was the scene when I’d finally decided ISTP over anything else. Well shot too. Thanks for the reply.


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