MBTI: Elle Driver- ESTP


AKA California Mountain Snake

Of all the great rivalries in film that were discussed in our most recent podcast (Soon to be posted), it was inevitable some would be left out. Of those rivalries, the battle for the right hand of Bill (and then the others’ life) had to be cut. Elle Driver and Beatrix Kiddo’s feud had gone on long before they were even enemies.

But that’s what you get when you can’t control your ESTP, Bill.

We all know about the ESTP need to be in the world around them, talk to its people and usually get their way with anything they care about. We know what Se does and it can make for one ka-razy person. But Elle takes it to a whole new level.

Se itself won’t make a person do this, it would take a really screwed up mind and  Elle has definitely got that. While any type that’s as nasty as Elle could do bad things, it’s Elle’s attitude about these things that tells us she is the Promoter variant. Her decision to kill her master may not have been done on a whim but it clearly came from how he treated her as opposed to having planned it before knowing him. Her reluctance to hold back is what says Se and her methods are just evil.



But while their feeler cousin, the ESFP, doesn’t have a mind for planning anything out, the ESTP (who is also not a planner) will still use their auxiliary Ti to go with the flow of things, acting on impulse but with a idea behind the madness. She was planning on fighting Beatrix in the trailer, but it’s sort of what she wanted in the first place so she goes with, almost gleefully.

Notice her reaction to Bill telling her to stand down from poisoning Beatrix. She doesn’t accept, she doesn’t hesitate then accept- she screams, curses and eventually listens. All this says Se that can’t help but stay in the moment, apart from other types where screaming and shouting doesn’t come so natural. Impulsive is the word, after bird of course.


Elle’s speech to Budd as he dies in his trailer is definitely one of the ESTP, who loves to win and hates, HATES to lose. There is nothing worse for the type that’s far considered the most competitive on average. They’ll use whatever tricks are available to them to get ahead on whoever they consider themselves to be in competition with. If you’ll notice, every one of her actions listed fro the film all involve some form of competition, even though it mostly involves murder.

Talk down to me? Poisoned!
My man wants you dead? Attempted poisoning!
Kill MY rival? Venom!

Then SHE happened.

Then SHE happened.

That’s Quentin Tarantino’s world for you.

Her master Pei Mei plucked out her eye for calling him a miserable old fool so what does she do as he lies on the ground, dying from the poison she gave him? Laughs and calls him a miserable old fool of course! She wins!

Elle even bothers reading about the snake that bit Budd as he slowly dies. This not only says something about her Extroversion but about her sadistic desire to be the best in whatever she does.

She might wanna change sides. Just sayin'.

She might wanna change sides. Just sayin’.

When competing with another type, any one willing to do their best can be helpful but it’s the ESTP that will really push you. Their orientation towards action combined with their way of thinking things through and figuring out the best way to go about something make for one combative opponent.

Though I wouldn’t want Elle on my team either…



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