The Flash Preview (A Rant from a Fan)


Written by Bryce Waller

Got a second?

Take a moment and have a good laugh at this behind the scenes look at the upcoming Flash television series.

From what I have seen from the extended trailer released earlier this year, and also evident in this trailer, the identity of the first villain is the Weather Wizard, a.k.a. Mark Mardon. Many of you know him as the brother of a scientist who had discovered a way to control the weather right before he died of a heart attack- how convenient.

Mardon used the technology to develop a wand that could control the weather and began terrorizing Central City.

Terrible color scheme

Terrible color scheme

Before and after DC’s New 52 launched, Mardon was a member of the Rogues (Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Trickster, Mirror Master, etc…it varies depending on who is writing the storyline).

In the New 52 Flash series by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, Weather Wizard and his brother dominated a drug cartel in South America. Without going into too much detail, Mardon’s situation changes after he kills himself, only to be brought back to life by Captain Cold’s sister…who also died. I guess that is a lot of detail. Sorry.

News team...ASSEMBLE

News team…ASSEMBLE

I say all that to say this- the Weather Wizard is a pretty weak villain to come out of the gates with. I am not saying bring out Grodd in episode #1, but I am saying use someone better, i.e. Captain Cold or the Suit. I would say the Reverse Flash, but it appears that they are drawing inspiration from Geoff John’s Rebirth storyline and will have Barry Allen discover at some point that the Reverse Flash, a.k.a. Eobard Thawne, did murder his mother.

He farts lightning

He farts lightning and then smells it.

I will admit that I am happy they are using Barry Allen’s storyline. After all, he did create the speed force thereby allowing even Jay Garrick to access it. Which is strange seeing as Garrick came about almost two decades ahead of Barry Allen.

I won’t pretend to understand the science behind the speed force or why anything I just said should make sense, but DC understands and that is all I need!

you have been warned

you have been warned

I am not crossing any fingers that this show will actually be good. Arrow is not only a sad excuse for a superhero show/movie, it is a terrible excuse for anything ever! “Geoff Johns is a producer for the show” you say? Geoff Johns was an executive producer for 2011’s Green Lantern film and I don’t think we need to talk about how bad that was.

Some day they will make a good Flash show and/or movie…I know it! But until then, we just have this.

One Response to “The Flash Preview (A Rant from a Fan)”

  1. If you stopped watching Arrow halfway through season one, I’d say power through it. The end of season one is much better, and season two goes full “superhero show” in a way season one never did.

    As a quick example, within the first couple episodes of season two, Ollie draws an arrow, nocks it, and fires it in time to knock a rocket-propelled grenade off-course and save someone. And it is awesome.


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