MBTI: Wesley Gibson- ISFP


Fed up with his job, tired of his cheating girlfriend and unsure of what to do with his life, Wesley Gibson is the perfect example of the overly stressed ISFP that’s offered a second chance at life…which allows him to take out his frustrations on targets and get paid for it.

Few types would be so miserable for so long without saying anything and even fewer types would just as soon slip into a brand new life as the ISFP could do.

ISFPs and their careers have always been a fickle duo; do what makes you happy or do what makes you money? It’s clear what Gibson chose but his revealed heritage allows him to come into his own.

In the comics? He chooses "Annoying D-bag that Looks Like Eminem."

In the comics? He chooses “Annoying D-bag that Looks Like Eminem.”

A self-proclaimed “spineless P****,” Wesley’s life sucked and it didn’t seem like he was ever going to do anything about it. From the gangs that harassed him walking home everyday (Comics) to Chris Pratt having sex with Wesley’s girlfriend in his own apartment (Movies), nothing was ever going to get any better. And unlike certain types that may not have been so aware of what was going on around them, Wesley definitely was. But like the ISFP, Wesley generally thought it best to keep his head down and their thoughts and ideas to themselves, despite having so much going on.

It’s not that it’s natural for ISFPs to just take everybody’s crap and never say anything about it (That’s the ISFJ’s job. BAM!), but they’ll certainly take more than their share if it means keeping the peace. ISFJ actually seems a good fit for Wesley’s character if it weren’t for the fact that Wesley is so painfully aware of his situation while an ISFJ may be okay with certain parts of their life, finding joy in the little things as Fight Club’s Narrator does. Sure, he’s miserable but where others see no hope, ISFJs can find the tiny little light at the end of the tunnel.

Poor Future Star-Lord. While the video is titled “Wesley’s Breakdown” it really should be titled “Wesley’s Breakout.” The ultimate fantasy of quitting a job you hate, Wesley finally begins taking things into his own hands. If you remember the ISFP Hero profile from a couple months ago, it’s mentioned that ISFPs will only fight after their enemy has taken the first swing. And you could say life has been swinging on Wesley for quite a while.

From discoveryoupersonality.com, ISFPs showed to be the highest in coping with stress by “Trying to avoid stressful situations,” “Getting upset or angry and not showing it,” “Sleeping,” and “Watching TV.” You can see how he fits in with the first two especially.

Even though Wesley is ready to transition into his new life as a certified BA, he still has a hard time doing what needs to be done when the time comes. What needs to be done? Well, he’s a assassin now so assassins gotta assassinate. Wesley’s Fi prevents him from doing so the first time around and he can really only get into the swing of things once he’s convinced that his profession is a moral one.

Everyone remembers their first!

Everyone remembers their first!

Some may be okay with the money of a job and some may refuse altogether but the ISFP needs to truly be at peace with what their doing. So once Wesley sees his job as a righteous one, he’s able to rise to the top.

When watching the film adaption, it’s an interesting perspective to see Wesley’s adrenaline pulses as an example of Se on steroids. Whole strong Se users obviously aren’t able to curve bullets or slow time down from how fast they perceive the world around them, it does give us a great way to see things from the eyes of a guy that could easily destroy any competition if he only allowed himself to do what comes natural to him.

In fact, in the comics, Wesley has what’s referred to as “The Ability to End Life” and could be compared to Drax the Destroyer’s mastery of destruction. In the film, Wesley curves bullets and in the comics he can deflect them back to the shooter, living up to his moniker of “The Killer.”

Boom Boom Pow

Boom Boom Pow

As with the other ISFP characters typed, Wesley does great with his chosen weapons, which is partially what leads to his typing of the Artist variant; not because ISFPs are all natural weapons specialists but because their Se has them drawn to the immediate and sensory. Wesley’s lack of anything positive or even necessary to his character in the beginning is partly what makes his transformation so great.

And though it’s not necessary for any type to murder (Doi), it would certainly do everybody good to realize that running yourself ragged and into the ground is going to make for a miserable person but it can’t change unless you allow it.

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  1. I like this movie. There is a song of nine inch nails in it and he is a great actor. (Isfp)


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