MBTI: Commissioner Gordon- ISFJ


Everything about Batman screams danger, confidence, and an unbridled dedication to justice. Everything about Jim Gordon mumbles “Ah, crap. Who’s mess am I cleaning up now?”

Though the ISFJ hates the mess they’re dealing with, what they hate even more is leaving it dirty. Known for their quiet restlessness, it only makes sense that Bruce Wayne’s contact within the police would be an ISFJ. Like Watson to Holmes, Gordon relies on Batman but still carries a heavy load on his own end, never once looking for the credit that should so easily be given to them.

A part of the corrupt police force before the Batman showed up, Gordon didn’t play by the dirty rules his fellow officers did. His tenacity doesn’t come in the form of stepping on anyone’s toes or rocking the boat but by keeping his head down and sticking to the rules he knows to be righteous. It was just good timing that Wayne showed up in Gotham again before Gordon’s spirit had let out.

"Sooo...how long does this usually take? Is he a pretty punctual guy by chance?"

“Sooo…how long does this usually take? Is he a pretty punctual guy by chance?”

ISFJs are known for a similar quality in terms of the rules they follow. While everyone else may be running amok and acting in an unsavory manner (Whatever that might mean to them), the ISFJ sticks to what’s tried and true for them. Heck, let me quote personality page, one of the first sites I would read upon my intro to MBTI-

ISFJs have a very clear idea of the way things should be, which they strive to attain. They value security and kindness. and respect traditions and laws. They tend to believe existing systems are they’re because they work. Therefore, they’re not likely to buy into doing things in a new way, unless they’re shown in a concrete way why its better than the established method.

And while any type in Gordon’s place could (and should) have been distrustful of the Dark Knight in the beginning, once Gordon sees that the “new way” is getting results, then that becomes the way, secretly feeding whatever information Batman needs to carry out his tasks and take care of bidness.

"We've got to stop meeting like this...or DO we??"

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this…or DO we??”

And for all of the good an ISFJ will do, their bodies will often take the toll in the long run. According to an ad for the American Heart Association, featured in Action Comics, Gordon was a victim of a heart attack due to stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and tobacco use. The ISFJ you know is probably prone to certain lifestyle habits as well. It’s not that as an ISFJ you have to be this way…but it’s probably gonna happen.

Take the scene out of The Dark Knight Rises, where the Congressman and Deputy Commissioner Foley are discussing Gordon’s current, seemingly burdened state despite Gotham’s status as mostly crime ridden.

Congressman: Anyone show him the crime stats?

Foley: He goes by his gut and it continues to bother him no matter what the numbers.

The two continue on to mention that the mayor will probably let him go soon because even though he’s a “war hero,” Gotham is in “peace time.”

This isn’t far from the ISFJ lifestyle- living in a way that keeps their load from being lightened while working long hours at thankless jobs. To be congratulated is welcomed until it actually happens…at which point the ISFJ will go back to feeling as though they’re just doing their job.

"Can't wait around on me all day? You gave us the freaking thing! I was on the rood for three hours like an idiot!"

“Can’t wait around on me all day? You gave us the freaking thing! I was on the roof for three hours like an idiot!”

Many of typed Gordon as an INFJ but Ni and the long range vision that comes with it seems to be absent from Gordon’s mindset, preferring to instead go from day to day, hoping for the best and sticking to himself, his family, and the rules he abides by.

This isn’t to say that an INFJ would have cleaned up the streets before Batman arrived with a long range vision that would see the best possible outcome in the future, but that the unhappiness and discontent an INFJ feels at a fruitless career probably won’t be something they stick with due to their belief that being true to yourself is key to success in life.

An ISFJ? Nah. They’ll get stomach cancer from all their worrying if it means a steady paycheck.

"I've got a good feeling about this. Or that could be my kidney stones."

“I’ve got a good feeling about this. Or that could be my kidney stones.”

And even though the Joker attempted to drive him insane with one very bad day (The Killing Joke), it only ended in Gordon’s re-affirmation of his own idea, arguably a product of Si. After his daughter was shot and paralyzed, Gordon is imprisoned, naked and tortured. Once freed by Batman, Gordon still yells to him to bring the Joker in by the books. And that they must show him that “our way works!”

You guys read that Barbara Gordon One-Shot? Oh! Here all week!

You guys read that Barbara Gordon One-Shot? Oh! Here all week!

And like a true ISFJ, no matter what the continuity, Gordon either doesn’t know Batman’s identity and doesn’t care to find out, or he knows and doesn’t do anything with the information.

If you need a job done, call the ISFJ. But do them a favor and also bring some audio self-help books about inner peace or something to keep those stomach acids down.




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