ZRE Podcast #24: Fictional Universes- Where you wanna live and where ya don’t


This week we discuss the positives and negatives of the fictional places we love. Sure, the stories are great, but would you want to live in the Star Wars universe? Yes? Okay, yeah, sure, who wouldn’t? But don’t think that just because you’re living there that means you’d just be a Jedi or something alright?

Normal people have to live in these universes too, y’know.

00:00-00:19 Intros
00:20-03:04 DC Universe (Metropolis, Gotham)
03:05-04:36 Cowboy Bebop’s Future
04:37-07:54 Attack on Titan’s Future
07:55-09:47 Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Future
09:48-14:16 Greek Mythology’s History
14:17-15:48 Super Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom
15:49-17:32 Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule
17:33-21:26  Middle Earth and Westeros
21:27-23:23 Looney Tunes’ World
23:24-28:53 Star Fox’s Universe and the Furries and the Bronies
28:54-32:58 The Matrix Future
32:59-35:03 The point of it all/Closing


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