MBTI: Mikasa Ackerman- ISTJ


Quiet and loyal. It’s all you need to know about Mikasa Ackerman. But if you want to say more, you could mention that she’s a member of the Scouting Legion, one of the most proficient fighters with or without the maneuvering gear used to dispatch titans.

She’s disciplined and stoic, like ISTJs usually are and it seems her violent tendencies really only come out when she’s fighting the monsters at the gate or simply protecting Eren from whatever mess he’s gotten himself into.

And jumping right into her relationship with Eren is a major part of her character. Surrogate siblings, Eren helped kill Mikasa’s parent’s killers. Since then, their bond has been unbreakable and if not for one, the other would have been dead a long time ago.

I mean, look where they live.

I mean, look where they live.

But while Eren appears the idiot, it was his view on the world that shaped Mikasa’s way of life. Understanding Eren’s words that the world is cruel and that she has to fight to survive has helped shape her in the cold defendant she is when we’re introduced to her. Even a group of boys picking on Eren and Armin run when they see here. How do these things make an ISTJ? Well, since you asked so nicely, Il’l tell you.

The ISTJ dominant function is Si and Mikasa exemplifies this by rigidly living to the rules she’s set in her mind. Eren is her brother (More or less) and she knows this. She knows she respects what he told her and she believes it to be true. Fact.

If you were to base everything you think and believe as what you know to be true, your life would be easily summarized by the few things that you’ve filed away as “Truth.” You know how you don’t really have an opinion on some things and what you’re told about those things can be fairly easily swayed by what you hear someone else say about it?

"Quick! Hide inside me!"

“Quick! Hide inside me!”

Well, ISTJ doesn’t do that. They know what they know and everything is like dinnerware they’re waiting for you to finish placing so they can yank the cloth out from underneath. Anything that isn’t left, even if it’s by their own clumsiness, is something they don’t think they need. So it makes for a pretty simple person all in all because they only let in the things they’ve been believing in and then a few things here and there that look similar enough to what they already know.

It’s interesting altogether that Mikasa and Eren’s relationship is what it is also. I’ve made comparisons on here before (somewhere) that ISTJs are like the old people yelling at the younger generation to pull their pants up. Those kids are the ESFPs, as Eren is Mikasa says that she;ll go wherever Eren goes, whatever faction he decides to become a member of because she knows that if she doesn’t go with him, he’ll get himself killed.

This titan ALSO had his pants down, in a sense.

This titan ALSO had his pants down, in a sense.

The loyalty that ISTJs have is without a doubt, the most deeply rooted of all types. Yes, I said without a doubt. If that means hanging out with people they don’t like anymore but knew them from childhood, to making up reasons to fight for their country long after they stopped believing in what they were doing, ISTJs don’t stop the loyalty train. While others may realize the harm coming from a certain relationship and know that parting is the best way to deal with it, the ISTJ keeps on truckin’.

And honestly, with all of Eren’s antics, some of us may have abandoned Eren way before it would cross an ISTJ mind. But still, she remains.

And since the ISTJ is as disciplined as they are, when Mikasa believes Eren to be dead, she doesn’t break down like she may want to do; she keeps Eren’s words alive by remembering that his death doesn’t mean what he said wasn’t true. She knows she wouldn’t be following what he’d said if she gave up after his death, so she takes the responsibility of saving the day and a bunch of lives.

Her tertiary Fi is shown if not only by way of seeming cold and distant at nearly all times. Our tertiary function is something that develops overtime through maturity rather than our dominant functions that balance out over time. And the inferior function could be seen as a song you forget about until it comes on and suddenly, you know all the words; it’s there, but you don’t realize you know it.

There we go, quick function lesson.

Mikasa and Eren’s relationship should be noted a great example of the Supervisor relationship; the supervisor looks after the supervisee and attempts to make sure they don’t get into trouble while the supervisee does see the supervisor as a person of consequence.


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