ZRE Podcast #25: Top Five Villains


600 “Tweets!”, 500 posts, and twenty-five podcasts! With this milestone, we thought we’d celebrate with our top five villains of all time. Personal favorites, of course. Otherwise we’d have to keep naming the same ones always mentioned in any villains list. And we’re not about the that life.

Not now. Not ever.

00:00-1:57 Intros
1:58-04:11 AFI’s Top Five (Out of 100)
04:12-05:57 Taylor guesses Josh’s villains
05:58-25:47 Josh’s answers
25:48-27:34 New and improved Woman Thor!
27:35-31:00 Josh guesses Taylor’s villains (And one of Taylor’s answers)
31:00-31:44 The rest of Josh’s guesses for Taylor
31:45-46:33 Taylor’s answers
46:34-49:23 The whats and whys

Heroes may carry the story but it’s the villains that keep it interesting. Let us know your top five below.




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