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MBTI: Weaknesses and Opposites- SJ and NF

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We’ve all got’em, and we all hate’em. No matter who you are, whatever your weakness is, it’s embarrassing (or at least it should be), and it’ll never fully go away no matter how much you’d like to think it’s not an issue.

But a major misconception about our weaknesses for many is that they’re problems others have to deal with as a result of not being able to “handle” us. We like to think that the annoying ways we externalize our problems are a lot more uh, badass than they actually are.

Well, I’m here to tell you- that ain’t the case, kids. Continue reading

MBTI: Mikasa Ackerman- ISTJ

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Quiet and loyal. It’s all you need to know about Mikasa Ackerman. But if you want to say more, you could mention that she’s a member of the Scouting Legion, one of the most proficient fighters with or without the maneuvering gear used to dispatch titans.

She’s disciplined and stoic, like ISTJs usually are and it seems her violent tendencies really only come out when she’s fighting the monsters at the gate or simply protecting Eren from whatever mess he’s gotten himself into. Continue reading

ZRE Podcast #25: Top Five Villains

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600 “Tweets!”, 500 posts, and twenty-five podcasts! With this milestone, we thought we’d celebrate with our top five villains of all time. Personal favorites, of course. Otherwise we’d have to keep naming the same ones always mentioned in any villains list. And we’re not about the that life.

Not now. Not ever. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Purge: Anarchy

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Stars: Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez, Zoë Soul, and Michael K. Williams

Rated R for strong disturbing violence, and for language Running time 130 minutes, Action/Horror/Thriller

Compare to: A Perfect Getaway (2009), You’re Next (2013)

After any movie on a three million dollar budget makes eighty nine million back, you’re bound to see a sequel regardless of quality. And though the first felt much more ambitious in idea than execution, a further explanation or examination of this masochistic future seemed possible, should the perceived mistakes of the first film be corrected.

So are the previous errors corrected? Sure, provided you can accept the premise in the first place. Once you get past your outlook on humanity, anything is possible in these movies. It’s what’s entertaining and terrible at the same time about them. Continue reading

ZRE Podcast #24: Fictional Universes- Where you wanna live and where ya don’t

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This week we discuss the positives and negatives of the fictional places we love. Sure, the stories are great, but would you want to live in the Star Wars universe? Yes? Okay, yeah, sure, who wouldn’t? But don’t think that just because you’re living there that means you’d just be a Jedi or something alright?

Normal people have to live in these universes too, y’know. Continue reading

MBTI: Commissioner Gordon- ISFJ

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Everything about Batman screams danger, confidence, and an unbridled dedication to justice. Everything about Jim Gordon mumbles “Ah, crap. Who’s mess am I cleaning up now?”

Though the ISFJ hates the mess they’re dealing with, what they hate even more is leaving it dirty. Known for their quiet restlessness, it only makes sense that Bruce Wayne’s contact within the police would be an ISFJ. Like Watson to Holmes, Gordon relies on Batman but still carries a heavy load on his own end, never once looking for the credit that should so easily be given to them. Continue reading

MBTI: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad INTP

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Everybody knows that INTPs are nerds. But did you know that they’re MBTI’s ULTIMATE NERDS? Yes? Okay then. Moving on.

It seems whenever a mad scientist is developed in a story, the writer’s goal is to have them create something unstoppable, unspeakable, and often times just plain evil. For this, he (or she) needs the INTP- the type most likely to ask every question in the universe…except if what they’re doing is right or not.

Here we go over why the INTP is the preferred choice in mad scientist characters and what the difference is between the INTP and their extroverted cousin, the ENTP. Continue reading