ZRE Podcast #28- A Genie and Three Wishes


This week, Josh and Taylor go over what our wishes would be should we ever come across…AN ALL POWERFUL GENIE! And we also get some wishes from a few different MBTI types and how they would use this power that comes with no responsibility.

The only rule? No wishing for more wishes!

Also, we attempted to get in contact with a particular ISFP for her wishes for the sake of variety, but alas! No response. If we’re speaking in stereotypes, she was probably out hugging a tree and had smashed her cellphone with a rock, nature’s defense potatoes. You know how ISFPs are.

00:00-03:45 Intros
03:46-08:02 ISTJ, Austin’s wishes
08:03-10:36 ENFJ Chuck’s wishes
10:37-12:41 INFP Margaret’s wishes
12:42-15:50 INTJ Danielle’s wishes
15:51-17:29 ESFJ Shelby’s wishes
17:30-20:05 ENTP Taylor’s wish #1
20:06-28:22 Taylor’s wish #2
28:23-29:31 Taylor’s wish #3
29:32-35:25 ISTP Josh’s wish #1
35:26-38:32 Josh’s wish #2
38:33-39:59 Josh’s wish #3
40:00-44:23 Favorite/Least favorite answers
44:24-45:41 In conclusion!




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