MBTI: Shredder and Spliter- INTJ and INFJ Comparison


“It’s only the F and the T that change, right? So these types are really a lot alike!”

…Only they’re not. For only “one letter” changing, the differences between the two make them appear hardly relatable at all, similar to the leader of the Foot Clan and the leader of the turtles. While both think in big picture planning, not much else is similar.

About FACE, am I right??

About FACE, am I right?? Or chest, whatever.

Though they come from different backgrounds (Depending on the origins), but personality is going to have a major effect on how we perceive our environment in the first place. Whatever the cause, The Shredder, or Oroku Saki, is an INTJ. He fits a Dr. Doom-style villain in not only his look, but his behind-the-scenes approach to his agenda. It’s normally only at the very end does he physically decide to deal with his enemies face-to-face.

The cartoon notwithstanding, of course; everybody was toned down in the 1987 show with the exception of the humor.

Voiced by Uncle Phil, if you didn't know.

Voiced by Uncle Phil, if you didn’t know.

The Shredder’s MO in the 1989 movie was a great one, although far-fetched at that: Have kids steal for you, offer them a home where they can do whatever they want, and the specially skilled ones get to be a part of your elite group of ninjas, the Foot.

Any type can plan but it’s the INTJ that plans so far in advance, they can even appear to be lazy in the present. Once they decide that their long term plan is worth undertaking, they’ve been called “Movers of Mountains” when it comes to making it happen. But in Shredder’s case, devious as it is, we see how cold a plan it is as well. Human lives mean little to him and even though the orphans and runaways look to him to guide them, they really only matter as much as he can use them.

Compare this to the INFJ Splinter, who also thinks in long-term with dominant Ni. The major difference comes into play in their auxiliary functions for starters. The Shredder’s auxiliary is Te, which can be demanding and harsh in the enactment of their goals which they prefer to implement as soon as possible. The INFJ, on the other hand, uses auxiliary Fe, which creates the major gap in types. Fe, as we know, is about harmonizing different parties, making sure things go smoothly between everyone.

"Michelangelo, would you just SHUT UP FOR ONE SEC...Deep breaths, Splintey...deeeep breaths..."

“Michelangelo, would you just SHUT UP FOR ONE SEC…Deep breaths, Splintey…deeeep breaths…”

Splinter, having been a rat that’s turned into a man-sized rodent or having been a human that’s turned into a man-sized rodent makes little difference to the interesting, if not bizarre, tale that are the Ninja Turtles. Taking in fellow animals that were also doused in the alien goo, this alone isn’t a trait unique to other types in that he would care about strangers and adopt them as his own, but it’s definitely closer to INFJ than many others.

Splinter’s characterizations have been fairly consistent throughout all mediums and continuities, despite whichever origin has been at hand. Being the go-to picture of the old, wise sensei that speaks softly and walks with a big stick,  Splinter is not only the surrogate father of the turtles, he’s also the baddest martial artist on the planet. Now, while the baddest martial artist bit isn’t unique to any type, becoming a fatherly figure and dutifully watching over his young ones until the time that they’re ready to go out and defend the world is, thematically speaking, the work of an INFJ.

This guy needs Gopher chucks!

This guy needs Gopher chucks!

While the INTJ Shredder and the INFJ Splinter’s methods are similar (Taking in orphans, training them for the future), Shredder’s goals are for his own gain and he’d casually allow any of his recruits to die for him while Splinter’s would die for his students and he’s often risked his life for to keep them safe.

This isn’t to support the stereotype that INTJs are always ruthless and evil while INFJs are just lovey-dovey hippies with the children of the world in mind. No, INTJs can be good people and INFJs can be total cry-babies.



But when in fiction, the classic evil mastermind is usually going to fall back on the type most likely to plan far ahead for a goal that doesn’t always involve anyone’s betterment but their own. If it helps anyone else along the way, so be it, but normally you’d have to already be included in their plans in the first place. Their tertiary Fi takes time to be matured and will often be used to understand others’ perspective as time goes on and they’ve experienced others’ point of view first hand. But until that happens, it’s pretty easy to view the INTJ as uncaring and even vain at times.

The INFJ however, will generally choose to do something and be a part of activities that they not only enjoy but also help others as well. Their tertiary function is Ti and it’s what could have them accused of being indecisive at times. Their way of looking at the world with so many options can be difficult for a type that prefers to have the decision made so they can keep moving with their plan.

"Man, I will CUT. YEU."

“Man, I will CUT. YEU.”

This isn’t always a “masterminded” plan for either type but it could just be how the day is going to be spent.

They both share an inferior function of Se, which is used to know what part of their plans will work in that moment, allowing them to take the next step.

INTJ and INFJ really only have long-term plans to share as a similarity. What the plan is, how it’s enacted, and what the end-result is meant to be will usually be entirely different. Can you imagine how annoyed a grown man that runs an army of ninjas would be in reality to be compared to a giant rat? How insulting!



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