MBTI: Casey Jones- ESTP


We all know the ESTP and it’s safe to say they’re most competitive type overall. It’s also safe to say that since they’re dominant Se users, the future takes a backseat to whatever feels the most interesting at the moment.

But that’s not all their is to this type, is it? Sports n’ stuff? Well, that’s not all, no, but the approach the ESTP takes to competition of any realm is an especially notable in how serious they take it. One could even say that they make jockery an art. Casey Jones is the perfect example to use for this, not only because he’s a TMNT character, but look at him. He’s covered in sports.

Donatello: You’re a claustrophobic!

Casey Jones: Hey, you want a fist in the mouth? I’ve never even LOOKED at another guy before.


Donatello: You’re a claustrophobic! Casey Jones: Hey, you want a fist in the mouth? I’ve never even LOOKED at another guy before.

Ahh, it’s these kinds of interactions you can look forward to in real life from the Promoter type. I’m I calling them stupid? No. Though let’s be reminded that any type can be of low intelligence and any type can be above average, etc. Intelligence and personality only connect in so many ways. I throw out this little disclaimer because every once in a while I get an email or comment telling me I’m being condescending to a certain type, blah blah blah…

So where was I? ESTPs are stupid, that’s right.

Just playing.

So what makes Casey an ESTP and what makes ESTPs considered to be so jockish? We’ve got so much evidence it’s sickening.

Sickening, I say!

Sickening, I say!

As we’ve discussed, it’s the SPs that are generally more inclined to the sensory experiences. SJs love that real world like fat kids love cake, sure, but when it comes to a real rush, it’s the Artisans that live for it. Physical activity of all kind is of special interest to them even if they don’t realize it. An ESTP I know actually creates yard work for himself to do just so he can do it. And when he’s (temporarily) satisfied with his yard, he looks to work in other people’s yards.

Casey Jones himself seems to have been a product of watching too much TV, and just wanting to jump into the action instead of watching it all happen in front of him. According to co-creator Kevin Eastman, the creation of Casey happened as follows-

“You have the classics like Batman and Daredevil and all these characters where something tragic happened in their past that helped them choose the path to go out and fight crime on their own, and I thought it was really funny if we had a character who was inspired to do the same, but just from watching too much bad TV, like “TJ Hooker” and “A-Team” and all that stuff. So I came up with the idea of this character who would be called Casey Jones and he would have two bats as his main weapon, and he would wear a hockey mask and sweats – just something he cobbled together.”



As usual, this one instance alone doesn’t say “POW- ESTP!” but aside from being the original Kick-Ass, who is most likely to simply jump into something because it looks interesting, life-threatening though it may be. In a national sample, ESTPs were overrepresented in “Playing Sports” which shouldn’t surprise us at this point. According to Joe Neidnagel who specializes in sports and types, ISTPs and ESTPs are thought to be the best in sports on the whole due to their love of the physical (Se) and ability to quickly analyze a situation (Ti).

Quick example? Think Michael Jordan for ISTP and Mike Tyson for ESTP.

Watch this psycho in action-

That had little to do with anything other than that Casey Jones is in fact, insane. When it comes to ESTPs, they can often come off like a more driven ESFP. ESFPs are also dominant Se but won’t appear nearly as aggressive, conversationally. ESTPs are known to start talking and it takes a while for them to stop.

Having their Fe as their tertiary function can make them great in sales as well, as the stereotype holds up. The Fe as tertiary acts as sort of a “people gauge” and can help them to read people better than most types. So even though they’re going to carry the entire weight of the conversation alone, they can still sense you’re slightly annoyed yet still entertained by it.

Casey however, doesn’t need to read people at all though. He hangs out with a bunch of ninja turtles and mostly just enjoys beating people with with Raphael. How would you like that for a past time?


BFFs right herr



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