ZRE Podcast #29- TMNT and Letting Yourself Enjoy it


Some Spoilers Ahead!

Man, the wait is over. The movie finally came out and we’re able to see for ourselves if it’s worth it or not. Many will tell you it’s not, and I’m sure many will tell you it is. Who can you trust? Me, you idiot! The answer is always me.

In all seriousness though, this is a movie that is what you want it to be. You wanna laugh, you can. You want to hate it, you will. Here are a few words to help you get into the mindset.


00:00-00:33 Intros
00:34-03:43 Quick thoughts on the movie
03:44-05:32 Megan Fox casting/performance
05:33-08:27 The turtles are ugly
08:28-10:46 Different origins for the turtles
10:47-10:55 Are the turtles huge?
10:56-10:43 Whitewashing Shredder
10:44-23:38 TMNT
and the “Souless Cash Grab”
23:39-24:56 The Point

One more thing I’ll say about this movie is that it does make me think of where they can go from here. Bebop, Rocksteady, Slash; it’s all there for the making. That’s if we want it to happen. Not enough money and too much backlash may prove otherwise.

Even Vanilla Ice is getting in on the hate. Now you guys know you’ve gone too far spewing vitriol when Vanilla Ice thinks he can get on the bandwagon and call somebody out for creating something “artificial.” You see what you’ve done? Vanilla Ice has forgotten his place!

Here's a quick reminder.

Here’s a quick reminder.

5 Responses to “ZRE Podcast #29- TMNT and Letting Yourself Enjoy it”

  1. Agreed with you every second. I saw it last night, and I’m not up on TMNT lore, but it was funny and understandable which is more than I can say for some of the Transformers films which I love but can objectively say kinda suck.
    This is the first movie since Transformers 3 that I’ll be seeing a second time. The humor of Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t hit home for me, I think I laughed 3 times, but I laughed throughout TMNT. Yeah it was silly, but I actually really appreciated the break from cursing and kissing that has infected every action film.

    • Taylor Says:

      Thank you! We can enjoy different movies for different reasons as opposed to comparing every movie by the same standards. I’ve watched Guardians myself twice, and I think I’d say it’s the best Marvel Studios movie but for something to not love it, I can see why. Nice note about the kissing and cussing. Little to none of either and it keeps its own tone partly because of it. And as for Transformers, I think we’re on the same page as well…

  2. Yeah, I saw this today, and I honestly enjoyed it. You’re right – not PERFECT, but good. Megan Fox was a weak link, but still alright.
    The best aspect of the movie was the interaction between the turtles. The actors were great, and the characters were quite distinct.

  3. good movie. it really surprised me
    yeah, the fault came with
    1) Shredder lack of depth – rushed kill all plan without reason. And I can love leaving things unexplained. But not shit like this )
    2) April and that fucker cameraman, they both suck as humans, and ruined some good written roles (all were good written roles really)
    3) first fight with shredder looked dumb

    • Taylor Says:

      Whaaa? I liked the first fight! But yeah I can agree with the other two. Shredder’s plan was sort of the “I’m do this because I’m evil” type. And as for the human characters I also agree, though I do imagine it being tougher to write interesting human characters in a movie where your main characters are the ninja turtles. Everyone else seems so…dull.


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