MBTI: The Warriors


It. Is. TIME.

The Warriors- All SP


Cleon, Swan, Fox, Snow, Ajax, Cochese, Vermin, Cowboy, Rembrandt aren’t surprisingly anything but Artisans. Fill in your own blanks with who is what.

Their natural instincts have not only made them in tune with a lifestyle that promotes aggression and the hedonistic, but there are no schedules and it seems there are no goals for them past being the baddest dudes around. ESFP, ISTP, ESTP, and ISFP have their roles on the greatest gang to ever hit Coney. From their “F— you” retorts to their second favorite comeback, punching people in the face, there’s no room for any other type.

Though other types do present themselves throughout the film, none of them seem to be present in the nine delegates that are sent to the conclave to rep the Warriors. This also gives us a good idea of what the entire gang is about. Three of them (Cochese, Vermin, and Rembrandt) nearly got themselves killed just to get a little tail while Ajax actually does get caught for it. Rembrandt was against it, sure, but don’t break my stride, man.

"When are we gonna get some?" -Everybody in unison.

“When are we gonna get some?” -Everybody in unison.

Where other types would say “Eh, we should keep going.” Artisans are willing to get themselves killed just for a good time. Even Swan’s story arc, the provisional leader of the Warriors, involves him and Mercy going back and forth about whether or not they’re going to get it on- in a subway tunnel, after running from the cops.

All in all, the SP Warriors aren’t any higher minded than the other gangs we’re shown throughout the film. Once the meeting is up, they’re only concern is getting home which is understandable, but when they’ve made it, their discussion of Cyrus’ plan for the city is a simple and simple and to the point- it’s all there for the taking if you can just figure out the what and how.

Mercy- ESFP


“This is the life I got left. Know what I mean?”

One of the only two women in the film, Mercy got the low end of the stick. While the “DJ” only has her lips scene and voice heard, the impression she left on the characters and audience alike is one that dramatized the events of the film from “gang brawl” to “Epic Struggle Against the World.” Mercy, on the other hand, is down in the dirt.

Far from her voice ringing out to the world as a celestial narrator, Mercy lives on the edge any way she can. Though we’re shown that normally consists of sex with strangers. This isn’t “ESFP” in their natural habitat, but when types reach toward the exciting and dangerous, it’s the Artisans that resort to base pleasures. Mercy’s first function of Se is what allows her to “mouth off” to a new gang strolling through her boyfriend’s(?) territory, only to then run off and try and leave with them. Because, as she puts it, she’s “lookin’ for some REAL action.”

Mercy’s Fi is what has her justifying her actions no matter how petty they are. Not everyone with Fi will do this “just because” and Fe-users may also do this, but those with Fi might never see the other side to the point unless they actually feel it themselves. Mercy knows people look down on her but doesn’t really care if she can get the immediate sensation at the moment.

Cyrus- ENFJ


“Nobody is wasting nobody. THAT…is a miracle. And miracles is the way things ought to be.”

Like a low-rent MLK Jr., Cyrus calls a meeting one night and people pay attention. The one scene he’s featured carries several quotes fans of the film won’t forget. ENFJs are known to give enrapturing speeches and convey ideas of togetherness few types care about or even understand. Though the somber INFJ embodies the quiet perseverance of humanity, it’s the ENFJ that knows how to get you to feel it.

Even the cynical, careless SP Warriors have to stop and listen, with only the thick-headed Ajax that seems to be intent on staying true to his neanderthal lifestyle. Cyrus’ plan of bringing all the gangs together if far-fetched but possible, if they would only work together. The ENFJ has a similar mindset on civilization, choosing to believe in the best of people.


“Our turf…our little piece of turf…” says Cyrus about the actual property he wants to take over. This is something of an indication that Cyrus doesn’t care about taking over the city for power as much as he does uniting to defend each other from any outside forces.

This can often be misguided but it doesn’t mean they should change their ideals. It’s what prompted Cyrus to try and it’s what got him killed.

Masai- ESTJ


“I want all the “Warriors. I want them alive if possible. If not- WASTED. But I WANT them.”

Cyrus’s right hand man, put the ESTJ in charge to see things through. Dealing with the biggest gang in the city, The Riffs, Masai takes over for Cyrus to find out who shot the man in charge. His screen time is short, but his hardened, militant presence is felt strongly. His stiff neck and sunglasses to keep himself distant from anyone around him is a pretty good indicator he’s a TJ type.

And the main difference between an ESTJ and ISTJ is how loud they are. And ISTJ getting loud will often have the user sounding strained, yelling in short bursts. The ESTJ? They have two settings- quiet and really freaking loud. Masai is definitely the latter.

Luther- ENTP

 “I just like doing things that way.” -Luther on why he shot Cyrus.

People quote him and they don’t even know it. The sniveling, conniving little wretch of a leader, Luther does what he does to mess with people just because he can. You see what happens to him by the end because of it but for one night, it created one heck of a villain. The ENTP Joker may have people dressing up like painted hobos for Dragon-Con but Luther’s version is much easier to hate.

ENTPs are known for being clever and doing things just to do them but the flip side of that can be a person that doesn’t care about others and can rationalize anything they do by believing that if you’re too stupid to get out of it, you deserve to have it happen to you.

Well, you see how that worked out for him.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” -Luther, as The Riffs close in on him.




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