ZRE Podcast #30- Ready…FIGHT!


We’ve discussed rivalries before, but this is different. Regardless of universe, there will rarely ever be a way for our favorite characters to actually battle it out. You’ll always have fans hatefully disagreeing or one character loses due to the plot demanding that one to lose.

So for a few minutes, we sit down to go through a few of these dream matches and why the outcome would be…what it would…be.

00:00-01:24 Intro
01:25-02:37 Punisher/Judge Dredd
02:38-06:10 Hellboy/Ghost Rider
06:11-09:01 Blade/Wolverine
09:02-10:52 Elektra/Black Widow
10:53-15:21 Spider-Man/Batman
15:22-16:53 Captain America/Batman
16:54-18:09 Bond/Batman (Part 2)
18:10-18:43 Godzilla/Hulk
18:44-19:39 Godzilla/Superman
19:20-26:00 Guardians of the Galaxy/The Avengers
26:01-28:04 Cyclops/Wolverine
28:05-29:20 Outro

Who needs variation when your favorite characters aren’t even written accurately. Then again, everybody would be dead by this point had everybody been written according to their actually abilities.

Here are some we edited out for time-

Captain Kirk/Han Solo
Optimus Prime/King Kong
Leonardo (Ninja Turtles)/Duncan MacLeod (The Highlander)
She-Hulk/Wonder Woman
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)/Thor
Nightwing/Winter Soldier
The Avengers/Justice League

Tell us about your fantasy (fights) and why Josh was wrong. Of course we know that I, Taylor, am never wrong. Forsooth!




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