MBTI: Guardians of the Galaxy Part II


Here’s Part I in case you missed it.

Seeing as how Guardians of the Galaxy was finally released, it was nice for the views on that article to finally pick up. It seems people don’t want to read about the profiles of characters until they actually see something with them in it. Go figure.

But there were other characters as well, even if a talking raccoon and talking tree stole most of the show. Here are the characters not typed in the original post because hey, these guys aren’t the actual guardians.

Ronan the Accuser-ISTJ


Relentless, unforgiving, and pissed off, Ronan the Accuser has been called lackluster in his appearance of the Guardians film but unfairly so. When you’ve got characters in such a bizarre group never having been seen before, your villain is going to take a backseat regardless of who he is…that’s of course, unless your Thanos.

Ronan’s primary motive for EVIL is his undying hatred of Xandarians; a race of people his people were currently at peace with. But that’s just something Ronan couldn’t accept. ISTJs themselves are known for being rough around the edges and that’s putting it lightly.


They also have an unusual need to follow the rules even if the rules are bent by the people that made them. In this case, Ronan could have let his grudge go with the Xandarians considering their war had come to a standstill. But no- he’s going to keep on fighting, even if it means fighting everybody to finish the job.

The ISTJ’s dominant function of Si makes them not only creatures of habit, but near slaves to it. If an ISTJ’s hobby is watching movies, then by God they’ll watch every movie they can get their hands on; if it’s working out, they’re going to become the fittest person you know. Every task is taken to with rigorous dedication. If so many ISTJs are thought to make up much of the military as they are, it’s no wonder Ronan is considered a fanatic- the war is over yet he won’t stop fighting.


Nebula- ISTJ


In a similar manner to Ronan, Nebula’s alliance goes to the most powerful authority. If Thanos is in charge, Nebula serves big purple daddy; if Ronan proves himself more powerful, than she’ll serve him. Notice that Nebula’s outlook on Gamora is that she’s weak and traitorous; two things anyone could look at another in disdain but Nebula’s reasoning really has more to do with Gamora’s treachery toward her, seeing as how Nebula was nearly as willing to betray Thanos.

An ISTJ’s tertiary function is Fi, its placement being relevant in the way that its user’s will be quick to retaliate (or at least hold a grudge) against those that treat the ISTJ in a way they find distrustful. And to aggravate the ISTJ in this way is to make an enemy for life. Fi for an ISTJ is going to have them empathizing with those that have similar goals to them and that’s about it until they learn otherwise over time (Hopefully). But until then, the ISTJ will see anyone else has against them, or at the very best, misguided.

Nebula is shown not only to be cold and ruthless but her comic book counterpart is even more power hungry, at one point stealing the Infinity Gauntlet for herself, forcing Thanos to team up with several of Marvel’s most powerful heroes to defeat her. Her limited vision however, was her downfall.


Yondu- ESTP


Who could argue with a man that controls an indestructible arrow telepathically? Peter Quill that’s who. But other than him, not many. Which isn’t too good a thing for anyone around Yondu because his gruff nature and “Promoter” variant make him prone to clashes and arguments with those around him. ESTPs like making a good deal but they like winning more, something Yondu takes pride in when it comes to getting what he wants.

A Ravager by name and thief by profession, Yondu’s dominant function is Se and its backed by Ti- meaning he follows his nose but doesn’t completely give into all of his baser desires.


Yondu’s final scene, which reveals Quill’s “betrayal” by replacing the stone Yondu wanted with a Troll doll he could place at his command console is a great example of the ESTP attitude. Though loud and abrasive, they’re not without their sense of humor. There’s just as much chance for your argument to be met with laughter as it is to be met with another, louder argument when it comes to the ESTP.

One thing that sets an ESTP apart from an ESTJ (A likely candidate for Yondu’s type but still a no) is their lack of desire for any formal control. Though he runs the Ravagers, his command is stayed due to his aggressive barking and willingness to act rather than any official ceremony to honor his raise. This and the fact that Yondu’s job consists of a simultaneous lifestyle choice rather than the nine-to-five way of living ESTJs prefer.

Talk about a makeover.

Talk about a makeover.


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