MBTI: Alec Trevelyan- ENTJ


“For England, James?”

As much as I hate repeating myself (knowingly), there just isn’t a major variety of ENTJ heroes or anything else other than an extremely charismatic villain when it comes to fiction.

But that’s fine because 006 is the MAN!

If there was one thing fans and newcomers alike could appreciate about Goldeneye as a Bond film was the new approach it took to the familiar things about the series. And the entire movie can be summed up with it’s primary antagonist, Alec Trevelyan. He’s not only as power-hungry and cunning as any other Bond villain but he knew all of Bond’s tricks as well, making our favorite spy (Well, most people’s favorite spy) resort to new tactics to see his mission through.



006’s first function as an ENTJ is Te. It’s not enough for a dominant Te user to be in control of themselves, they need to be in control of everything. While Trevelyan’s motive was a bit deeper (We’ll get to that), his goal was to steal a lot of money. We’ve discussed before why -NTJs practically always end up being portrayed as villains and much of it has to do with caring little for others while seeing freedom through power. And if you have “more money than God,” then it’s safe to say that you’ve got some form of power.

Alec’s second function is Ni, which allows the user to naturally prefer the long term-plans, organizing their lives around the future and what’s to come. Combine that with being a dominant Te user and you’ve got yourself one driven individual. It’s interesting, the idea that 006, a man who works for British Intelligence, would stab his partner and country in the back (relatively speaking) all for money, isn’t it?

"Don't speak, Bond. I know just what you're saying. So please stop explaining..."

“Don’t speak, Bond. I know just what you’re saying. So please stop explaining…”

But as Alec explains, that’s not all. When Bond asks why Alec would switch sides, he responds with this-

Bond: Why?

Trevelyan: (laughs) Hilarious question, particularly from you. Did you ever ask why? Why we toppled all those dictators? Undermined all those regimes? Only to come home. ‘Good job. Well done. But, sorry, old boy, everything you risked your life and limb for has changed!

While TJ types are generally associated with playing the games and following the rules society has set out for them, even if its to sit in the bosses’ chair when the time comes, things become a bit more complex when it comes to the -NTJ. Notice that Bond, as an SP, seems fine with the job in just about any incarnation due to the fact that his profession as an expert MANSLAYER lets him trot the globe, bedding women at Tuxedo parties and then killing said women’s evil boyfriends/dictators. This isn’t to say the SP is shallow per se, but it’s the rush and excitement that keeps them thrilled at the moment.

And let's not forget how those SPs REALLY get their jollies- bustin' in on dudes poppin' a squat! Perverts!

And let’s not forget how those SPs REALLY get their jollies- bustin’ in on dudes poppin’ a squat! Perverts!

The ENTJ can take pleasure in these things momentarily but a rush isn’t what keeps them going but the act of planning and executing, planning and executing. Many -NTJs will create smaller plans throughout the day, mentally checking off what they’ve done and feel a sense of accomplishment from that as well. This ranges from daily activities to years down the road.

So for Trevelyan to have been an agent while planning to change sides in an effort to not only get revenge for his parents but also to become his own ruler seems right up the fictional ENTJ’s alley. Maybe a real one too, but in Bond’s world, these ideas are just one explosion away from putting it into action.

Another Bond staple that Alec fits quite well into is the intuitive villain/sensor boss scheme that’s been set up. While Bond’s superiors are generally sensors, giving Bond the short and sweet version of what his next mission is, Bond’s archenemies’ personalities are those of the intuitive set. While Oddjob and Jaws are probably sensors, the one who created a personal island with sharks that have frikkin’ laser beams attached to their heads have got an addiction to complexity only an intuitive understands.

Like the programmers who designed this. God BLESS you, Big Head Mode. You made my grey skies clear.

Like the programmers who designed this. God BLESS you, Big Head Mode. You’d always made my grey skies clear.

Why else would they capture their victim, tie him up, explain their plan, and then walk out of the room? Because Intuitives love theatrics even if they’re a hard-nosed Te user as 006 is. From framing Bond in the helicopter to giving him the “same six minutes” Bond gave him, Alec is shown to be a sucker for the karmic. Maybe he would have won if he’d just stopped talking and blown Bond away with a single bullet.

But like all good Bond villains know, there’s no fun in that.

FYI this shot in reverse slow motion looks like Trevelyan is comin' home for a big crotch hug by Bond. Homies.

FYI this shot in reverse slow motion looks like Trevelyan is comin’ home for a big crotch hug by Bond. Homies.

MBTI: James Bond- ISTP



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