MBTI: …And The Movies Part III


Everybody loves movies. If somebody ever tells you that they don’t really like movies that much, they’re either uninteresting or they’re just trying to impress you. In either scenario, walk away from them immediately.

One thing that often adds a lot of drama/comedy/tension to any cinematic situation are the characters being complete opposites in most, if not all respects. When you have two main characters that hang out as friends and get along perfectly, well, you’ve just created an Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn Comedy and have failed tremendously. No! Not another one! Congratulations, jerk!

Below are some ideas for films starring your type and your opposite- coming together to make movie history. Didn’t know your type had it in you, did you? Well, everyone’s a star in my eyes. I’m sorry I called you an jerk.



Working Title: The Cinch
Genre: Sci-fi/Drama
Principal Actors: Helen Mirren (ESFJ), Christian Bale (INTP)
Critics are saying: “The WEIRDEST, most INVENTIVE movie you’ll seen all year!”

Synopsis: The year is 2054. When a man named Alias (Bale) discovers a cure for a genetic mutation that’s affected much of the population, the evil corporation that created the mutation orders to have him killed before his cure gets out. What makes things more difficult is that the Corporation that controls everything and everyone is run by Alias’ own mother (Mirren) whose feelings for Alias go as far as her husband wanted them to before his death…which means if Alias is found, he’s out of luck.

And while certain doom is inevitable, there’s more than a few tricks up Alias’ sleeve as he begins experimenting with the corporations’ most top secret drug- called “The Cinch”- which has powerful effects and it may be enough to help him combat his controlling mother.



Working Title:  Don’t Die Without Me
Genre: Drama/Romance
Principal Actors: Charlie Hunnam (ISTJ), Rachel McAdams (ENFP)
Critics are saying: “Bold. Gripping. It eases you into your seat and refuses to let you go.”

Synopsis: Zoey (McAdams) is a struggling bookstore owner with hardly a penny to her name. Happy with life aside from its financial troubles, she does what she can to make due. But when Zoey is at her lowest, a stranger with a stern, yet affirming smile named Cole (Hunnam) enters to tell her the good news- she’s just inherited fourteen million dollars from her estranged aunt! But the money comes with one condition- Cole must watch over her.

And while all seems like it’s going right for once, and a budding romance with Cole on the horizon, a problem looms overhead; is Cole all he really seems to be? Or could he have dark ties to the death of Zoey’s aunt?



Working Title: Underside
Genre: Supernatural/Thriller
Principal Actors: Denzel Washington (ESTJ) and Ryan Gosling (INFP)
Critics are saying: “Washington and Gosling are better than they’ve ever been. You’ll sleep with the lights on.”

Synopsis: Officer Jake Coen (Washington) has got problems. After the death of his wife, he’s developed a drinking problem and a temper. On the verge of losing his job, Jake is given one last chance- to team up with paranormal psychic Nestor Fabrizzi (Gosling). Jake doesn’t believe in ghosts but Nestor’s abilities are making him see a whole new side of life…and death.

So when a series of grisly murders begin around the city, it’s up to Jake and Nestor to use everything they’ve got to bring him down. And by the time this is all over, Jake might see his wife again- from her presence or his death.



Working Title: After My Life
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Principal Actors: Kristin Wiig (ISFJ) and Sam Rockwell (ENTP)
Critics are saying: “Irreverent and hilarious, you’ll be thinking about it for days!”

Synopsis: Claire’s (Wiig) got problems. She’s got a crummy job. A boyfriend that’s cheating on her. And she’s just been hit by a Greyhound. The bus, not the dog. After going to her own funeral and realizing she’d wasted her life, she decides to go to the one person crazy enough to listen to her, her former best friend and local talk radio host Wade (Rockwell).

After Wade concocts a scheme with his dead best friend to make his radio show the number one most listened to in the nation, the pair set out to make some things right in Claire’s life that she’d always been too scared to do. And who knows? Now that she’s dead, Claire might just get the chance to live a little.



Working Title: A Place off the Map
Genre: Crime/Thriller/Suspense
Principal Actors: Josh Brolin (ISTP) and Jeff Bridges (ENFJ)
Critics are saying: “You won’t see a film more sure of itself. Brolin is powerful and Bridges is eerily tempting.”

Synopsis: When Private Investigator Mathias Howlett (Brolin) is sent to check out what seems like a simple missing persons case, he gets a lot more than he bargained for when the trail leads to an island not found on any map. Run by former celebrated entrepreneur/billionaire Wallace Bishop (Bridges), the now converted clergyman heads his own private church and commune. The only problem is that Howlett’s clues all lead to Bishop being responsible for the missing person.

But the longer Howlett spends on the island, the more at home he feels. Will Howlett be able to solve the case and make it back alive? Will he even want to leave?



Working Title: Sonata
Genre: Drama
Principal Actors: Bradley Cooper (ESTP) and Diane Lane (INFJ)
Critics are saying: “Oscars, get ready. Savvy and unashamed, Cooper and Lane hit all the right notes as Yin and Yang. Be surprised if this doesn’t go home with all the awards.

Synopsis: After witnessing a murder, loudmouth amateur boxer Eddie (Cooper) is on the run from the mob. With the police involved in the murder, Eddie is put under the witness protection program and placed right next door to Amy Valencia (Lane); a recluse cellist that’s been out of the spotlight Eddie always wanted to be in.

Learning to find strengths they didn’t think they had and weaknesses they never wanted to admit, the lessons the two learn might be over all too soon when Eddie’s begins to catch up with him. Amy must then decide if she should continue living the safe life of solitude she’s grown comfortable with or become the person she used to be.



Working Title: Berus
Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller
Principal Actors: Jessica Chastain (ISFP) and Emily Blunt (ENTJ)
Critics are saying: “A spiritual successor of ‘The Devil’s Advocate,’ you’ll want to see it again the second its over.”

Synopsis: VIPERTECH, an industry specializing in military-grade weapons of the future, is at an all-time high. After having taken over the company from her father, Julia Adder (Blunt) has brought the company to new heights, even if her morality has taken a back seat. And even though Julia’s lead scientist, Marilyn (Chastain) was initially against the company’s newest research project, involving a weapon with alien DNA, a freak accident in the lab turns her strangely adamant about finishing it as if guided by an unseen force.

With her right-hand-scientist displaying strange and erratic behavior, Julia begins to wonder if Marilyn’s determination to finish what they started may not be for the good of the company, the world, or the human race.



Working Title: Battle of the Brains
Genre: Animation/Comedy
Principal Actors: Featuring the voices of Ryan Reynolds/Terry Crews (ESFP) and Bryan Cranston (INTJ)
Critics are saying: “A strange yet beguiling tone; kids, adults, teens- It’s tough to imagine someone not leaving the theater crying with laughter!”

Synopsis: From lab chimp to Rottweiler, Bill the test brain (Crews) has been put in every kind of animal body there is by resident mad scientist Doctor Blitzkrieg (Cranston). But for the doctor’s final experiment, he plans on making Bill’s dream come true- a human body! What the Doctor didn’t tell Bill was that he was leaving in the body’s original owner (Reynolds)! Now with two minds and one body, the pair makes a surprisingly good team- much to the Doctor’s chagrin because they’re driving him crazy!

Get ready for the most “intelligent” comedy of the year as Bill and Blitzkrieg battle for the ultimate domination- of Bill’s body!

Avoided! Yes!

Avoided! Yes!

MBTI: …And The Movies

MBTI: …And The Movies Part II


4 Responses to “MBTI: …And The Movies Part III”

  1. Nicole Says:

    This is pure genius, I really had to laugh out loud a lot. I especially liked how horrible the life of the ISFJ was before meeting the ENTP. Please keep up combining MBTI with movies, it’s a perfect combination and your humour makes it hilarious!

    • Taylor Says:

      Thanks, I always appreciate the feedback! This one took a while too. Now we play the waiting game and see if Hollywood steals any of these ideas…

  2. Skinny Pete Says:

    Your so dumb! OMFG i’m like wut LOL. i couldn’t understand a word of this your just making stuff up!!! WOW you’re reviews are turrible i never heard any these movies LOL!!!

  3. OH MY GOD YOU DID DUALITIES IN MOVIES!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Damn, I really need to watch these movies to see these opposites in action.

    I’m especially curious of INFP-ESTJ and ESFJ-INTP.


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