MBTI: Maleficent- INFJ


Though the original Maleficent was full of what her name implies; malice, of course, the reimagining brought an entirely new perspective to the character, and one that showed us a darkened fairy rather than an evil witch.

Most would agree the original to be your basic evil queen, more than likely INTJ. You know how nasty those mofos can be. But Jolie’s portrayal displayed the traits INFJs in real life do: complex and misunderstood.

Maleficent is shown in the very beginning, to be in love with all things natural. She’s has a deep and interwoven understanding with her surroundings not in a natural way; but in a spiritual way. She isn’t just a part of the forest, she’s the protector of it. While there seem to be more physically powerful creatures in existence, it’s her they go to for leadership.

Part of the reason INFJs are thought to be so attracted to all things natural is due to not only the stillness found away from the busy, harsh city life, but that everything there is to see sparks a thousand ideas and thoughts that others would have never seen otherwise. While other types are more in tune with their senses, INFJs are in touch with themselves like no other and if nature were sentient, who else but the INFJ would defend it in such a way?

Especially THIS thing. You NFs, I tell ya...

Especially THIS thing. You NFs, I tell ya…

Maleficent’s Ni is shown, most aptly, in her initial plan to get back at Stefan, the man that betrayed her and stole her wings. The idea of placing a curse on not just the child of the one that actually made you suffer, but sixteen years down the road after that is so long range, it seems only the INTJ and the INFJ are willing to think that far ahead. Ni, is not only dealing in long range plans but getting multiple ideas out of one initial thing, allowing for their mind to operate on a multitude of levels to accomplish whatever complex goal they’ve got in mind.

The major trait that sticks out about Maleficent as an INFJ in the film however, is her willingness to be bad, but not her nature. As discussed in previous articles, the reason INFJ villains are so rare is because their motives run so deep that to create an INFJ villain is to create a villain people generally won’t understand- so half the story will have to be about why they’re doing what they’re doing.

"It's fun to do hoodrat stuff with my friends." -Maleficent

“It’s fun to do hoodrat stuff with my friends.” -Maleficent

Look at Ra’s Al Ghul or Elsa of Frozen; while Ra’s is a villain due to his methods, Elsa started off as a villain through the original story but by the time the final versions of the film were in place, she isn’t one at all- just misunderstood.

Enter Maleficent, who is misunderstood at large thanks to the “evils of man,” while we know that her true motivations are much more justifiable than “It’s fun to do bad things.” Even the tagline for the movie reads “Evil is complicated.” Is there a type more complicated than the INFJ? Love turns into hate, repulsion turns into attraction, the curse you place on someone ends up bettering you, etc., etc. You know how it goes. Jung Type Description even notes that INFJs are “attracted to sad things.

"So this is where you live, huh? Cool, cool..."

“So this is where you live, huh? Cool, cool…”

Maleficent’s Fe becomes obvious once we see her with Princess Aurora. While Maleficent placed the curse, Aurora would have been dead early on if not for Maleficent’s intervention from far away. INFJs also prefer to mentor, earning them the name of “The Counselor” by Keirsey and fitting in multiple ways. Aurora’s relationship with the wingless fairy quickly becomes one of mother and daughter might have- and one that makes Maleficent regret place the irreversible curse.

Much of the film is Maleficent’s making attempts to stave off Aurora’s likability (One that Maleficent herself placed), with results ultimately proving futile as anyone with auxiliary Fe is eventually going to be won over by someone that has as few negative qualities as Aurora does.

INFJS are full of plenty of good qualities, but due to their “keep at it” view on life, this can lead to dismissing others views and holding grudges. Dismissing others views is shown the various times she shuts Diaval out even though he’s finally giving her the good advice, while the grudge she holds against Stefan is the majority of the plot.

All in all, we’ve got the perfect INFJ villain her: one that isn’t really a villain, but a powerful character going through a rough time. And from that rough time comes cursing the one that eventually becomes a lifelong friend.

Ooh, and a crow dragon. That was cool.

Ooh, and a crow dragon. That was cool.

9 Responses to “MBTI: Maleficent- INFJ”

  1. Skinny Pete Says:

    You must be really bored

  2. […] maintain consistency, since sometimes the type changes in live-action reboots (such as Maleficent becoming more INFJ when she got her own […]

  3. […] maintain consistency, since sometimes the type changes in live-action reboots (such as Maleficent becoming more INFJ when she got her own […]

  4. […] maintain consistency, since sometimes the type changes in live-action reboots (such as Maleficent becoming more INFJ when she got her own […]

  5. jaysonpaglow Says:

    I just wanted to say, thank you so much for all these articles. These are gold and you put so much into them. Keep writing. You’re producing a lot of value.

  6. Wow! When I have my stressed out days with my autoimmune and when I get stressed and my thoughts get scattered without my highlighter handy as an INFJ wants to come out like a female dark angel with a dark sense of humor more tactful almost more like an ENFP I call it my Maleficent days. Shes helped me remember as a women, we all have our witchy days out of stress but to embrace our strength, dark sense of humor. I thought about it and Im like-shes totally INFJ! Even the reason I’ve always liked blue and purple much better than pink. I love both versions but I can’t wait for the new one. Thanks for your perspective I definitely agree with you there. Keep up the great writing!


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