MBTI: Jedi and Sith- Feelers and Thinkers


When it comes to Star Wars, specifically Jedi, everybody knows you’ve got to “Trust your feelings.”

And as often as people say they’d be an awesome Jedi (or even claim it as a religion), who would actually make a good Jedi? When asked certain questions like “Would you rather be a Jedi or “fill in the blank with a superpower?” Jedi is usually the answer…until they’re reminded being a Jedi require constant training. Suddenly there’s this look on their face that just says disappointedly, “…Oh.

So going by type, let’s take a look at what the reality of it is.

Reality“- Ha!

If you take a look at the Star Wars characters that have been typed so far, if you would be so kind.

Leia Organa- ESTJ
Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader- ISTJ
Luke Skywalker- INFP
Obi-wan Kenobi- ENFJ
Qui-gon Jinn- ENFP
Yoda- INFJ

Clicking on the names will take you to their respective profiles. Now, provided you can agree with those typed above, what can you get from it? That only those of the Idealists (NF) group can become Jedi? If you were to only go off of those few names and type, then sure; it looks like of the six, only the Idealists were successful Jedi in that they trained and didn’t give into the dark side.

"Only here because of his connections, he is."

“Only here because of his connections, he is. Wow, AND he gets to go back to being young? Really?”

In that case, what would it be that makes an Idealist a more likely candidate for the role of intergalactic warrior priest? It seems somewhat obvious, doesn’t it? In touch with themselves and in tune with people around them (or at the very least, strive to be), while “searching their feelings” as Jedi are often told to do seems to be something of a lifestyle for them. Before we dig deeper into that, take a look at these other few characters I haven’t officially typed in individual profiles but their type is pretty certain in general.

Count Dooku– INTJ
Emperor Palpatine– INTJ
Darth Maul– ISTP
Mace Windu– ENTJ

With Windu being the only one I feel I bit unsure about, these typings seem correct. No one argues with Palpatine, as he’s the stereotypical INTJ Mastermind with Dooku not being as brilliant but still holding a similar mindset. Even Christopher Lee’s LOTR counterpart, Saruman, played a similar role- “I’ll side with the sure thing, which happens to be the dark side. It’s the only reasonable thing.” Of course, the two characters’ motivations go a bit deeper but you get the idea.

Darth Maul’s appearance is short but effective, as most people would agree he’s one of three good things about Episode I. The other two things being Liam Neeson and the podrace. But it really only makes sense- the quiet apprentice followed orders but not robotically. He seemed to enjoy the dirty work he was tasked with when it finally came to killing the Jedi while being an expert tracker beforehand seemed very much like the work of Se/Ti.

I also heard he's a Jedi killer AND a lady killer, but he might've started that rumor himself.

I also heard he’s a Jedi killer AND a lady killer, but he might’ve started that rumor himself.

Windu is the most difficult for me to reconcile as an ENTJ but TJ fits quite well regardless. As mentioned in the Vader post, Windu is the only Jedi to practice Juyo/Vaapad or, the type of lightsaber combat that takes the user closest to the dark side. Juyo is the fighting, which Maul was a practitioner of while Vaapad is the state of mind Windu reached to unlock the power of the dark side without being consumed by it.

It was condemned by the Council so they didn’t have a bunch of freaky Sith kids running around the halls. Kids are hard enough to deal with, much less Rage-filled super-powered ones using the dark side.

The point? To be a truly successful Jedi, as in one that trains and doesn’t turn to the dark side, it seems being a feeler is a must with Windu being the exception. While he didn’t turn before he died, he was often in a mindset that had driven previous users insane. Which is just awesome.

"And I will strike down on thee with great vengeance and FURIOUS anger..."

“And I will strike down on thee with great vengeance and FURIOUS anger…”

Dominant/auxiliary intuitive feelers seem to be a good fit for Jedi for the reasons mentioned earlier, but for the fact that becoming one with the world and themselves is the goal for them in life. Compare this to dominant/auxiliary thinkers who don’t realize until later in life that people also matter if your vision is to be seen through.

So why does it seem that Thinkers are drawn toward the dark side? Well, not to repeat myself from the Vader post, but as Jung says, thoughts control feelers and feelings overwhelm thinkers. So for a dominant thinker to constantly have to dig down, deep into their soul, or heart, or whatever word you could fill in here that makes me uncomfortable- is a strain for them.

Often times, characters with anger issues or ones that act out in a vengeful manner are typed as feelers due to them “acting on their feelings.” While there is truth to this, that dominant feelers do just that, it’s generally going to be the heavy thinkers that act out in such ways.

Everyone has feelings (Dur) but emotions are what we use to express them if we express them at all. Dom/aux thinkers don’t always register such feelings appropriately. And it’s what will have your boyfriend or whoever you know that normally seems so intelligent and well put together acting like a giant pissed off baby when they’re forced to deal with something that doesn’t make sense to them.

"Life sucks for me now that I killed all my friends."

“Life sucks for me now that I killed all my friends.”

Basically it comes down to thinkers being poor Jedi because feelings either don’t register at all, or it’s like a tidal wave that drowns them. This was a majority of the idea behind Anakin/Vader being an ISTJ. Cold and ruthless, combining Vader with his prequel counterpart who was whiny and petty, it’s the only sensible answer.

Many type Anakin as ENFP as well but since his personality can’t change (Habits and beliefs, yes- personality, no) it only makes sense for Vader to be in his natural habitat by way of controlling and commanding. Killing and ruling with an iron fist? No, but running off of a sense of order and logic rather than feelings and intuition.

But Hayden Christiansen should go with this as being ISTJ would explain his robotic acting. Oh!

So while ST types seem to be apt at putting the force to use, it seems only as useful as their work allows it- with Vader and Maul both acting as glorified attack dogs.

On the same side of that coin, NT types know how to put the force to use and have an understanding of its power while it’s their morals that need work. But have a guy shoot lightening from his finger tips and tell him to tone it down. It’s doubtful you’d get them to listen.

You know why Vader threw the Emperor don't you? Lightning envy.

You know why Vader threw the Emperor don’t you? Lightning envy.

But then that’s the point, isn’t it? Nothing brings the lack of NF villainy to light than when you place MBTI in the galaxy far, far away. While All other groups can have their intentions misplaced or just want to rule in the name of greed, NFs are the most likely to get it right. When your goal is the betterment of those around you as well as yourself, the dark side over the light sounds like putting a sock over an ice cream cone to them.

Below is a short list of the types most likely to put the Force to good use, which will seem pretty obvious after reading everything that came before this.


Why ENFJ over INFJ if Yoda is INFJ and considered the greatest Jedi of all? The ENFJ’s willingness to work with others along with their preference for order not only makes them great students, but teachers as well. INFJs are preferred as teachers and students, but their quiet demeanor can easily be a turn off for those who have a harder time listening and understanding deeper principles. This is turn, can be as likely to have an INFJ reject the listener as well.

However, in the case of the ENFP and INFP, the ENFP’s streak of off-the-wall nature can get in the way of their teaching over the INFP’s “Values first” lifestyle. Nobody loves people more than the ENFP, but their love of people can actually get in the way of the people themselves and turn into self-grandzing. It’s Qui-gon’s (ENFP) rebellious nature and carefree ways that not only kept him from a seat on the council, but it’s really his fault Darth Vader eventually came to be, ignoring all warnings to keep Anakin from being trained.

I’ve placed ISFPs in fifth place as their principles and naturalistic way of living go well together with their preference for external stimuli. So while they have the tendency to come off like stoners, they’d probably make one badass lightsaber fencer.

Now why didn't Jar Jar get a lightsaber? Jar Jar wants a lightsaber.

Now why didn’t Jar Jar get a lightsaber? Jar Jar wants a lightsaber.

Can someone turn down the nerdiness in here?

15 Responses to “MBTI: Jedi and Sith- Feelers and Thinkers”

  1. I’m surrounded by Jedi….

    • Taylor Says:

      I’m am just so sorry. At least they’re not Jar-Jars.

      • I interpret the trusting their feelings meant the feeling they get when their intuition hits. Plus I gotta question Qui-Gon being ENFP. He tells Obi-Wan to focus on the moment and not on intuitive anxieties. The living force is the tangible things that are right in front of them. Sounds more Se to me. Plus he has empathy for Jar Jar, indicating possible Fe. His revelation (Ni) on Anakin did come until he observed him and saw Jedi traits (Se). He’s also analytical, crtiquing Padme’s plans. His analytical nature is why he will disagree with the council. And if you read about when he loses someone he cares for, he goes into inferior Fe rage. He’s more ISTP.

        • revelation DIDN’T come, I meant.

        • Taylor Says:

          I agree that it’s Anakin’s fault, my comment was more of a joke with some truth to it. It’s like a kid acting stupid so the blame goes to the parents. The Butterfly Effect, that kind of thing.

          You make some interesting points for ISTP but I still think the same could be said for ENFP. His revelation of Anakin came from the same possibilities Ne users thrive on, especially being that Ne looks for the immediate sensation of an idea, as opposed to Se’s immediate physical sensation- i.e., this kid is the chosen one and we’ve got to get him on our side so the prophecy can be fulfilled.

          His critiquing of Padme’s plans could just as soon be interpreted as ENFP rebelliousness. Not that they rebel in the same sense an SP type would, but with the kind of attitude of a kid that pretends he doesn’t hear you so he can keep doing what he’s doing.

          This is also why he’s not on the council. His analytical nature can only be seen so much as he’s also the only one that believes Anakin should be trained, ignoring the warning signs that he’s given (Skipping details and fine print for the bigger picture). His empathy for Jar Jar isn’t too hard to see from an auxiliary Fi perspective either as ENFPs are the “Champions” of people. If anybody could accept something as annoying as Jar Jar, I’d put NF, especially ENFP, at the top of the list. Qui-Gon probably had a soft spot for him as an outcast seeing as how that’s his role with the Jedi as well. That, and making friends with him allowed him to get a ride he received from the Gungan people. ISTPs are good with people when they need to be but few compare to the diplomatic skills of an ENFP.

          Hopefully I didn’t repeat myself from the Qui-gon article, but it’s been a while since I wrote and read it.

          • His critique was her fighters may not penetrate the shield. He wasn’t ok with leaving it to chance like Luke was when rescuing Han in Return of the Jedi. A point you made saying it shows Ne.

    • I’m the lone thinker surrounded by feelers, out of those I still talk to. I’m the STJ that questions why I had to do something if I didn’t want to do it. I rebelled against my family because of all they did to me and each other, which went against my personal code. So I systematically cut them out of my life. An STJ growing up without a sense of family.

  2. Another thing. It’s Anakin’s fault for being Vader. He’s the moron that takes a Sith’s side over Obi-Wan. And Vader killed Palpatine and saved the galaxy. So if it wasn’t for Qui-Gon, the galaxy would never be saved. Luke was the idiot who threw away his saber before stopping Palpatine. He could’ve kept it on him in case Palpatine tried attacking in any way.

  3. fatalfuryguy Says:

    So, you reduce two of the three best characters to come out of star wars to just “glorified attack dogs”? Such disrespect, such sensor hate.
    Maul dying was the stupidest part of a very stupid movie which had jar jar in it. Such plot induced stupidity. He should have murdered both Jedi.
    And you write an article about Jedi? No one cares about the Jedi. When marvel decided to do a star wars comic series, they opted to make the series about Han Solo. Han. Not Luke, not Yoda, Han. Why? Because no one would have bought a comic series about a little boy who can’t use his light stick. People want to see a man shoot his gun!

    • Maul and Vader allowed themselves to be manipulated without thinking much for themselves. That kinda is the definition of an attack dog. I agree on Han’s badass-ness. Maul was stupid to underestimate Obi-Wan. Vader was just too slow in that armor & he never used force choke on anyone he fought. Pretty stupid of him.

  4. Jokerandfoxfun Says:

    Well, I could understand Anakin. The Jedis mistrused him, held back crucial(or just best to know) imformations from him. We heard what they said when Anakin left the scene, so we kinda knew, what they really thougt, but mini-Vader? He was just humiliated, and the Jedis just left him to slip down on an emotion- slide.
    Goddamn feelers.

  5. Tyrannus Says:

    Hey,man! I don’t know if you are following your comments, but here goes. I think too many people are typed as INTJ’s when they are not. Palpatine is an INFJ because he uses Fe manipulation techniques. He changes his tone of voice with much nuance when delivering some speech, which is by definition Fe.

    • Taylor Says:

      Whoa-ho! Never seen this argument before. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

      I don’t see INFJ at all. I can believe that Ian McDiarmid who plays Palpatine is an NF of some sort with his background in theater, which seems to attract a lot of NF types, but Palpatine himself is all about the greed and the worst NF still believes there’s some bigger cause to it all. There’s no righteous cause gone rogue, just him and a lust for absolute power. NFJ villains are pure principle past the point of logic while NTJ villains are intelligence past the point of humanity.


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