MBTI: Tyrion Lannister- ENTP


Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

What a perfect representation of the ENTP- in the form of a “little person.” Not only is Peter Dinklage breaking boundaries in his own career, the character is great even if he were of average height; though the inclusion of the ridicule he faces makes the character that much more intriguing.

Often times, characters have a dark past we’re meant to think is mysterious or a well placed scar across their face to make you believe they’re ruggedly handsome. Here, we’ve got a character whose “hindrance” is one never been seen before because it’s not cool- making him even more worthy of “underdog” status. Plus he’s got a cool scar.

From the first time we meet Tyrion, we’re shown a guy whose life has been one of paradoxes, as is the way of the ENTP. Being born into royalty, he’s not the knight in shining armor as Jaime is, but the clever “imp” the majority of his family can’t stand. Tyrion’s well aware of how others view him and relies mostly on his wit to stand his ground with his peers, as well as the family name; something he’s not as proud of but knows can be used to his advantage.

Usually, anyway.

Usually, anyway.

ENTPs will are known for being imaginative and inventive, two words constantly paired together in their descriptions but also have a knack for being direct at times, with surprise to those around them. Tyrion seems to be about the only figure in Joffrey’s life that will actually speak to him as directly as needs be, including a couple of the greatest moments in the series; slapping Joffrey. How sweet that was.

The reason for this is the leading Ne (Present creativity) working with the inferior Si (Stored data compared with new data) to paint a picture of the world that see what could be along with what is. With this combination, you’ll hear ENTPs talk a great deal about their views on society which can be a humorous but truthful perspective. Tyrion recognizes all that goes on around him with the corruption in his family and its dealings and doesn’t like it, but also recognizes his limits in what can really be done about it.

In season 2, when Tyrion is made The Hand of King is where he’s seen to shine, with his political savvy taking over as he deals with the corruption that he can, as when he tells all three members of the council of his plans to send the Queen’s daughter away but tells them all different places to see which is the traitor. ENTPs love to work within the system to get what they want, using every loophole available to reach their goal and it’s the reason for the lawyer stereotype.

“I understand the way this game is played.”


Only in season four when Tyrion is made “Master of the Coin” do we see his weaknesses beside his physicality. When ENTPs are left to do tasks they consider menial or boring, they become stressed and it feels like all the doors that lead to fun and creativity are being shut in their face, such as when Lady Tyrell expressed her disappointment when hearing rumors of Tyrion being a fun drunkard but only found a “brow-beaten bookkeeper.”

And you can see that actually hurt him.

ENTPs live by playing off expectations. Whatever is expected of them is usually the opposite of what they do. While Tyrion was rarely one to try and fit in, others’ opinions of him still mattered to a degree and it was at his trial he couldn’t help but be as ‘direct’ as possible with the jury.

“I did not kill Joffrey but I wish that I had. Watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores. I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you. I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it.”

It really is a good thing Tywin stayed sitting.

It really is a good thing Tywin stayed sitting.

When an ENTP feels the loss of control over themselves is when you really see them fall apart. When they’re in a rut they can’t get out of, they’ll focus on tiny details they normally don’t pay attention to and become obsessed with scratching an itch they’re not even sure is really there. Clearly, being accused of murder you didn’t commit isn’t the same as something as paying the bills, but a dead end is a dead end.

The great thing about Tyrion and ENTPs is that while the situations they get into can be dire, they’re way of getting out of it is even more entertaining.

With Tyrion we see how he survives the Battle of Green Fork by giving a rousing speech only to be run over by his own men and remain unconscious for the entire battle. Scenes like this are what make Tyrion such a lasting character.


5 Responses to “MBTI: Tyrion Lannister- ENTP”

  1. jdempcy Says:

    The character of Tyrion Lannister is an ENFP. Much of what you say applies, but if you notice his use of extraverted thinking as a mode of listening I think you’ll agree with me.

    Extraverted thinking comes across sharp, incisive, cutting, clever, elaborate, “over-enunciated,” condescending, fast and cunning and cold—compared to extraverted feeling which is warm, dull, slow, rapport-building, generally agreeable etc.

    I see a lot of people online type Tyrion as an ENTP, because they notice his intuition and thinking. But that’s because those are actually the two “most easily noticeable” functions of ENFP, seeing as how ENFP speaks with intuition and thinking, while listening with feeling and sensing.

    • Taylor Says:

      Hey, thanks for reading and commenting. That being said- Negative. You’ve overplayed the tertiary functions of both types, while underplaying the auxiliary function of ENTP, which is Ti; analytical, detached and truly incisive. Te can be all of those things but as a tertiary function? When utilized it’s more like an iron fist as ESTJ and ENTJ would know but those are dominant users. ISTJ and INTJ are in similar standing.

      But ENFP? Quick to react and respond sure, but not with the incisiveness of a dominant or auxiliary user. Fe in your description is a somewhat diluted version of its strong points but in its tertiary position as it is for the ENTP, it’s often used to read others rather than give them a hug. It’s much more likely for Tyrion to prefer thinking over feeling as his more personal side is let out over the course of the show rather than his gut being his guide. “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone” is something an Ne/Fi user could say, but naturally and generally speaking, this is Ne/Ti.

      I wouldn’t say that a feeler would be driven to kill sooner had they been put in Tyrion’s position but his outburst while on trial isn’t from a place of well organized principles as a heavy Fi-user’s is, as their outbursts of thoughts and feelings appear sporadic; but rather done after a slow and steady build-up of realizing he couldn’t talk his way out of the situation. Fe relates to the mood of the room and Fi does not.

  2. jdempcy Says:

    Also, compare Tyrion Lannister with Oscar Wilde (ENFP). Tyrion seems to have that scathing Wildean charm—”either these curtains go or I do”—that kind of thing.

  3. […] It’s been a while since I’ve read Game of Thrones and I haven’t watched the show, but I’ll try to do Tyrion’s character justice in this short post. For a more in-depth explanation of why so many people think he’s an ENTP type, click here. […]

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