MBTI: Joffrey Baratheon- ESFP


Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Has there ever been a more hated character in television history? Probably not. Even Satan has his worshipers but nobody likes Joffrey.

Would Joffrey care that you don’t like him? Maybe, but he wouldn’t admit it. Then he’d probably opt to show you how little he cares with a few crossbow bolts and then forget about you.

The Baby King made it through all four seasons we’ve had thus far without anyone murdering him until of course, pbthh, at his own wedding. It sucks everyone else was robbed of killing him but at least it was slow and undignified.

O death, where is your sting? Oh, there it is.

O death, where is your sting? Oh, there it is.

Since we’ve been introduced to Joffrey, we’ve known him to be impetuous, shallow, and selfish. So when discussing a character like this, specifically in type, keep in mind that the majority of the traits we’re going over will be the negative ones of the ESFP because, that’s what Joffrey embodies. So it’s not that all ESFPs are like this, but these will be the traits that unhealthy ESFPs display.

That being said, Joffrey’s first function is Se and it’s partly why it Joffrey’s favorite past time doesn’t involve books.

Hilarious AND annoying!

Hilarious AND annoying!

Everybody knows he’s impulsive and sadistic, and though his upbringing would have a hand in this of course, some people, specifically heavy Se-users, are more prone to the type of behavior that you wouldn’t want your parents finding out about. Joffrey’s always looking for the next thrill so long as his life isn’t actually in the same danger he puts others’ lives in. From his specially made crossbow to “Widow’s Wail,” Joffrey takes delight in all things involving death…again, if it’s not his life we’re talking about.

ESFPs also have the urge to experiment and though murder might not be among the list of things to try (Though some serial killers have shown ESFP preferences), there’s a myriad of other things they’ll get themselves into without any way of getting out. If you’re friends with one or related to them, you know what we’re talking about. Part of the issue with their Se, which ESTPs also lead with, is that their auxiliary function is Fi. So everything ridiculous, selfish, or dangerous thing they do is backed up by a “decision of the heart,” putting it poetically.

In other words, they felt like doing it, so they did it. Don’t say they’re wrong if they feel it.

Joffrey definitely lives this way. He acts out whenever he feels like it, tortures people, including his wife to be, at will and gets even more mad when people react poorly to it, as if they’re supposed to like how he treats them. How many times did we hear “I AM THE KING!” or something along those lines? He doesn’t understand or care what’s going on in others’ heads, he just knows how he wants to be treated. The dark side of Fi.

A martyr no matter what the situation.

A hero or martyr no matter what the situation.

And though ESFPs have many great qualities as any type does, Joffrey doesn’t exhibit any of them.

A major problem with Joffrey is that his inferior function, Ni, is just that- inferior. ESFPs often find planning for the future so laborious that they just don’t bother with it at all. While everybody plans to a point, the unhealthy ESFP will actively avoid it, feeling like it just drags them down. Notice that while Joffrey’s having a great time treating people like garbage that he’s surprised when they throw cow pies in his face and want to kill him for allowing them to starve. This didn’t occur to him once and when he found out- whup- back to justifying his (in)actions.

It helps to understand that even when the ESFP is at their happiest, they can appear to be uncaring and only focus inward, irritating surrounding types even more. It should be clarified what your actual problem with the ESFP is- their actual issues or the way they carry themselves at all? Differentiating between the two will not only help you solve an problems you may have with your ESFP but also understand them in the first place.

Also, you should be thankful that you don’t actually know Joffrey.

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  1. I am already slightly biased against ESFPs so this did not help at all.


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