ZRE Podcast #34- TUSK, and the Fine Balance of Horror/Comedy

tusk7Spoilers Ahead!

Upon viewing Kevin Smith’s newest film, ‘Tusk,’ several things need to be asked- Why did fans vote #Walrusyes? Does serious Horror have a place with outrageous Comedy? So many questions, I’m losing my mind! Okay, so there are only two, but you get the point. Check this out if you if you want to laugh sparingly and cringe often.

So should this movie have been made? On one hand, it seems like an interesting experiment, that a movie could be made solely based on the opinions of Smith’s podcast fans. But I can’t help but think more should have been added onto the story. Not to make it longer, but to change things around.

Far be it from to say “Take this movie and just change everything about it- THEN I’ll like it.” but it’s tough to keep me entertained when you’re all but certain of the outcome and the outcome is as ridiculous as it is gruesome.



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