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MBTI: Jaime Lannister- ESTP

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

A sick twist on Prince Charming, Jaime Lannister goes in and out of being villainous and heroic. We start off hating him but slowly we start to see the more human side of him.

It’s not that far from how an ESTP could be seen in reality. The ultimate jock, for some it takes a bit getting used to before they can actually see this type for more than just the loud-mouthed jock.

Let us continue! Continue reading

MBTI: Tyrion Lannister- ENTP

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

What a perfect representation of the ENTP- in the form of a “little person.” Not only is Peter Dinklage breaking boundaries in his own career, the character is great even if he were of average height; though the inclusion of the ridicule he faces makes the character that much more intriguing.

Often times, characters have a dark past we’re meant to think is mysterious or a well placed scar across their face to make you believe they’re ruggedly handsome. Here, we’ve got a character whose “hindrance” is one never been seen before because it’s not cool- making him even more worthy of “underdog” status. Plus he’s got a cool scar. Continue reading

MBTI: Daenerys Targaryen- INFJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Even in a fictional world, the only one left of the Targaryen empire and the only one who can command (Sort of) the last dragons would be INFJ.

Daenerys’ role in the story is an interesting one, as she (similar to Jon Snow) is on the outskirts of the majority of the rest of the characters yet seems to be playing a part that could change everything in Westeros. You don’t silently build an army and not even attempt to get back your family’s throne, c’mon. That’s Fantasy War 101. Continue reading

MBTI: Jon Snow- ISFP

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Fitting the ‘Solemn ISFP Hero‘ mold, Jon Snow is simultaneous royalty and a bastard, as no one will let him forget. A man (or boy) of principles similar to his father but with a bit more compassion over honor, Jon doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty with a sword though he never takes a life without knowing full well why he’s doing it.

The ISFP hero strikes again! With a constant somber attitude, Jon’s dedication to the Wall and his family is a nice place to begin when describing the ISFP trait of quietly desiring to please, yet refusing to be controlled or control others. Instead he opts to act (Se) by his values (Fi) and he ends up a leader still. Continue reading

MBTI: Ned Stark- ISTJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

About the only thoroughly noble character in the entire series, Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark’s goal in life was a simple one- rule Winterfell and live a long, peaceful life. Of course that didn’t happen, as his induction into the capital as Robert’s Hand of the King eventually led to his death.

But the fact also remains that while everyone else chose to slither around like a bunch of snakes to get something they wanted, Ned played the role of the steadfast ISTJ, that doesn’t see how life is worth living unless you have your honor and principles to keep you strong. Continue reading

MBTI: Game of Thrones Week

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After several requests and having about eight people in my immediate circle constantly telling me to watch Game of Thrones, I finally gave in. And not only is it a great show, the number of characters to type makes it an MBTI goldmine, covering seasons 1-4.

The story! The stabbings! The bewbs and the betrayal! All wrapped up in a setting I’ve never really been a big fan of but that’s partly a testament to how good it is, that it can make you care about things you weren’t interested in.

So this coming week, expect your favorite characters to be typed and analyzed. And your least favorite characters. JOFFREEEEEY!!!

ZRE Podcast #32- A Walk Among the Tombstones/The Maze Runner

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Spoilers Ahead!

You could either go for a walk among tombstones or a run through the maze, the choice is yours. The walk is pretty simple and straight forward while the maze might have too many turns at the wrong time to be enjoyable. Playing on words! Continue reading