Happy Halloween, I Guess


So it’s that time of year again. I generally love Halloween in part because you really don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to and there’s no pressure. Unlike Christmas where the idea of not celebrating means you’re a horrible person.

But after so many years of failed costume contests and smashing pumpkins through people’s windows, I think this year is a year for me to say, “Eh.” I’ve watched Sleep Hollow so many times that it even being brought up this made me shake my head which is also what I did last year when my girlfriend wanted to watch it.

It’s a great movie and maybe Burton’s best, but I’ve just had it up to here with it. Anyway, here are some Halloween-related articles I wrote last year. I’d planned on doing some this year but then I quickly got my fill after a few haunted houses and my favorite Horror Movies.

Evil Dead II and The Frighteners, along with The Omen, Drag Me to Hell, and of course…the end all, be all- The Exorcist. AHHHHH!

Unsung Horror Heroes

Unsung Horror Villains

Watching a Ton fo Horror Movies- May be Depressed (A cry for help)

MBTI: Evil Dead’s Ash and Type Changing (Why we don’t change type)

MBTI: Horror Villains  (A list of typed Horror characters)

MBTI: Hollywood’s Killers

MBTI: Horrorific Heroes (Typing Horror characters that you really can’t type)

MBTI: Sally- INFP     MBTI: Blade- ISTP     MBTI: Ghostbusters     MBTI: Beetlejuice- ESTP

If you want to know what I’ll be watching tonight, check out this clip from Mosquito. It’s about a bunch of mosquitos that happen to draw blood from dead aliens and it makes them huge. Yes, it’s fantastic in every way.

2 Responses to “Happy Halloween, I Guess”

  1. Jokerandfoxfun Says:

    Aw, yiss, Sleep Hollow. Very great movie.
    I also like to watch Nightmare before Christmas. And again on Christmass night, of course 😀

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah Sleepy Hollow feels more like a Christmas movie to me actually. I think because I got in for Christmas when it first came out. VHS!


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