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You Gotta See This: Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

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Stars: Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, cast and crew of the majority of The Elm Street films

Not rated though the language, gore and violence is present throughout clips of The Elm Street films, all of which are rated R. Running Time- 240 minutes, 2010, Documentary

Compare to: Behind the scenes of Horror films and the like

Available on Netflix, Hulu

A couple months ago, over the course of about five nights, I would end each with a bit of this film. It’s about four hours yet any time I had to put the computer away, I’d hate to. If you’re into Horror at at all, even if you’re not a Freddy fan, you’ll enjoy this.

Heck, if you’re just a fan of behind the scenes stuff and you don’t like Horror, this might give you a new perspective on it, becoming a fan in the process. Continue reading

5 Properties that Deserve Movies (But Aren’t Gonna Get It)

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This article serves as something of a sequel to my 2012 article 5 Properties that Should Never be Made into Movies. Or maybe its Bizarro brother.

We’re all fans of those things that will never be made into movies. As great as it is to know Hollywood isn’t going to pillage some of our favorite things because they’re too obscure or the budget would be huge, there are some things that would just be cool if they could just nail it.

But alas, for one reason of another, it just doesn’t seem likely for the following entries. Maybe its better this way. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Continue reading

MBTI: Your Multiple Personalities

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Ever feel like nobody knows the “real you?” Of course you have! Everybody has at one point or another.

Unless you’re lying to yourself right now thinking “No, I’ve never thought that.” Which then makes you one of us because your way of separating yourself is by pretending you don’t think the same things most people do. Pow, got you.

Anyway, everybody has thought that they’re different in a way those around them can’t understand. Sometimes it’s in a pretentious way and other times, it’s a bit more justified. In either case, the “real you” and the face you put on for everyone are all you, it’s just a matter of how you’re feeling at the moment. There is a fence between the you at home and the you at work but it’s all in the same neighborhood.

Accepting the good and the bad will allow to see yourself in a clearer light and bring MBTI and your life into better focus. Continue reading

MBTI: Game of Thrones

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Well, it’s been a ride but I’m finally done with

Just kidding. But for now, Game of Thrones characters have been typed and though there are plenty of other important characters introduced and that will be introduced, we’ll add as we go along.

Here’s a quick directory for anyone needing a shortcut. Continue reading

MBTI: Game of Thrones’ Littlefinger- INTJ or ENTP?

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Written in part by Rebecca Shortman

Blast you, Littlefinger! As unpredictable and mysterious as he is in the show goes double for viewers in real life. While many have typed Petyr Baelish as INTJ, in a recent article I’ve typed him as ENTP. Though through an INFP’s argument (Rebecca!), the case was presented convincingly enough to merit a discussion of Lord Baelish’s Ni or Ne preferences.

So is he the Mastermind behind many of the shows biggest events? Or the Inventor of the chaos hoping to be the last man standing when the smoke clears? A little bit of both from the way I just worded it, but let’s go into more detail. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Judge

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Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Billy Bob Thornton, Vincent D’Onfrio, Dax Shepard

Rated R for language including some sexual references, Running time 141 minutes, Drama

Compare to: August: Osage County (2013), This is where I Leave You (2014)

It’s getting rarer and rarer to see Robert Downey Jr. in a movie that doesn’t involve him jumping into an Iron Man suit at some point. Between being contractually obligated to make roughly one million appearances as the character would probably tie him up for a bit.

So while the suit doesn’t make an appearance, Downey Jr.’s trademark sardonic wit is ever present as though Tony Stark himself decided to take up law and dealing with daddy issues. Then again, the latter has already happened. Where The Judge succeeds is in it’s cast, and where movie fails is in its length and what seems to be unintentional humor. I still can’t tell. Continue reading

Movie Review: Dracula Untold

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Stars: Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Samantha Barks, Charles Dance

Rated PG-13 for for intense sequences of warfare, vampire attacks, disturbing images, and some sensuality, Running time 92 minutes, Action/Fantasy/Drama

Compare to: Beowulf (2007), Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

If there’s one major leap forward the screenwriters of 300 took for their fellow writers, it was rewriting history as an epic fantasy, free from constraints of the truth and backed by creative liberties. “Hey, this isn’t a documentary!” Then again, that’s what Bram Stoker did originally anyway, so I guess this isn’t that new.

Dracula Untold is an hour and a half of weaving in an out of cliches like a stone skipping on water. Sure, it’s only scratching the surface of what it pretends to be, but when you’re skipping stones, you’re doing just that; not plunging the depths. Continue reading

MBTI: Theon Greyjoy- ESFP

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

Wow, Game of Thrones week sure has turned into three, hasn’t it? Longest week ever. And I’m sure everyday Theon spends with Ramsay feels like an eternity as well. See how I tied that in there?

Theon went from royalty of the lowest order, to the Stark family errand boy…skip a few steps and now he’s basically Renfield from Dracula. Gah, it’s been a depressing journey for him. But Theon represents a side of the ESFP nobody wants to know. He’s selfish and vain, yet doesn’t have the royalty Joffrey has on his side, but rather a sort of “hand-me-down” lineage. Continue reading

MBTI: Tywin Lannister- ENTJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

It’s not easy being king, as Tywin Lannister and ENTJs know. While neither are actually kings, they know where real power lies and they use it to the best of their ability. Lead, follow, or get out of the way means that they lead, and everyone else get out of their way so that they can follow.

Tywin’s presence throughout the show is so powerful that every decision he makes creates a resounding impact. And not one that he influences before stepping back into the shadows and watching the dominoes fall, but one he slowly moves along, making sure everything goes the way he wants it to. Continue reading

MBTI: Catelyn, Sansa and Robb Stark- ESFJ and ISTJ

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Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

It’s not really a secret who runs the world. While rarer Intuitives may have a hand in it, it’s the SJs that keep rules, regulations and traditions in place. For better and worse.

And Ned Stark’s mostly SJ family show their traits of tradition and order throughout the majority of the episodes they’re in, excluding Arya and Jon of course; who have kept the principles but exnayed on the tradition. Continue reading