MBTI: Colonel Volgin- ENTJ

volgin1In the footsteps of Magneto, Loki, and plenty of other villains that have just got to have it all, Colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin is one apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. And he is one ruthless, sadomasochistic apple.

Since the villain makes the hero, it should be pretty clear how Big Boss got to be as awesome as he is. Look who he had to go through. Volgin in a supervillain in a world where very select few gain the kind of power he had, but y’know what they say about absolute power… Man, I have I used that line before? Power-hungry guys are all so similar…

...But nobody else has THIS!

…But nobody else has THIS!

Though the boss battles of Metal Gear Solid 3 are all great, Volgin holds an interesting position in that you fight him three freaking times- once, in person, once in a chase while he’s in the Shagohod, and another while he’s on top of the Shagohod. The guy just refused to give up.

A driven personality by nature, whatever subject the ENTJ decides it’s interested in, it dives in like most types don’t understand. Not naturally anyway. The difference between the ENTJ and most other types really does seem to be not only their ruthless rationality, which all types seem to live by, but their ability with people to make them believe that doing what they say really is the best way. And if you’re not going to do what they say, well then there’s only two options for you and we’ll get to that in a second.

But if there’s one thing that’s presented about Volgin throughout the entirety of the game, it’s his ruthlessness. There’s a reason ENTJs are always the villains in fiction and this is mostly due to not only their need to be on top, but their forcefully blunt way of going about it. While ESTP types also have a charismatic way about pursuing their goals, their way of going about it seems to sift through their obstacles, ultimately making it to their desired destination.

Like my main man, Pac-Man who is SOOOO ESTP.

Like my main man, Pac-Man who is SOOOO ESTP.

ENTJs seems to know exactly what they want beforehand and then proceed to barrel through the obstacles. Volgin’s ultimate goal (according to him) was to reunite the Philosophers (Or the world superpowers) and end the Cold War. But his methods involved murder, mayhem, and making himself the richest man on earth. And that’s something every government hates- anybody having more power than them.

And you could say the same for ENTJs. Now about the options you have when you don’t want to follow an ENTJ. You either become an enemy, or a respected rival. Within MGS3, we see how Volgin treats his enemies. Heck, we see how he treats his own soldiers. As mentioned, the man’s a sadist and gets off by hurting others. His interrogation techniques led to many more deaths than it did finding out useful information.

Check out this perverse beating he gives wimpy scientist Sokolov, then turns on Snake. Double agent EVA begs him not to do it, but that probably just turns him on.

While ENTJs aren’t all sadists, them, along with their Sensor cousin, the ESTJ, do have a certain streak in them. With their inferior Fi, it can be tough for them to understand the pain of others unless they’ve already filed it away as “important.” And emotionally, there’s not much that’s important to them past their own goals.

The other option of disobeying an ENTJ could just as soon be that they come to respect you as a personality as strong as theirs. It’s the reason that Volgin, aka Thunderbolt, tells Snake before they fight that this was “a once in a lifetime battle!” ENTJs like to surround themselves with other strong personalities. Not to question them necessarily but to have competent allies, as they see it.

The dominant Te and auxiliary Ni make for a person that gets things done while having clear goals in mind. While this has many positives, the ENTJ often forgets the little details that come with acquiring said goals. This can range from abusing or neglecting friends and coworkers, treating everyone as a means to an end, while another trait that can turn into a fault includes believing limits to be weaknesses.

How is this in a bad thing? Especially considering that we live in a world where obesity is referred to as “an epidemic?”

When you look at it that why, maybe genocide isn't such a bad thing.

When you look at it that way, maybe genocide isn’t such a bad thing.

Well, there’s a difference between recognizing your limits to overcome them, and then there’s just pretending they aren’t there, mistaking them for a weakness to acknowledge what you can’t do. Volgin’s normal tradition of chanting “Kuwabara, kuwabara” when a thunderstorm approached seemed to work out pretty well from keeping the lightning and rain from destroying his already electrically charged body…but notice by the end of his fight with his Snake, he’s so overcome with arrogance in trying to beat his opponent, he even mocks the thunder.

“Who’s afraid of a little lightning?”

And then he died. FIN.

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