Movie Review: Interstellar


Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Wes Bentley, Casey Affleck, Mackenzie Foy, David Gayase, Bill Irwin, Michael Caine

Rated PG-13 for some intense perilous action and brief strong language. Running time 169 minutes, Sci-fi/Adventure/Drama

Compare to: Contact (1997), Sunshine (2007), Inception (2010)

Since his re-introduction of the Dark Knight into film and actually making him dark again, director Christopher Nolan has made himself a brand name that carries with all of his films the comparison to each of his Batman films.

After Inception, it was proven he could go outside the bounds Batman may have seemed to have set around him while his third and final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy seemed to place many on the fence about their interest in him, while procuring his place in many’s minds for possibly the rest of their lives.

After all that, what else can Nolan bring that isn’t already expected of him? A lot apparently.

With a modern day dust bowl looming overheard and the corner humanity has huddled getting smaller and smaller, NASA recruits former pilot Cooper to take the helm of a craft to be sent into a wormhole. This wormhole can lead the crew into a place with habitable worlds available- hopefully.

Whatever it is, you probably shouldn't touch it.

Whatever it is, you probably shouldn’t touch it.

From the depths of the mind in Inception to the furthest reaches of outer space (and then some) in Interstellar, Nolan is intent on going wherever and whenever the budget will let him. And with the success of such mentioned films between Dark Knight trilogy alone, it seems he can go pretty far.

But as we know budget doesn’t mean quality and while we could label Interstellar the sappiest of his body of work so far, he doesn’t let up on the excitement or tension either. While 2013’s Gravity seemed to have critics in a daze, caught between drama and special effects, Interstellar takes a similar approach on a much grander scale, all while keeping the humanity of the characters in mind. Often times films seem to focus on one or the other while rarely hitting the balance and if this movie doesn’t do it, it’s definitely close enough.

Hans Zimmer’s score could also be considered a character in itself and the one to make you most likely to shed a tear if you’re that type of audience member. While we’re often given a score to tell us how to feel, Zimmer builds on top of the emotional weight already in scene.

Read a review that claimed there were Freudian overtones in this relationship. No. Just no.

Read a review that said there were Freudian overtones in this relationship. No. Just no.

The “Awe Factor” found in Nolan’s other films is found here as well and while I wouldn’t say it surpasses that of his other work or the films it takes from (Notably 2001: A Space Odyssey), being better isn’t so much of the desired effect as much as being in the same arena- grand in scope, personal in nature. Something Spielberg has had down for years.

And though any direct comparison between the two may have its ties cut by the sheer number of films Spielberg has done over Nolan’s nine (Spielberg boasts a whopping 52 directing credits), there’s no reason to think the Interstellar helmer isn’t directly on his way to being of that caliber.

I have the perfect joke for this caption but it would RUIN so much. I'll leave it be.

I have the perfect joke for this caption but it would RUIN so much. I’ll leave it be.

Positives: Builds upon the science-fiction genre while adding something of its own, effects and drama are nicely balanced. The music is awe-inspiring.

Negatives: Non-fans of Nolan’s other work won’t have their minds changed by this, length time at just under three hours may be a turn off for some.

Grade: A-

6 Responses to “Movie Review: Interstellar”

  1. Someone Says:

    Just curious, what do you think of Cooper’s MBTI type? I’m still trying to get better at typing people, but I was thinking ISTP? And then INTP for Murph.

    • Taylor Says:

      Ha, just went over this with a friend yesterday. We were stuck with Cooper between INTP and ISTP but Romilly’s presence as a pretty clear INTP made Cooper’s type as ISTP a bit more pronounced.

      I’m not against Murphy being INTP though we were thinking INFP. Close enough, right? Lotta I–Ps in this movie it seems. I’m sure it will be a post at some point.

      • Someone Says:

        I agree, I think Se-Ni was more apparent with Cooper.

        You’re right, I see the INFP now. I’m not sure an INTP could hold a 25-year grudge against one person quite like a Fi-dom could 🙂 How about Brand (the doctor’s daughter), if you don’t mind my asking? I noticed, if anything, Fi and Te. I was actually thinking I–J until the whole “love is the answer” part and I had to stop and check myself.

        Love your blog btw. I’ll be sticking around for your post.

        • Taylor Says:

          That was exactly how we came to the conclusion- INTP would be a bit more understanding to that situation while INFP would carry the burden of her dad “abandoning” her.

          Brand, we’re finding a bit more difficult but ESTJ is an option. Partly in the way Hathaway plays her (Who is probably an extrovert in real life) and it would still match Fi and Te though not in that order. She follows in her dad’s footsteps, as Si is often likely to do. And “love is the answer” is her taking into consideration that love is a real thing as opposed to having truly accepted it before like a stronger Feeler may have already done previously. She was looking at it from a “scientific” perspective, still. I thought I’d hate that scene from the trailer but it made more sense in context.

          But…it couldn’t hurt to keep thinking on it. And thanks, I’m glad you’re reading.

  2. Completely disagree with your Negatives. I absolutely abhor all of Nolan’s other work. In fact I was infamous for my Nolan hate in my film classes — I was actually bullied and cast off because I was the only one who thought his movies were terrible. But Interstellar really touched my heart and it’s easily one of the best movies I’ve seen in the 2000s, probably since District 9 as far as sci-fi goes. I still really don’t like his other movies but I’m actually open to the idea of watching one of them again to see if I can change my opinion of them. But wow, I adored Interstellar and I’ve completely changed my view of Nolan from absolute disdain to admiration. I hope his future films follow in this vein more than his other ones, personally.

    PLEASE DO MBTI OF THE CHARACTERS!! I’m trying to figure them out myself but I am not as good as you are.

    • Taylor Says:

      I stand corrected. Still, when I write a review or the “Negatives/Positives” section I’m not writing from an entirely personal standpoint but one that could see problems one COULD have with the movie. Still, I’m glad you disagree in that sense. I’m wondering where Nolan will go next.

      Also yes, there is a plan in the near future to MBTI-ify everyone.


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