MBTI: Baymax- ESFJ


While I’d generally wait a bit longer for a character to be around, it’s a far cry from the original Marvel creation of Baymax and the helpful Disney robot we get in the recently released Big Hero 6 film.

That being the case, we might as well type this guy seeing as how well the movie is doing and how obvious he is.

Just to get it out of the way, here’s the original Marvel comics character-


Yeah, once again, we’re sticking with the new Disney version. While many characters retain their personality from translation of page to screen, this adaption of Big Hero 6 is so far away from his original incarnation there’s no reason to type them as one. Creative liberties, indeed!

Baymax is Hiro Hamada’s inflatable bodyguard/healthcare companion. His memory card contains the thoughts and ideas of Hiro’s deceased brother Tadashi. Though not the same personality due to Baymax’s overall point being to take care of those around him.

Baymax’s main function being what it is, he understands little outside of what it means to make sure his friends (I guess you’d call them that) are safe. As is common with the ESFJ, “big picture” ideas escape him as he’s living in the moment for the safety of others. Any time anyone says anything past exactly what they mean, Baymax questions this and needs it explained to him.

If you’ve ever known an ESFJ and we all have, you know that their head function of Fe makes them not only emotive but caring as well. Even the ones that boss you around and make you bend to their will may be controlling and annoying, but it’s often because they see everybody as their kids- and mother knows best! While Baymax isn’t controlling and typing a character based on them acting like our friends isn’t the most reliable method, he still has others on his mind as a top priority.

And when it comes to types, are there any as robotic as the Guardians (SJ)? It’s not that they don’t have minds of their own as many so condescendingly love to believe, but their dominant or auxiliary function always involving Introverted Sensing (Si), their routine is their life. Over time the routine may change, but it will be over a long time as Si is what will cause a user to do what’s familiar to them.

So for a robot to be typed, unless they’re some wacko crazy murderbot, to type them at all while generally have you leaning toward an Si heavy personality. And Baymax definitely does what he knows. The only way he can make sense of his new goal, to catch the murderer of Hiro’s brother, is to “improve Hiro’s emotional state” which is essential to Hiro feeling better.


And he definitely works at making everyone feel better. After being chased and nearly killed by Yokai (the Kabuki guy), Hiro immediately gets to work on trying to identify the symbol connected to the villain even though he’s still soaking wet from their escape in the ocean. What does Baymax do? Invade Hiro’s space for the sake of warming him up of course. He recognizes the low body temperature and gets to work while the others on the team dog-pile on top of him for warmth as well.

Chances are, the ESFJ you know also makes a point to make sure everyone in the group is feeling okay. They can’t act normal unless everyone is acting normal, whatever that means for them.

The one time Baymax goes Haywire is when Hiro takes out what’s essentially his empathy chip. This causes him to go on a rampage in an attempt to kill Yokai despite what the rest of the team says. ESFJs themselves will generally have the best intentions but are also prone to manipulation by others.

He wouldn't have dressed himself this way, I can tell you that.

He wouldn’t have dressed himself this way, I can tell you that.

When this happens, be it by upbringing or hanging out with the wrong crowd (Like gingivitis!), you can meet an ESFJ that thinks treating people poorly is just what you do. They don’t have a reason past what they feel their influence would think because they don’t actually know why they do it, they just know they like the reaction of their friends. “Oh, we’re putting people in headlocks now? Okay, cool!”

Why is this? Well, with Fe first and Ti inferior, those who are important to them come first. So if those they care about are jerks, you’re going to see the ugly side of an ESFJ. But, as with Baymax, when those thinking clearly have their say, the ESFJ can be brought back down to reality.


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