MBTI: The Fast and the Furious Cast

Film Title: Fast & Furious 6

Though I’ve had my issues with the series, there’s no denying the appeal of a seven movie film series that’s just added on three more. While they could be picked apart in terms of cheesiness and physics (“How did you know that car would break our fall?”), there’s still a pretty big cast that’s perfect for typing. Now, I didn’t say a wide variety but variety all the same.

From common street racers to international terrorists, Dom and his team have been the jealous envy of car fanatics everywhere since 2001. And since the new trailer is out for Furious 7, we may as well type this (3)billion dollar car monster.

ISTP- Dominic Toretto, Gisele Yashar


The quiet do-it-their-self type, Dom is the ideal movie ISTP. He never seems to sleep unless it’s after sex, and even we only see him waking up to work on monster engines. Everything he says is a reactive one liner and he never loses his cool nor does he break a sweat. Being caught by the villain really only means that his jokes are directed at that same person until he’s able to make his escape.

Gisele could be likened to Marvel’s Black Widow. Put a Introverted Thinking dominant woman in a world full of testosterone-fueled men and they’ll often use their body in some way to trick the guys into doing what they want. How far they go depends on the work of fiction itself. Ti/Se will have the user analyzing fast and acting furiously (OH YEAH) which is what makes these two perfect representations of the series. Good looking, methodical, and driven to action for the money and the rush.


While Dominic is more of an ISTP stereotype in film, something similar could be said of Gisele though ISTP women are much more rare than the men in real life as well as fiction. Their histories also fit that of the ISTP in that neither have anything good to say about it unless it includes deceased love ones and recalling stories they could never take part in again.

ISFP- Brian O’ Conner, Han Seoul-Oh


The more relaxed cousin to the ISTP, ISFP in film will take part in similar activities to the ISTP men and women of action but don’t get the same enjoyment out of it. Their reason for taking part in the action has more to do with some deeper meaning they’ve got. For Brian, it begins as being a cop while it ends up involving family. For Han, the heists started off as a paycheck, we later find out he’d gone to Tokyo to get away and possibly grieve.

Brian’s major giveaway as an ISFP is his quiet willingness to do what he believes to be right amidst a butt-ton of action. Though he was initially sent to infiltrate Dom’s gang, after getting to know him sees Dom’s way of life as not only admirable but exciting as well. Upon finding out they’re not the murderous thugs he believed them to be previously, Brian can’t find a reason to bring them in and even allows Dom to get away.


Fi users can be immovable in their principles but the difference between them, and say an SJ, is that heavy Fi users have principles that go beyond what the rules are and as Brian did, may end up seeing things differently depending on how the people, events, etc. around them transpire.

Han is also involved with the whole gang seemingly for not only the rush and money, but even more so for Gisele as Brian does for Mia. The love of the rush and the rush of love!

ISFJ- Mia Toretto


Quiet and dutiful is how ISFJs are always described and while there’s truth to it, it’s not always lived out the way you think. While many ISFJs live out their lives as modern day versions of the nuclear family, growing up the way Mia did with street racing and thugs abound can make for a person that doesn’t always like their surroundings, but does see it as normal.

And as it’s always mentioned with ISFJs, they’re never accidentally rude. Having one say something rude to you shouldn’t be taken in jest or pondered on- it means they really do have a problem with you. Such as in the original film, just to spite Vince for being a jerk, Mia tells Brian that he can take her to the restaurant Vince had been wanting to take her to.

ESTP- Letty, Vince, Roman Pearce

He'll always be Chupa to me.

He’ll always be Chupa to me.

From the first to the last, you can hardly have an action movie with charismatic characters without the ESTP. Letty’s role, being a female ESTP, has her hanging with the boys and putting them to shame, as all of Michelle Rodriguez’s character’s do.

ESTPs, being dominant Se users are all about the rush more so than any other type next to ESFP. They’re the “Shoot first and never ask questions” type in most action films and they’re not stranger to looking like a goob, either. Vince is the only one that suspects Brian of being an undercover cop and is treated like he’s crazy, when he’s actually right. On top of all that, he’s the only one with a family and he dies in Fast Five. Talk about a sad ending to a tragic life, eh?

And Roman displays the more playful side of ESTP, where materialism and jokes run rampant and it’s all about having a good time- especially when excitement is involved. What’s crazy is that the new Furious trailer shows Roman freaking out before his car and the others are dropped out of a plane when it seems that this really is the understandable emotion, no matter who you are.


He’s just some guy from “the streets” and now he’s being dropped out of a plane in a car.

ENTP- Tej Parker

Fast And Furious 6

The “nerd” of the group, every fictional team needs their own smart guy. Though he started off as a Fat Albert reject, Tej eventually becomes the team’s mad scientist, rigging ATMs to shoot money like a fountain and bugging cop cars where need be, as well as just about every other tech-related objective the group has.

While ENTPs often show a love for the arts or social sciences, technology itself holds an interest in their minds as well. The latest gadget or device isn’t necessarily going to be owned by them, as materialism isn’t generally a side the ENTP engages in, though it will still be admired and toyed with if given the chance.

Tej’s relationship with Roman takes on the rivalry that sensor/intuitve cousins will often have. While both playing to their own strengths, the two still find ways to bicker and compete in even the most inane of ways. Such as Tej’s new car at the end of Fast Five…being the exact same car Roman has bought. It’s the little things…

ESTJ- Luke Hobbs


By the book and pissed off about whatever rule you’re not following, Hobbs shows himself to be the only competent cop the group ever went up against. Originally meant to be played by Tommy Lee Jones, the hardass we know as Hobbs was going to be just that no matter who played him. Something tells me Dwayne Johnson’s casting inspired the fight between Hobbs and Dominic though. Still, that fight would have been hilarious.

ESTJs thrive on rules being carried out and followed to the tee. If they don’t see it as being logical and honorable, then it gets ignored as well as everyone’s feelings. One of the more interesting showdowns in the series really came when Hobbs first came face to face with the crew of Fast Five. Not for the Rock and Vin Diesel, but for Brian and Hobbs. An ESTJ facing down a guy who used to be a cop but became the gang he was sent to dismantle sure would piss off an already angry rule follower.

But as luck would have it, Hobbs would eventually do his own version of that anyway. ESTJs are extremely rigid in the truth they believe but can have their minds changed over a very long period of time if given the right incentive. And Hobbs seeing a greater evil outside of a bunch of car thieves would later prove to be pretty valuable.

How to make love like a man.

How to make love like a man.


3 Responses to “MBTI: The Fast and the Furious Cast”

  1. Skinny Pete Says:

    Hey where’s the ADD guy from the first one??? I’m just glad you remembered vince..

    I had no idea what ludacris and tyrese’s character names were

  2. fatalfuryguy Says:

    Chupa or gtfu! Man this series surely went down when they killed Vince huh

  3. Intelligent Daydreamer Says:

    I agree with most of these typings. However, I think Roman is actually an ESFP, he’s too easygoing to be a T, and if you remember watching the 2nd where Carter Verone and Monica were looking at Brain and Rome’s criminal records, there’s information that says that Rome is known to not accept criticism from others or tolerate shortcomings of any kind. Everything about his records does scream dom Se user, but he’s more of an aux Fi user than a aux Ti.

    I feel like Dom could actually be an ISFP because he does seem to have a lot of principles he’s accustomed to especially with how he almost killed the guy with a wrench who killed Dom’s father, but he seems like a Ti user who’s inferior Fe is well-developed and he does place a lot of emphasis on his family and friends which is common in Fe users, and when he’s under stress, he has that similar pissed-off manner just like a lot of inferior Fe fictional characters when under stress (Ex: Katniss Everdeen).

    Jesse from the 1st movie does sound like a stereotypical INTP user, but INFP could be a possibility because he seems too sensitive to be a T, but it probably has to do with his ADD. And because he didn’t think about the consequences of losing to Johnny Tran at Race Wars, a Ti user would probably change his mind about it because their internal logic can tell them that you most likely would have no chance of winning against an S2000 with $10K worth of upgrades while driving a modified Jetta with much less power unless if Tran isn’t that good of a driver as he is, Jesse somehow lets his emotions get to him to compete because of how much he cares about his imprisoned father.

    Sean from Tokyo Drift would be an ISTP as well. He’s known for being a troublemaker at his school which was why his mother sent him to Tokyo after what he did during the race he did with the football jock. He never lets his emotions get the best of him. He’s know for having that social outcast, but badass persona typical of the stereotypical ISTP. He never loses his cool and his auxilary Se shows that he is all about the rush and the feeling of the moment just like Dom, Brian, Gisele, and Han.

    Seems like Mia and Hobbs are the only characters that are judgers, everyone else are perceivers.


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