MBTI: Foxy Brown- ESTP


Fresh off the heels of my ‘Whitewashing’ article, comes another article screaming in the most nasal voice you’ve ever heard “I DON’T HATE BLACK PEOPLE!”

Oh, yeah- it’s Foxy Brown. Which is all pretty much Coffy too. They’re both played by Pam Grier and Foxy was originally meant to be a sequel to Coffy. So they instead just changed some minor details and just let the good times role as a woman who’s “sweet brown sugar with a touch of spice.”

If violence and jive-talkin’ isn’t an ESTP thing, I don’t know what is.

Tell me you didn’t love that trailer.

It doesn’t get more Se than half of Pam Grier’s characters. They’re pretty much always the best at whatever it is she decides to do, which is usually avenge her dead boyfriends. Personally, I wouldn’t date her. It’s not that she’s too much woman for me (Though she probably is) but that if you’re dating her, you’ve got to be serious about it. And if you’re serious about it, you will be murdered by someone in a vicious circle of pimps or worse- the government.

That’s the only you get avenged by Foxy is by serious with her, but being serious with her is what gets you killed. Foxy is to black women what Charles Bronson is to white guys, wherein the life expectancy of their significant others is roughly twenty minutes of screen time.

But we see Foxy’s Se not by way of deep, introspective analysis, but the fact that she’s always on the go-go-go. Her outfits are top of the line and her world is filled with violence, gunplay, drugs, sex, and more violence. Se of course focuses on the here and now and though making the most of a moment is the positive side, the negative involves habits and/or a lifestyle that’s sure to kill or ruin you given a certain amount of time.

It's not the life she wanted, just the life she got.

It’s not the life she wanted, just the life she got.

Not that Foxy herself is directly involved with that, she’s just seeking justice for her murdered boyfriend.

If only he hadn’t been shot to death by those syndicate members, she wouldn’t have to pose as a prostitute to infiltrate the gang and murder their asses in every violent way you’ve never thought of, which includes setting sex slavers on fire after blinding them with clothes hangers, and this little number here-

Yes, that’s right- after running over a couple of them with a PLANE, she castrates the leader and even gives his genitals to his girlfriend. Yeesh.

And what’s all this got to do with the ESTP again? Well, as you may know, ESTP is the go-to action hero if you want your hero or heroine to talk crap throughout the entire film, which Foxy does. While Eastwood, Bronson, and McQueen all went the way of the lone wolf- somber and silent like the ISTP does, the ESTP hero always has a line ready and is more likely to go out of their way looking for a fight.

And that’s basically what her entire character is about. While the prostitution ringleaders struck first, it wasn’t enough for her to kill the guys that actually did it, but she had to go straight to the top and take out the guys responsible for the ring in the first place. Though, yes, we’re stretching MBTI profiling, Foxy is also the perfect example of the type still, or at least how they’re played up to in movies- fast, funny, and all about the adrenaline.

And I'm pretty sure she gave birth to all of The Warriors.

And I’m pretty sure she gave birth to all of The Warriors.

Foxy is a great example of why you can type characters in the first place and what we’ve talked about before in how you can type characters. Being surface-level stereotypes compared to real people no matter how deep they’ve been written, there are still base traits that each character has, or in Foxy’s case, embodies, and that itself is the root of MBTI in the first place- general descriptions of the foundation of a personality, not the entirety of the person themselves.

So while I wouldn’t argue that you could experience firsthand the brilliant use of Foxy’s auxiliary’s Introverted Thinking (Ti), the character’s “Shoot first, ask questions later” style still shows that she does asks questions and her motivations aren’t blind revenge fueled by hate although it can seem that way. She still goes through (What’s essentially) the Black Panthers to help her take down the thugs responsible not only for her boyfriend’s death, but also help all the women that have been abused and violated in their wake.

Ti doesn’t mean “Help the prostitutes!” or mankind, etc., but it does analyze and dissect would allow Foxy’s seemingly emotion-fueled vendetta have an overall point past wanting some fools dead.

And doing it with a gun that shoots sparks!

And doing it with a gun that shoots sparks!

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  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    What about foxy Cleopatra?


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