MBTI: Dollface- ISFJ


Oh, did you think all ISFJs were warm and loving nurturers? Think again, pusbag!

Sorry, I let my inner Batman slip out. I think Batman calls somebody a “pusbag” somewhere down the line. Anyway.

Twisted Metal: Black sure did have it’s “twisted” characters. But for the most psychopathic? Well, that’s debatable for sure, with Sweet Tooth always being a header. But the “sweet” and “innocent” Dollface also presented the bizarre and creepy persona of a person who was dependent as they were cuckoo, fitting a mentally ill ISFJ like stretching pants fit Fat Albert.

In a similar way that Two-Face could be the physical embodiment of the ESTJ’s dual nature, Dollface could be considered the dark side (No pun) to the ISFJ’s tendency to pretend everything is perfect when they’re dying inside.

Here’s her story, at least from Twisted Metal: Black. If the same character is used for the next game, their story is changed drastically.

Dollface’s history before she picked up her only known moniker really only seems to involve her mother, her abusive father, and her abusive employer that reminds her of her father.

As mentioned in the Types (of Types) of Villains, ISFJs are often slaves to their Introverted Sensing (Si) if they’re not careful. Si can easily create repetition and routine in the stronger users and if the user was raised in a neglectful and/or abusive home with no outside influence, this can be damaging no matter what type, much less one that thrives on its surroundings.

Negativity of any kind can drag down anyone but it’s the ISFJ that can be especially affected by this and feel as though they have no way out of the situation. While INFJs are known for their inner complexity and inability to express their thoughts at times, the ISFJ is more about simplifying things and the lack of tact to know when and what to say. Couple this with a much louder, stronger personality and you’ll eventually have an ISFJ that even refuses to speak in public.

This truck is called "Darkside" by the way, to explain the (no pun) earlier.

This truck she drives is called “Darkside” by the way, to explain the (no pun) earlier.

Of course, even with their more public insecurity, you may still see an ISFJ that quietly holds to their own beliefs about the way the world is or how it should be and here you’ll find a person that’s as stubborn as an ESTJ or INTJ even if their negative emotions are directed toward themselves.

Even Dollface’s storyline revolves around her blaming herself for what’s happened to her. Even though her abusive boss literally locked her head into an apparently unbreakable mask (How she eats or drinks isn’t mentioned, naturally), this girl blames herself for what she’d done to him, which evidently involved spilling coffee onto his paperwork. So by the end of the story, she’s decided to blame “Mr. Kriel” and kill him. Cuz murder is like, always the solution. At least in these games.

And what does she do once she finally has her wish granted? Her wish to rid herself of this mask that hasn’t been removed in years and is hinted to have possibly deformed her skull?

“It’s funny…now that I have the key, I didn’t want it anymore. I like my new face now. Much better than the old one. It doesn’t cry and it isn’t scared and it will always be pretty…even when I’m old and grey inside.”

But she'll still crack.

But she’ll still crack.

Once an ISFJ accepts their situation no matter how sick or depressing it is, that becomes their reality. While strong Se (Extroverted Sensors) can take their environment for what it is, and heavy Intuition users can look ahead to the future and see various possibilities/outcomes, it’s the heavy Si users that rely on the past for guidance.

Don’t get me wrong, heavy Se users and intuition types can be sadistic as well but if practice makes perfect, lead Si users get as perfectly sick as it gets. While the Joker is intuitive and definitely psychotic, it’s more out of the lack of care for human life and the desire to experiment with the world. For Se-psychos, it’s for the pay and/or the rush.

But for Dollface and other Si crazies, it’s always due to their inability to reconcile the past with their present.


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