MBTI: Deadpool- ENTP


“Frankly, if I’d known Deadpool was such a creep when I agreed to write the mini-series, I wouldn’t have done it. Someone who hasn’t paid for their crimes presents a problem for me.”

-Mark Waid, Deadpool writer, 1994.

One of Marvel’s most popular characters in the past several years, there’s always a bit of debate about his type; Sensing over Intuition? Feeling over Thinking? This debate will finally be put to rest! Not really, but you know what I mean, right? I’m laying out my argument and any detractors may do just that at will. Detract away!

Deadpool refuses to be in the same category as either the goody-two-shoes hero nor the cold-hearted, murderous villain. His days of “mercenarying” are ever present yet he usually ends up trying to do the right thing if he has to make a moral decision at all, fitting an ENTP trait of amorality with shades of positivity.

Now while different writers have presented Deadpool differently over the years, the point of this post will be the general character and his type as a whole. Catwoman may have come off as Extroverted or Introverted depending on the writer, and Bond may have seemed to have similar tendencies depending on who plays him. But their cores remain the same throughout any incarnation; Catwoman lives on the edge and is the verbal and aggressive Yin to Batman’s Yang, helping to promote an ESTP persona. Bond’s cheesiness and consistent love of puns in certain films don’t change the original character and the ultimate idea of being the lone wolf action hero- ISTP.

That being said, Deadpool’s personality is that of the idea-driven weirdo, leading with Ne and basing it all with logic. Logic, you say? This guy is insane! He cuts his own limbs off at times and has shot himself in the head on several occasions!

Well, logic doesn’t actually mean the user is intelligent, but that the decisions made are meant to be done in the most reasonable manner the user is capable of. And what Deadpool happens to find reasonable on many occasions are the biggest guns he can get a hold of.

He likes weapons, you get it.

He likes weapons, you get it.

ESTP was a heavy contender for the time this was decided. As Se dictates, the user is lead by the impulse to act, and is also fueled by Introverted Thinking (Ti) as ENTPs are. But Deadpool, in just about every version written, is led by ideas and the possibility of whatever catches his mental eye at the time. While any ESTP can appreciate the idea of doing things with style and extravagance, the ENTP takes their objectives and often carries them out with an overly dramatic pretense that few other types, fictional or otherwise, care to engage in.

Examples include fighting Bullseye dressed in armor made of pig meat (Complete with pig helmet! [Deadpool vol. 2: Dark Reign, 2009]), utilizing a monster truck and chainsaw in their endgame. Or wielding a grenade launcher against Sabretooth in Agent of Weapon x: Deadpool– though the grenade launcher didn’t work too well and he was beaten still. Did I mention he’s an underdog? It was the guy’s own book!

While many of his antics involve over-the-top weaponry, there’s one weapon Deadpool never fails to employ- his mouth. Using this, he’s made countless enemies, most of which are made unintentionally, from the lowest of the low like Foolkiller to the highest forces in the Marvel universe like Thanos, there’s nobody he can’t piss off. In real life the ENTP you know may have people wishing ill on them without them having a clue that there’s anything wrong. Their love of debate, seeing the other side of things, and naturally confident attitude (Not that all of them have a reason for this last one) makes for a person that either attracts or repels others.


Attracts Hercules, repels Wolverine.

One unique aspect of Deadpool comes in the form of his fourth wall breaking abilities. Few in comics have it, but it seems to be a mainstay for Wade Wilson, aka D-Pooly. Comicvine even has it listed as a power/ability

“Deadpool breaks the fourth wall by talking about his own comic (sometimes even having copies of it somehow), referring to artists or writers or even the reader, and discussing comics in general. He is most known for, however, talking to the yellow narration bubbles that his comic has. There have been several theories as to what the boxes really are but no one other than Deadpool can see them in continuity and therefore many people in the Marvel Universe think Deadpool is crazy. Deadpool also references popular media culture in the comics such as video games, celebrities, social networking, and what’s going on with the real world at the time.”

Due to his ability to know that he’s in a comic, he even seems aware of Mephisto’s erasing of Spider-Man’s public unmasking, and DP knew it down to the issue; something known only to readers.

How this relates to the ENTP isn’t that they have cosmic awareness of any sort (They wish), but by the observations made of social norms and routines that might otherwise stifle them. There’s a reason they don’t mind humorously pointing out the flaws of a situation in the funniest way they can think of. While getting a laugh is much of it, recognizing a situation for what it is with comedy is often times the best way to stave off the everyday boredom the world can often seem rife with.


9 Responses to “MBTI: Deadpool- ENTP”

  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    What’s d-Pooly?

  2. Why do u need my NAME? Says:

    Lol this is UNHELPFUL. but DEADPOOL! I nicknamed him “Wading Pool” because his name is Wade.

  3. Tiffany Says:

    Listen to your self.. Your a pussy.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    but grammer doesn’t matter if you get… Crammer only matters when people get offended.. Funny how that works.

  5. Tiffany Says:

    Oh. No… Typo. Grammer… Ba Hahaha whatever


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