MBTI: Vicious- INTJ


While Vicious may seem like any other introvert (Quiet with dead eyes [THIS IS A JOKE]), his plan to destroy his masters and rule in their place sets him apart from other types; aside from the INTJ.

Of course, right? If they’re quiet with a plan, they’ve got to be INTJ, don’t they? We’ll get into that.

We’re never shown exactly why Vicious is the way that he is. It could be jealousy of Spike for having been with Julia. It could be the war on Titan. Could be he’s so arrogant he simply believed he should be ruling the Red Dragon syndicate, which of course, he eventually did. Whatever the cause of Vicious’ callous ways, what’s certain is that this is a man with a plan. And usually, in fiction, a villain with a plan means one of two things- ENTJ or INTJ.

It's probably Spike having been with Julia, c'mon.

It’s probably Spike having been with Julia, c’mon.

And if there’s one thing to be certain of with Vicious, it’s that he’s definitely introverted. While his character remains largely unchanged in the five episodes of the twenty-six episode series that we see him in, more of his history is revealed and we can see how a plan is always on his brain. From his time with Gren and the drug smuggling to his attempts at drawing Spike into the open by making hostages of Spike’s friends.

While INTJs in reality aren’t nearly as uh, “grandiose” as this, plans are their thang. From the day to day to the long term, getting an INTJ to speak of it isn’t a easy task but making mental lists of how they need to get from A to Z in their mind is a necessity. And while many take the name “Mastermind” a bit too seriously, fiction seems to be the place for their wildest ambitions to live up to their full potential. I’m not saying you can’t live up to your dreams as a real life INTJ, but c’mon- a fictional INTJs builds armies of robots or takes over futuristic syndicates. There’s just no limit.

Not to downplay their abilities though. The INTJ, more so than all types, strive to create the best, most indestructibly fool-proof way to bring their plans to life. If a single kink is detected, the plan is either dropped altogether in favor of something better or all efforts are directed at weeding out said kink. It’s this attitude that not only garners the reputation of a perfectionist but also has the tendencies to make enemies due to their heavy preference of logic over tact or anything that might convince someone of their ideas by any way other than cold, calculated logic.

Except for his favorite weapon, of course.

Except for Vicious’ favorite weapon in the year 2071, of course.

Vicious seems to hold true to this sentiment as well, if that’s what it can be called. A man of few words, his most memorable lines all seem to be a condemnation or criticism of sorts; if not just carrying a seemingly cynical message.

“When Angels are thrown out from Heaven they become Devils; you agree don’t you Spike?” -Vicious seemed to see him and Spike as one and the same with Vicious accepting the nature of the “real world” while Spike denies it

“There is nothing to believe in.” -After his assistant sacrifices himself for Vicious

“You’re in my way.” -Right before opening fire on a former colleague

You get the idea. He’s one cold mofo. Talk to an INTJ. Not just the online weirdos that claim INTJ and seem to play up to a stereotype but a real INTJ. This type really does see logic as being the only stronghold any person should get behind.

Now, get them to let their guard down and you’ll walk such a fine line with them emotionally that you’ll want them to go back to being cold. And they will, as it’s the only place that makes any sense to them.

Their tertiary Fi (Introverted Feeling) should develop over time to make for a person that tries to see things the way others see them but as mentioned, it does take time. One weakness of the INTJ, despite their potential for genius, is their seeming inability to understand those around them, expecting or thinking that everyone should see things in the light that they do; coldly, unflinchingly, rationally.

The problem is, the world isn’t that black and white and neither are people. Vicious may have grown to be a more empathic person had he not been such a hardcore jerkwad for the years he was alive.

RIP, D-bag. So sad.

RIP, D-bag. So sad.

3 Responses to “MBTI: Vicious- INTJ”

  1. fatalfuryguy Says:


  2. FlowenRain Says:

    “Except for Vicious’ favorite weapon in the year 2071, of course.” This ISTP for one likes swords more too. Even if the gun is much more prevalent and effective in our era, aha. They have a certain beauty to them that I like.

    • Taylor Says:

      Oh, nobody can deny they’re awesome. And you know not to mess with a guy if he can hold his own against a dude with a gun.


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