MBTI: Sam and Dean Winchester- INFJ and ESTJ

Intro by Taylor, article by Kristen!

For all the requests and suggestions received here (It’s like, so many I can ‘t even tell you the exact number. I’m so popular) very few can actually be taken on. You’ve got to write what you know and I don’t know a lot of things.

That being said, Kristen does and what she knows very well is Supernatural. So now it’s time for Sam and Dean to get the MBTI treatment.



Sam is an Idealist to the core. A very damaged Idealist but an NF nonetheless. He can see good in all the evil creatures he comes across. In true INFJ fashion, he can see the value in everyone except himself.

Sam’s Ni helps him link together otherwise nonsensical evidence. Whenever he and Dean are stumped, and their dad’s journal can only take so far, it’s only a matter of time before Sam “magically” comes up with a solution through unconscious Ni connections. Dominant Ni (along with aux Fe) also enables Sam to read his brother better than Dean can read himself.

Fe is apparent in his interactions with others. Though he can come across as headstrong and Fi-like when interacting with his brother, Sam is at heart very protective of others’ feelings. He refuses to get in a relationship with another girl because he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt on his behalf. This is a recurring theme throughout the series – Sam sacrifices his own happiness so others around him won’t suffer.

And if that means wearing a towel around with soaking web abs for the rest of his life, he wouldn't even THINK about putting on a shirt.

And if that means wearing only a towel for the rest of his life, he wouldn’t even THINK about putting on a shirt.

Compared to ENFJ, INFJ is pretty closed-off and broody. Sam doesn’t reveal anything about himself to others. He doesn’t embody the affability and social grace that comes with being Fe-dominant. He doesn’t enjoy socializing nearly as much as his brother. The Fe is still there, it just plays a supporting role to what his intuition tells him about someone. As opposed to ENFJ, who will Fe all over everyone, Sam picks and chooses who he wants to let in.

Dean Winchester – ESTJsup5

Dean’s a bit harder to type. On the surface he comes off as your stereotypical SP, throwing caution to the wind and never considering the consequences, sleeping with girl after girl, just taking life as it comes and relishing it. He’s commonly typed as an ESTP or ESFP. However, around the end of Season 2/beginning of Season 3 it becomes apparent Dean is actually an SJ.

Deep down, Dean’s sense of purpose comes from protecting his brother. He literally sentenced himself to an eternity in hell just to save Sam. If he can’t be big brother to Sam, Dean feels he has nothing to live for.

Dean overall has a very take-charge attitude thanks to Te. He naturally orders Sam around and assumes a leadership position in dangerous situations. This is the most obvious source of conflict between Sam and Dean. Even in an inferior position, Se absolutely detests being ordered around.

As mentioned, Dean doesn’t have a lot when it comes to foresight. Not to say SJs don’t, but ENTJs most definitely do. They are the long-range planners and entrepreneurs. ESTJs are more intent on maintaining things as they are, making sure everything runs smoothly. Dean, as you may have guessed, is a rather unhealthy version of his type and thus uses his functions in a skewed manner.

Makes sense, right?

Makes sense, right?

A common misconception is that Si doesn’t like breaking the rules. Lots of people rely on stereotypes when they don’t understand the functions. What’s important, though, is not the what but the why. Si doesn’t like breaking rules because *usually* the rules are there for a reason – they work. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it type thing. In Dean’s case, he has his own set of rules separate from society’s, and that’s what’s allowed him to survive thus far. Those rules, the ones created and time-tested by his dad, are the ones he follows.

Finally, his inferior Fi means he does not care much for whether posing as an FBI agent is moral or not; only that it gets the job done. It also puts him out of touch with his feelings, which Sam is all too happy to point out.

One other type that I considered for Dean is an ENTJ in a Te-Se loop, which so far I haven’t seen anyone else consider. A Te-Se loop would involve using those two functions at the expense of Ni future planning. Getting into Socionics here, ENTJ and ESFP are both part of the Gamma Quadra, meaning they both share the same 4 functions. ESFP, ISFP, ENTJ, and INTJ can all superficially “evolve” into each other when they are not healthy. Ultimately though, Dean seems to be a Guardian, not a Rationalist.

Bro time complete

Bro time complete

If you haven’t checked out the link on the sidebar to Kristen’s own site, no-one-cares-m8.blogspot.com– do it! She’s an ESFP and she knows wussup. She also covers a whole bunch of things that I don’t, including her newest post on The Walking Dead typing. It’s good for you to get out there, and see MBTI through another lens. Okay, sweetie? Okay.

5 Responses to “MBTI: Sam and Dean Winchester- INFJ and ESTJ”

  1. Kristen Says:


    • Vincent Says:

      Nice description of the characters. Those other sites must have butchered the typing on these two guys as well as the others characters. Curious to know what the other character’s such as Castiel and Crowley are.

      • Kristen Says:

        Thanks man! Yeah it’s a crying shame what some of these other MBTI blogs write. I’m planning on doing those guys later on too.

  2. This is great. Sam is a INFJ. I always thought Dean was a ESFJ.


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