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MBTI: MOS’ General Zod- ESTJ

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It’s time.

Dun dun DUUUN!

You might have loved the film, you might have hated it, you might have thought it was okay or you may not have seen it at all, but you can’t deny Michael Shannon’s portrayal was uhmazing. The look, the attitude…the repeated “I will find him!” It just works. While it didn’t take us to the depths of madness a la Ledger’s Joker, it wasn’t really intended to. Really more so to add humanity to a monster rather putting a monster in a human’s body.

All he wanted was a home for his people. And to do that, he needs to kill everybody on our planet. And he’s an ESTJ, so why would he want this? Why else? It’s his job, don’t take it personal. Continue reading

Theory: Everything is John Wick’s Fault

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John Wick was one of the best movies of last year and maybe one of the greatest action movies of all time. The dedication to simplicity makes it one that’s easy to grasp and easy to love. They even left out the whole action staple of “We’ve got to stop the bomb!” or the subplot of “Does he have heart after all?”

No, we know he’s got one because he had a wife…who is dead. Did he do that? Not necessarily but we’ll get to that. Now as for the thugs that broke into his home, beat up him, killed his dog and stole his car…Wick might have had more to do with it than seems apparent. Continue reading

MBTI: Aldo Raine- ESTP

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Too obvious? Eh, well. Y’know how that goes.

Lieutentant Aldo Raine is a basterd. And a great one at that. With his merry band of underling basterds, Lt. Raine is dropped into enemy territory during WWII to just kill as many Nazis as they can get their hands on. Sounds like the American dream circa 1941, which may also be an ESTP one at that. Aldo’s raw charisma (if there is such a thing) points to the Promoter variant that only stops talking to get things done.

“Sound good?” Continue reading

MBTI: Black Widow- ISTP

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As huge as The Avengers movies are and as long as the character has been around, I’ve never been able to bring myself to type the sultry redhead. INFJ or INTJ?

Ah, I’m just playing of course. Black Widow is one of those typings where no research is needed to dive into her character. Not that she’s not well written, but c’mon- a good looking spy, a bit untrustworthy, uses sex as a tool and her past is as mysterious as what they’re doing when they’re not in view. This is pretty much Bond in female form. Continue reading

Jeff Bridges the Scruffy Mentor

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Some spoilers may occur

To know Jeff Bridges is to love him. Regardless of whether or not his movies perform well at the box office, if your movie has Jeff Bridges in it you need to cherish every day like it’s your last one on this earth and spend some quality time with my man Jeff Bridges. And makin’ that Hollywood money in the process, you feel me?

And with that, we’re all aware of the roles actors gravitate toward. You know exactly where this is going, don’t fight it. Continue reading

MBTI: Monsieur Gustave H.- ENFJ

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GHB_9907 20130130.CR2

“Take your hands off my lobby boy!”

Though every world of Wes Anderson’s is eternally rooted in an eclectic, upbeat atmosphere with the style and tone every hipster would want to dive into, there are always darker undertones than the initial feel would suggest.

So it’s the perfect role for an ENFJ character such as Gustave who goes to hell and back with only brief snippets of the madness before he goes back to his gentlemanly ways. Continue reading

Theory: Drive’s Heroism and Reincarnation

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Potential Spoilers for Drive, Valhalla Rising, and Only God Forgives

No matter how complex a story is, if it can’t be boiled down to a basic line or two, your movie might lose its audience. A lot of movies can seem complicated when it’s really about something easy to grasp with the details just making it its own.

And while Drive really is pretty simple (This driver tries to save a woman and her son from the mob), it’s movies that are simple on the surface that are the most open to interpretation in what they’re really about. Here’s an alternate take, or rather an elaboration, on the story of Drive. Continue reading

MBTI: The Dude- ISFP

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Also known as “Dudeness,” “Duder” or “El Duderino” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. But never Mr. Lebowski.

I did not get this movie when I was younger. I didn’t get why he was making a big deal about a rug even if it tied the room together, I didn’t understand what the nihilists had to do with anything, and Maude’s role seemed to be added in just for some weird effect.

But I get it now. I get that as complicated as it all was, none of it mattered. Least of all, to the Dude; a man so simple he might be a genius. No, he’s not. But you’d rather know him than any of the other wackos in the story. Continue reading

MBTI: Can Ultron be Typed?

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With The Avengers: Age of Ultron releasing in a couple months, it means people are going to be searching for Ultron’s MBTI. And it means they’ll be finding my page. Oh, the views will be glorious.

Unfortunately for those who like their answers black and white (I’m lookin’ at the TJs), too bad. Though Ultron seems to have motives, ideas, goals, etc., is it really him or is it the programming? Are they all original thoughts or are they the offshoots of his creator, Hank Pym? Or Tony Stark, for those familiar with the film.

We’ll also be going over some of the other bigger characters Marvel has to offer; the ones whose power reaches such impossible heights that to add a personality to them seems limiting. Is it?

Continue reading

The Nice Touches of Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad is full of huge moments. The start of it all, the first death, the one liners; it’s what makes Breaking Bad so good.

But there are also the times that only seem to matter at the time you’re watching it and then it becomes forgotten in lieu of such scenes as “Say my name.” It’s understandable.

So what we’re talking about are the artistic details that may as well have not been in the show, but were there anyway. And we’re better off for it, as far as the show is concerned. While everything in any good story should be

But it’s moments like the following that make it personally, one of the greatest shows of all time. Don’t expect me to get’em all. There’s just too many. Continue reading