MBTI: Jurassic Park Cast


With the trailer to the newest Jurassic Park up and the movie coming out later this year, it’s time to take a look back at the movie that permeated our minds as to what dinosaurs looked, moved, and sounded like. And though the new one has got to be better than the third one with trained raptors fist-bumping Star-Lord, the 1993 film really does stand the test of time.

No seriously, even now that they think dinosaurs had feathers, it’s still had to have sounded just like the T-rex in the movies. Its roar was made by combining an elephant, a tiger, and an alligator while it’s breath was done by a whale’s blow hole. Fun fact for ya.

Alan Grant- ISTP


The quiet stare, the ready-for-anything persona of Alan Grant fits the ISTP variant. It’s characters like Grant or Interstellar’s Cooper that really blur the line between ISTP and INTP, two types that normally look nothing alike. But while the two both lead with Ti (Introverted Thinking), the ISTP’s auxiliary is Se (Extroverted Sensing) making them more like to deal with most given situations on the fly- including dinosaurs!

As a lead Ti-user, Grant’s interest in paleontology is only fitting as the nature of the function is to understand how something works by taking it apart or in this case, add how dinosaurs really were by seeing the end result. Any type could be in this field sure, but its Grant’s approach to the subject that reveals his type. He’s genuinely interested in the physical side of the prehistoric creatures; their grace and power. ISTPs can appreciate the sciences and things of a theoretical nature but only so much as it applies to their own life.

And given Grant’s profession, you can see how it applies. If you ever needed to make sure something passes the legitimacy test, an ISTP is a safe bet in making sure what you’re doing at the very least makes sense in theory. And Hammond’s idea did work…in theory.

Robert Muldoon, the park’s game warden (Mr. Short Shorts) is also an ISTP.

Ellie Sattler- ENFJ


With no offense to any couples of matching types, it’s no wonder the NF Ellie and SP Grant were divorced by the time we caught up to them in Jurassic Park III (Should we even count this one?). Opposites attract but there’s a limit, son. Subjectively, we could argue that the ENFJ is the most Sensor-like of all the Intuitives, sharing much in common with the ESFJ albeit with a larger scope in terms of who they care about. While ESFJs care about those closest to them and then some, ENFJs think of how the world would be a better place if everybody cared about everybody.

How this fits Ellie at all can be seen in her ability to fit in with anyone in the group that she meets and she appears to genuinely care for whichever situation she’s in; Hammond, Malcolm, whatever BD Wong’s character name is- she seems to be able to positively interact with anyone. How this differs from the ESFJ to say that the ESFJ doesn’t simply dislike people because they don’t know them, but insecurity can be unintended baggage with them when they’re unfamiliar with while the ENFJ is ready to meet anyone and up for anything. Dominant Fe (Extroverted Feeling) can take you far.

John Hammond- ENFP


While his novel counterpart seemed a bit like the more opportunistic ENTJ; much colder, more focus on the prize than the journey,etc., Richard Attenborough’s portrayal is more of an eccentric billionaire that doesn’t like to tell himself no. On the upside, it’s not as though his intentions lean toward the self-serving and destructive. The idea for the park is crazy yet more than intriguing. The downside is that when the right details aren’t set into place, results can be disastrous. And all because the concept of dinosaurs and the wonderment it would instill was much more fascinating to him than PAYING FATSO MORE MONEY BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT COULD DO THAT JOB.

Then again, Nedry is mentioned to have gambling problems of some sort.

In any case, Hammond’s ideas and attitudes really do seem to fit the ENFP personality of forgetting the details all while chasing after a crazy idea that could fail tremendously or succeed gloriously. Notice that by the seconds film, he hasn’t learned any lesson it seems and doesn’t even mind asking the Ian Malcolm to return to a dinosaur infested island. Leading with Ne (Extroverted Intuition) and backed by Fi (Introverted Feeling), the ENFP can wear you out if you stick around for longer than a few moments.

Eternally upbeat and full of ideas to bring people together, the only real problem is the follow through as it can be with Perceiving types. Only Hammond’s lack of follow through results in the death of a lawyer and one badass story so no wonder he didn’t learn anything from it.

Ian Malcolm- ENTP

You kind of laugh, you’re kind of annoyed, Malcolm is a character that’s maybe too aware of himself as is the ENTP. However you feel about him, nobody can say he wasn’t right. Life does find a way and unfortunately for everybody on the island, it results in a life or death situation. Talk about a jerk system, har har.

“Boy, do I hate being right all the time.” really does come of like the perfect ENTP line. The dichotomy of hating yourself for being so gifted at something.

But like real life ENTPs as well, it doesn’t matter how right or smart you think you are, if you can’t A. Prove it and B. Stop acting like such a chode about it, it’s going to be hard to take you seriously. While Malcolm is a favorite, his much more serious side is presented in the second half of the first film and the entirety of the second after recognizing the seriousness of his predicament. And like Grant’s knack for paleontology, Malcolm’s profession as a chaotician suits the ENTP quite nicely as well; studying chaos and giving order where there supposedly is none.

Dennis Nedry- INTP


Though Newman- I mean, uh, Nedry certainly has a motormouth, Nedry sort of plays an evil mental twin to Breaking Bad’s Gale; both are underestimated nerds that were in some way screwed. Nedry saw it as getting screwed anyhow, with his pay not being what he thought it should be. But while Gale got the short of the stick and that was that, Nedry figured he would just screw everybody over and thus, our heroes are put the test.

While Nedry’s fast paced communicating style could be inferred as a more extroverted quality, we really only see him with characters he already knows, so how loud he is or how much he talks is fairly irrelevant. What we do know is that Nedry is the only one who can do what he does and that as the architect of the entire park’s online system, chances are he spent long hours by himself at a computer with no social life and no regrets in that regard. I mean, look at him. That’s one body that didn’t get enough “out and about,” you feel me?



Oh so lonely. Oh so unique. Oh so special. The T-Rex clearly showed signs of Ni in how he was able to get his meals and his constant roaring showed the his auxiliary Fe was negated due to his loneliness as well as his inferior Se acting out. It explains all those deaths!

Kidding of course.


13 Responses to “MBTI: Jurassic Park Cast”

  1. Please do Godfather, Alien, Gone Girl and Casino.

  2. Jokerandfoxfun Says:

    Oh, and Pokemon too, if you watched it.

  3. I agree with all of these assessments. Nailed it.

    “Ah ah aahhh. You didn’t say the magic word.”

  4. Maggie Says:

    Interested to see your typing for Jurassic World!

    • Taylor Says:

      Thanks! I can tell you now though that Owen is ISTP and Claire is probably ESTJ. Business-minded, stressed out.

  5. yoyoyoyo Says:

    Dr. Grant: ISTJ (This character is not a perceiving type. Should be obvious.)

    Ellie Satler: ENFP

    Malcom: INTP/ENTP

    Nedry: INTP/ENTP

    John Hammond: ENTP most likely. He is not a feeling type. Remember that conversation between him and Dr. Sattler about thinking vs. feeling?

    • Taylor Says:

      So what you’re telling me is that we’re almost soulmates. That’s what I got out of this.

  6. yoyoyoyo Says:

    I further would like to emphasize the point that John Hammond IS NOT an ENFP, but an ENTP. He uses his gregariousness to excite people around him to further his vision (creation of a world recognized dinosaur-themed park) – something ENFPs are not particularly known for, and ENTPs, well, are.

  7. yoyoyoyo Says:

    And the T-Rex? ESTP obviously.


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