MBTI: Can Ultron be Typed?


With The Avengers: Age of Ultron releasing in a couple months, it means people are going to be searching for Ultron’s MBTI. And it means they’ll be finding my page. Oh, the views will be glorious.

Unfortunately for those who like their answers black and white (I’m lookin’ at the TJs), too bad. Though Ultron seems to have motives, ideas, goals, etc., is it really him or is it the programming? Are they all original thoughts or are they the offshoots of his creator, Hank Pym? Or Tony Stark, for those familiar with the film.

We’ll also be going over some of the other bigger characters Marvel has to offer; the ones whose power reaches such impossible heights that to add a personality to them seems limiting. Is it?

Going back to the origins of Ultron, is a sordid tale to say the least. You know how comics be. This writer has an idea while the next writer does something crazy and changes the character’s entire history. Death means nothing if the fanboys hate it enough.

Luckily for a robot like Ultron, no matter what body he inhabits (if he inhabits one at all), he’s still Ultron. Same ol’ lovable, destruction-causing, world-running robot.

"He's got the whole world, in his hand..."

“He’s got the whole world, in his hand…”

If the Terminator could be typed, what would he be typed? ISTJ perhaps? It’s got its mission to kill its targets and it aims to complete the task with lethal efficiency, tossing aside or blowing away anyone that gets in its way. The ISTJ deals with tasks similarly, disregarding anyone that can’t help them do what they’re trying to do. Semantics are a waste of time, just let them do what they feel the need to do. They do what they want almost robotically at times which is why the Terminators are fitting to be typed ISTJ if they’re to be typed at all.

Again, if they could be typed at all. Ultron is pretty much just a more advanced version of the Terminators, considering he’s a still a robot with a creator.

Though Ultron’s motives are much more dire, with taking over the world to usher in a new era of technologically perfect beings as the masters and rulers. His initial premises as a villain was to destroy his creator, Avenger Hank Pym aka Ant-Man aka Yellow Jacket aka Giant Man aka Goliath aka Janet Pym beater. Pym was hoping to create a robot with certain insight into human introspection. Ultron took major strides forward however and eventually came to hate his “daddy”.

But every time he would attack Pym, the Avengers and other superheroes, he would be defeated, only to rebuild himself better and stronger with every offense. Many of his plans and motives seem to fall in line with fictional INTJs and ENTJs, being that their plans generally involve the complete takeover of a business, a planet, a galaxy, etc.

"...But first- my hot pockets."

“…But first- my Hot Pockets.”

But Ultron’s motives go a bit deeper than the average villain, even going so far as to start a family of his own. This is complete with a wife, Jacosta (also a robot), and a “son” in the android Vision; one he constructed himself. Based on the simple understanding that this is what dominant beings do– create. Wink wink.

One could joke that a robot imitating humanity could easily be identified as an INTJ. But how would a robot be an Introvert or Extrovert? A Sensor or Intuitive? Thinking and Feeling seems like it could be applied as a robot would have to be a dominant Thinker, right? But they’re not really thinking, they’re following a program. If their programming says they have feelings, than they’ll follow that programming and experience some feelings, dammit.

Judger or Perceiver? This seems applicable, doesn’t it? A Perceiver works on principles and a Judger goes by rules, put simply. So Ultron would be a Judger because its rules are wired into him. But since his rules involve a set of internal objectives to follow, we could just as soon classify him as a Perceiver. After all, the only rules he follows are his own and there’s nothing to suggest he’s even following an external laws past survival of the fittest.

But how could Ultron be Sensing or Intuitive? Practical or abstract? If his goal is to replace humanity and by doing that a lot of people have to die, is this the product of a character who isn’t think far enough ahead or one that thinks so far in the future that he can’t understand the present?

It seems in a sense that even if a robot were to create his own original thoughts, they would still have to be taken from their creator. Sure, Pym never expressed any desire to take over the world and replace its inhabitants with human/robot hybrids, but the ideas could only exist and evolve from Ultron’s original programming which is, to emulate human introspection; Pym just didn’t realize how smart he was.

Ultimately we could conclude that while Ultron mimics a personality, he has no personality of his own. He’s advanced from his original framework sure, but anything he does only resembles an actual personality. He may as well be Hal 9000 of 2001: A Space Odyssey or one of the Terminators. Yes, his motives seem familiar but they’re hardly even his own.

Guesses on what he resembles would most likely be any one of the four TJ type. Mostly due to Ultron’s cold and calculating plans for humanity while forgetting the human aspect. He emulates human emotion while he doesn’t quite understand it himself.

These are similar traits of other characters the Marvel U. offers. Characters so powerful that to add a personality to them is like adding a personality to a tornado or some other natural disaster. You could list traits but their motives are godlike; transcendent in nature that they go beyond human motivations. I can’t imagine Galactus having anything in common with say, a human ESFP, even if among his people he were to be considered a party-loving, laid back pothead or whatever other stereotypes you have. They’re just too big for that.

In the upcoming film it looks like Tony Stark is the creator of Ultron rather than Hank Pym, who will be played by Michael Douglas as an older, retired Ant-Man. This could be for clarity’s sake so as not to involve Pym before the Ant-Man movie is released, but it could also be due to the similarities between Ultron and one of Stark’s suits that became sentient and played a near identical role to Ultron in the comics, albeit much less powerful.

Sentient Armor takes 'Bros before hos' VERY seriously.

Sentient Armor takes ‘Bros before hos’ VERY seriously.

In fact, Ultron did take over one of Stark’s suit at one point. Lazy writers!

Verdict: ENTJ or INTJ, depending on who’s writing him

3 Responses to “MBTI: Can Ultron be Typed?”

  1. fatalfuryguu Says:

    The real question is: Can your mom be typed?!?!

  2. Brett Says:

    I think Ultron is an ENTP..

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah after watching the movie I’m thinking he had maybe TOO much personality. Came off as ENTP in a sense but his plan of ruling a new world of superior beings makes me think ENTJ.


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