MBTI: MOS’ General Zod- ESTJ


It’s time.

Dun dun DUUUN!

You might have loved the film, you might have hated it, you might have thought it was okay or you may not have seen it at all, but you can’t deny Michael Shannon’s portrayal was uhmazing. The look, the attitude…the repeated “I will find him!” It just works. While it didn’t take us to the depths of madness a la Ledger’s Joker, it wasn’t really intended to. Really more so to add humanity to a monster rather putting a monster in a human’s body.

All he wanted was a home for his people. And to do that, he needs to kill everybody on our planet. And he’s an ESTJ, so why would he want this? Why else? It’s his job, don’t take it personal.

We can’t say that everybody loves an ESTJ but we can say that everybody knows one. You could learn a lot about yourself by doing so. Why does it bother you when they do this? What is it about their attitude you like? Since ESTJs are all over the place, you can test yourself pretty often with them. Why am  even starting off like this? Because most people’s feelings on the ESTJ are similar to the way ESTJs see the world- black and white.

The General certainly lives this way too, doesn’t he? He’s sick and tired of the way the crusty old council has been doing things so now it’s time for a new leader and one that will do things properly. While ESTJs are often described as authority loving buzz killers, it’s only partially true.

It’s pretty reasonable to look at ST types as the most masculine types on average. And -STJs are all about a chain of command. They don’t wanted to be treated like crap, as some descriptions may lead newcomers to believe, and they’re not aching to treat you that way either (Well, maybe some are). But as far as they see it, if a job needs to be done, than you’ve got to do it as logically and professionally as possible. The reason ISTJs and ESTJs can make such good leaders, specifically ESTJ, is the same thing that’s also a weakness- they see the world in few shades and don’t have time to argue semantics.

Semantics meaning whether or not YOUR LIFE is important.

Semantics meaning whether or not YOUR LIFE is important.

Zod himself seems to put on a front upon first meeting Clark but even without our knowledge on his backstory, it’s pretty clear to see he’s not concerned with formalities. While he doesn’t start off screaming or throwing tables, it doesn’t take him long to lay it out on the table what he plans to do with earth and what needs to take place for that to happen; for his home planet Krypton to be saved, earth needs to be remade. And killing everyone on it isn’t a big deal because the humans are lower life forms anyway. Just stepping on ants for him, and if he needs to step on some ants to save his own people, of course he’ll do it.

“I have a duty to my people. And I will not allow anyone to prevent me from carrying it out.”

And he’s not lying. Zod’s not a villain that lies to get what he wants. He doesn’t subtly manipulate and mince words. He just states things how he sees them and if you’re smart, you’ll see where he’s coming from and you’ll agree. It’s why he plainly states his case to Superman (A heavy Feeler in any incarnation) and gets pissed that the man of steel doesn’t see it the same way. Says the ESTJ, “How are you not getting this? It’s simple.”

ESTJs might not be as cold as killing an entire planet, but seeing as how they’re thought to make up roughly 10-12% of the population and the fact that everywhere from middle management to the most elite of military leaders seem to be owned by ESTJs, you can see where they get their reputation. When I think of people throughout history being put on trial for war crimes, the ones that use the Nuremberg Defense, or “Superior Orders.” It’s basically the excuse of “I was just doing my job!” This always struck me as an SJ defense.

ESTJ villains have cronies, ISTJ villains are a crony.

ESTJ villains have cronies, ISTJ villains are a crony.

The reason ESTJs are thought to look to authority anyway isn’t necessarily out of mindless fear either. The idea for many is that to be in a position of authority means you not only worked to get there, but that the rules must be followed and traditions respected. I’ve always got to stop myself at this point when talking to an an ESTJ in real life because as this point they’re making a face like they’ve smelled a fart and then I have to explain that authority doesn’t just mean whatever idiot is in charge, but the one that makes sense to them. Tradition doesn’t mean wearing itchy sweaters every Christmas but whatever tradition that that individual keeps, they keep to it religiously,

And through the lens of the ESTJ, logic, efficiency, and order are respected most. Zod was holding to his ideas of what Krypton was and what it could be and it’s the idea of a respected and superior society that he was fighting for. It doesn’t make sense to fight for the weak when they’re just going to die anyway. He’s living in the past as Jor-el’s image tells him that the Krypton Zod is clinging to is gone. But that doesn’t stop him because without his mission, he feels he has no purpose.

Great freakin’ villain.

Zod’s “evil” ways are not representative of every ESTJ, but like any villain of a specific type, he is the type of evil ESTJs are responsible for more than other types are- the job over everything, at any cost.

ZOD FOR PRESIDENT. He might kill you, but he won't lie to you.

ZOD FOR PRESIDENT. He might kill you, but he won’t lie to you.


5 Responses to “MBTI: MOS’ General Zod- ESTJ”

  1. Randy Says:

    I was disappointed there was no modern version of the classic line delivered so artfully by Terrence Stamp in Superman 2: “Son of Jor-el! KNEEL before Zod!”

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah, we could have done with some “kneeling” but considering how easily they could have repeated everything that was done before, I’m cool with some changes.

  2. When I watched the movie, I kept on thinking he was Brad Arnold from 3 Doors Down.

  3. fatalfuryguu Says:

    Best part is when he wouldn’t shut up about “finding him”. Heh and he found him!


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