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MBTI: Invincible- ENTP

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The title character of The Best superhero comic book in the universe! was a tough one to figure out. The books themselves focus on so many characters in their 100-plus run and we see Mark Grayson go through a lot.

It also seemed crazy that in Invincible’s world of heroes, villains, crazy alien monsters and superfreaks galore that there would be such a thing as an ENTP character that wasn’t a mad scientist or something of that nature. But Mark starts out as just a regular guy and it seems that his way of reinventing things is by trying to keep his hyper complicated world a little more simple. Continue reading


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The Japanese love TJ types don’t they? To-the-point, walk softly and carry a big sword types especially. Of course Intuitive types love to claim him, but look at how this guy operates- without a master, he’s lost. That’s the whole point of his character, despite what he says.

Jin’s a stoic and the perfect foil to Mugen’s unorthodox and rebellious style. Maybe the greatest swordsman in the entire series and it’s all thanks to his rigid discipline. He’s like a male Mikasa. Continue reading

Movie Review: It Follows

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Stars: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Lucardi

Rated R for disturbing violent and sexual content including graphic nudity, and language, and brief nudity, 100 minutes, Horror

Compare to: The Ring (2002), You’re Next (2013)

If you were able to cross an STD with the chain emails that tell you you’ll die if you don’t pass it along, you’ve got It Follows.

Stylish and filled with tension, there are a few things that take away from the film but enough to set it far above the majority of diluted Horror the screen is so often filled with. Continue reading

MBTI: ASM2’s Harry Osborne- INFP

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I found one! Look guys! Over here! I found an INFP villain!

In my MBTI: Villains article, I hated that I had to leave our NF buddies out of the fun. It’s not that there aren’t any NF villains, it’s just so rare. Cue annoyed emails that I’m wrong about half my villains and that many are actually INFJ (Holy crap I got one as I typed this sentence) or INFP. The genres I’m mostly familiar with contain so few and many that are typed as that just ain’t right.

But now that I’ve searched through the anal cavity of my mind, I’ve actually got a real, live, fictional villain. And thy name is Harry. Continue reading

MBTI: Taking the Character’s Word for it

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It seems whenever a character says something about themselves, people into typology see it as Word of God. No more need to question the personality of the character, they used a word we’re familiar with in MBTI and because it’s associated with a type, there’s no need to dig any deeper.

This character mentions plans, so they must be a “J” type because “J” types plan. This character must be a heavy feeler because they tell another they love them. Or even better, a character cares about certain people so they can’t be a character that prefers thinking over feeling.

Let’s sort some stuff out. Continue reading

Recasting for a Serious Version of “The Room”

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Idea from Michael S.!

If you haven’t seen Tommy Wiseau’s live-action motion picture “black comedy,” The Room, I don’t know what to say to you. It’s a standard, or at least, it set one. When people talk about how HORRIBLE big budget movies are because there’s so much like, totally gross CGI unlike those amazingly quirky indie dramadies, I always ask them if they’ve seen The Room. It’s my way of telling them that a movie you didn’t like is not the same as a truly terrible movie.

But what if it wasn’t an awful movie? I know that’s like saying “What if we didn’t have to die” or something that would unmake everything we know about life, but imagine a world where Tommy Wiseau got to make the movie he originally thought he made? Or at least the dialogue was spoken by actors who knew what they were doing? Here are some ideas for a remake that will never happen and it never should. Continue reading

MBTI: Divergent and Special Snowflake Syndrome

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I get a lot of people asking me to type characters from Divergent or the different groups in the series. Maybe I would have more readers if I obliged but some stuff I just can’t do. I can direct you to some sites that would but even then I can’t guarantee that those are right.

But I wouldn’t do the Divergent series justice because I hate it. Let me be clear as I always have to be in real life that I don’t hate you for reading the books or watching the movies nor do I look down on you in a way that matters, I just hate them. And relating it to MBTI as well as the fact that the sequel Insurgent is releasing today, I’ll tell you why. Continue reading

MBTI: Jackie Chan’s Career as an ESFP

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I’m not done with Metal Gear characters. Not by a long shot, scrote. But there are so many of them that they could be typed until Metal Gear Solid V comes out in September and we’ve got to have a little more variety now and then and as far as I can think right now, there aren’t any ESFP characters in Metal Gear and I haven’t done one in a while.

Not since November have I visited the Performer type and it’s only right that I show respect to the type that Jackie Chan has been consistent in playing for his fifty-plus year career. Continue reading

MBTI: Solidus Snake- ENTJ

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Never one to be unprepared, Solidus Snake is the only Rational family member of the Snake clan. Cloned from Big Boss himself, he fits right in with them and sticks out in just as many ways. Solidus’ mark on the franchise can seem small compared to that of Big Boss and Solid Snake but he and his plan still left an impression on players everywhere.

And what’s an ENTJ need besides a plan? Cronies, of course! And Solidus has got plenty of them. From his Dead Cell and Raiden to the people of the free world, Solidus wasn’t a dog to get kicked and run off with his tail between his legs and neither is the ENTJ, as they don’t mind telling you. Continue reading

MBTI: Fortune- INFJ

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Helena “Fortune” Jackson is bad luck personified. When everyone around her began to die and she seemed to be able to avoid death  not matter what she did, she gained the name “Lady Luck” as well and developed a nihilistic viewpoint.

While INFJs are normally thought of as quiet, people-loving, and introspective, there are the ones stuck in a rut that can’t get out of the mindset that people are terrible and humanity itself just isn’t worth it! *Pulls out hair*.

And since this is the Metal Gear universe, the grudge-holding INFJ can’t be hit by bullets and goes around killing people with a portable rail gun with her vampire buddy. Continue reading