MBTI: Danger 5


If you haven’t heard of Danger 5 then you’re as stupid as I was three days ago. Alright, maybe not that dumb. But still pretty stupid.

Based on classic men’s magazines that featured strong white men killing a lot of animals and men from foreign countries, Danger 5 is a sort of parody of the spy genre of the 60s. International spies traveling around the world trying their hardest to kill Hitler, to be specific. My interest was piqued! Think Team America but with real people instead of puppets. I’ve posted a trailer below.

Jackson- ESTP


The all-American hero with rogue-ish good looks, the only team Jackson would fit better in would be GI JOE. Jackson plays by the rules, but his rules consist of whatever will help kill Hitler. Past that, Jackson isn’t above hitting women or shooting an unarmed enemy. ESTPs have a sense for danger as well, as you can see in every minute of every episode of Danger 5.

ESTPs are the hero that will do whatever it takes to get the job done and don’t really know when to keep their mouth shut. With Se as their dominant function and Ti as their auxiliary, this is a quick thinking type that’s only real problem is making sure their senses take over entirely and put them in some serious crap. Jackson’s quick thinking got him a ride to Hitler’s secret base when he hid inside the stolen Statue of Liberty (yep), but to take yourself directly to the enemy’s personal army, and be unarmed at that, might not have been the best idea.

He got out of it of course though, because that’s how Danger 5 rolls.

Ilsa- ISTP


Jackson might be a bad boy, but nobody is badder than Ilsa. Seriously, sometimes she comes off like a villain. Actually, she was in a couple of episodes. Sort of like a comedic Black Widow, Ilsa is that character that will do whatever it takes for her country but it seems to be more for the excitement than it does the higher principle. This is the case with many, if not most, ISTP heroes and heroines. In fact, in the episode “Fresh Meat for Hitler’s Sex Kitchen“, Ilsa gives her body a way a bit too freely and ends up paying the consequences for it by having the Nazi STD passed to her, temporarily becoming a Nazi. No!

ISTP’s lead with Ti and their auxiliary is Se. So while ESTPs can come off as jocks but surprise their doubters, ISTPs are more likely to surprise you with the more reckless choices they make after having you believe their mindset is always a calm one. Oh that Se!

Tucker- ESTJ


The unofficial leader of the group, he fits the ESTJ model well. When they’re not actually put in a leadership position officially, they take it on anyway. Tucker is a hot and cold kind of guy and when Pierre puts on a record with music that Tucker isn’t accustomed to, Tucker freaks out and shoots the record player because nobody goes faster from 0-60 like the ESTJ. By the end of the episode, Tucker has developed an appreciation for Pierre’s music but only after a life threatening situation.

Or several. There are so many in the show, just one of their missions will lead to multiple subplots that could easily end in death if the team wasn’t Danger 5.

His inferior Fi also shows, as it would with just about any dominant thinking type. He goes back and forth on how to show his feelings for Claire throughout the season. It’s the dominant Te and inferior Fi that has the ESTJ buying you presents out of nowhere only to ignore you for a week. Still, nobody can deny their “Take no crap and get things done” way of life, which is ultimately why Tucker leads the team even if nobody listens to him half the time.

Claire- ESFJ


If Tucker is the dad of the group, Claire is definitely the mom. Though nobody real plays it safe (Hence the name, c’mon), Claire and Pierre seem to be the only members of the group that regularly and healthily display their feelings. And like any ESFJ, whose dominant function is Fe, Claire hardly even takes offense to every scene where Chestbridge not only gives the team their mission but also tells Claire to shut up for interrupting him with a sensible question. In episode six, he even did this by pointing a shotgun at her head. Off the chain, I tell ya!

But Claire is hardly ever offended, or should I say that she gets over it quickly. While ESFJs can hold a grudge in the back of their mind, their Fe has them looking over any ways you might have wronged them just so everybody can stay happy and keep from making waves. Claire is also the exact opposite of Ilsa in that she takes her sexuality seriously and it’s mentioned that she’s waiting “for the right guy.”

ESFJs will also take relationships very seriously and don’t move on easily if one has fallen apart. Even still, while Ilsa and Jackson may prove to be difficult to control, Claire is always reliable as most ESFJs will be in whatever position they’re given.

Pierre- ISFP

The sensitive ladies’ man of the group, Pierre’s above video has some nice team moments as well as many of Pierre’s. He can usually be found embracing a long lost friend or lover only to have them die in his arms by the end telling him how he can make the perfect drink (Usually something poured over crushed ice). In the final episode of season 1, Pierre’s emotive scream actually kill his evil clone, which is a far fetched example of the bottled up feelings the ISFP wields.

Really though, ISFPs have a lot going on in their heads, you’d just never know it because they reveal so little. Pierre kind of acts as the “heart” of the team like the little native kid from Captain Planet whose power ring is heart. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s fine. But this is all fitting for the ISFP, who doesn’t appear as a cry baby but you wouldn’t know either way. Like I said, they hold onto a lot.

It’s funny though, how male ISFPs are so friendly they can come off like Extroverts while male ESFPs can come off like Introverts. Oh, and Pierre shows a love for the artistic side of life; music, fine wine, dancing. Any strong Se users are going to be drawn toward these things and take special pleasure in them.

Season 2 premiered in January. The first season is on Netflix. Watch this show!

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  1. jesusmarx2 Says:

    sorry if i bother you, but, do you know some isfp protagonist TV series?
    by the way, thanks for danger 5 typing 🙂


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