MBTI: Fortune- INFJ


Helena “Fortune” Jackson is bad luck personified. When everyone around her began to die and she seemed to be able to avoid death  not matter what she did, she gained the name “Lady Luck” as well and developed a nihilistic viewpoint.

While INFJs are normally thought of as quiet, people-loving, and introspective, there are the ones stuck in a rut that can’t get out of the mindset that people are terrible and humanity itself just isn’t worth it! *Pulls out hair*.

And since this is the Metal Gear universe, the grudge-holding INFJ can’t be hit by bullets and goes around killing people with a portable rail gun with her vampire buddy.

This smooth little number should be played as you read.

“Pure self-indulgence…absorbed in your own misfortune. You couldn’t get enough of the drama.”

-Ocelot to Fortune

In the “big reveal” where Ocelot talks for a good twenty minutes straight (Such a ham!), we’re shown that while Fortune’s life has been a tragic one, her most recent misfortunes were the result of her own misguided intentions.

As far as this article is concerned, we’ll mostly be focusing on…the negatives.

One thing people hate about MBTI is the section that concerns itself with the weaknesses of each type. They claim it doesn’t fit them, they don’t do that, or that most common- pretend that they love those things about themselves. This can be found in any type, not just INFJ of course. But I’m throwing this little disclaimer out here to say that bringing up the weaknesses is due to Fortune’s character being shaped by her problems so that’s what’s most natural to examine. Just ask the ESFPs about Joffrey.

With all that being said, from Fortune’s theme, to the backstory of her character (Her entire family dying one by one around her while she herself cannot die), and even the voice actress’ dramatic flair for the dismal, we’ve got an INFJ on our hands. There’s really nothing else for her to be. While she has no master plan as strong Ni users are thought to have, the INFJ in a rut is going to be a grudge-holding martyr feeling like the world is against them and act as such.

Sounds like my ex

Sounds like an ex of mine.

With the INFJ’s function being Extroverted Sensing (Se), the INFJ in a negative state will indulge in the sensory. This doesn’t mean they become a fists-of-fury badass because they’re using their Se, it’s that they suppress their natural instincts to focus on a long-term goal and are obsessed with the momentary details instead. While a lead Se user like ESFP or ESTP’s strength lies in the present, it’s an INFJ’s weakness. It will coexist peacefully if you will with the INFJ’s dominant Ni leading them to make the right steps in the moment that will follow up to their bigger goal.

Fortune isn’t doing this.

She’s so obsessed with killing Solid Snake (In a world of this many Snakes, you’ve got to clarify which one) because she believes him to be her father’s murderer and the reason most other tragedies around her have occurred. It’s just a couple reasons why she wants to die so bad and is obsessed with finding a way to make that happen. INFJs can get into a certain mindset and be quietly persistent that their way is the only way, much to the chagrin of their peers.

This isn’t done in the loud, exasperated and dramatic way that an ESFP hold to their Fi ideals (Hooray for mentioning ESFP three times now!) when they feel they’re up against a wall, but the INFJ will remain quietly dogmatic and unmoving in their attitude to be pissed and they’ll answer everything shortly. It’s tough enough to get them to talk in the first place but when they’re pissed, they’ll say everything they need to in a tight-lipped expression.

Speaking softly and carrying a big ol' gun.

Speaking softly and carrying a big ol’ gun.

Now for all the online crap you may find about INFJs “seeing through to someone’s soul,” or whatever, I would just ignore that because it seems to be a built up fantasy in some people’s heads that a pissed off INFJ is the harbinger of doom and that it just takes a lot for them to get them there. So GOD. HELP YOU. IF YOU MAKE THEM GO THERE.

It’s pretty annoying to read, as it is with any online user that has let their type fantasies run wild. The real issue with an INFJ in a pissed off mood is that those that care about them feel the aggravated weirdness from this normally positive and giving type. Awkward or uncomfortable is the best way to describe it while this varies of course, depending on the relationship the person has to the INFJ.

But Fortune, being who she is, carries around a giant gun that shoots electromagnetic projectiles at Navy SEALs while stopping to apologize to a few seagull causalities, so it’s safe to say it gets a lot worse than awkward.


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