The Japanese love TJ types don’t they? To-the-point, walk softly and carry a big sword types especially. Of course Intuitive types love to claim him, but look at how this guy operates- without a master, he’s lost. That’s the whole point of his character, despite what he says.

Jin’s a stoic and the perfect foil to Mugen’s unorthodox and rebellious style. Maybe the greatest swordsman in the entire series and it’s all thanks to his rigid discipline. He’s like a male Mikasa.

Something that’s interesting to note about the above scene besides the awesome color palette and smooth animation is that the hired swordsman Jin is going up against makes mention more than once that if the to combatants were in a controlled environment, Jin would probably win. But since they’re outside, it’s implied things won’t go the same way. While something could be similar said for more types heavy on the Te, ISTJs know what they know and if they don’t know it, they don’t want to. Dominant Si types are maybe some of the most stubborn people on the planet and you can see it with Jin.

Not that functions are clearly present (Jin is so Si it like totally hurts) but throughout the 26-episode series which is available on Netflix, HULU, probably Youtube or you can borrow my DVDs if you want, Jin’s strict behavior and methodical ways draw heavily from his past as a student of one of the greatest samurais to ever live. We not only become more familiar with his history but throughout the show, we’re given insights into Jin’s personality through his bits of advice on how his school would handle the current situation, or what he was taught as a kid.

ISTJs love dat history. Not the subject, but all SJs live in the past you could say. From their Si-usin’ experience, if you look at what’s happened, you can understand what’s happening and have a better understanding of what may happen.

While similar types INTJ are logical to the point of fallacy and ISTP aren’t disciplined in any sense of the word, the ISTJ user is discipline to the point of fallacy and will unintentionally disregard logic if the way they’ve known was proven to be the more sensible route in the past.

He corrects Mugen’s fighting style even though he can’t beat him, he follows orders when he could easily disregard and overpower the person commanding him, and he’s often mocked for his lack of humor.

So agree to disagree

So agree to disagree

Fuu and Mugen making fun of Jin for apparently saying- “Fishing is a life and death struggle between man and fish. Forget this and you will most certainly get hurt.”

If there’s one problem people have with ISTJs, it’s that they can be so stubbornly stiff. They might not even understand their reasoning for not wanting to do what you want them to do but if you can get them to put it into words it will usually be because they were already going to do what they always do, not what you’ve asked of them. Circumstances aren’t extenuating, they’ve just got a schedule in their head and they’re going to stick to it.

It makes sense why Jin looks down on Mugen even though they technically live the same lifestyle. Tertiary Fi for the ISTJ will have them becoming more aware of their own feelings and values as they get older but it won’t make exceptions for others. Jin knows his own story and why he does what he does, but Mugen? Ew, Mugen’s always been a vagrant.

In the episode War of the Words, Jin comes across two younger men he knew as children and have lost their way. So jin sees it as his duty to teach them. He hasn’t seen them for years and someone’s always out for his head, but no, time to teach these two goofballs a lesson. ISTJs are always described as the “keepers of tradition” as all SJs are as all SJ MBTI-enthusiasts hate to read.

What does that actually mean though? In my own experience (Oh shit! The author’s experience with real people is unreliable!) it speaks more to the SJ’s comfort with the traditional and the known. Duh, right? More specifically, what the SJ makes a routine will be their routine. People read words like “tradition” and “routine” and get the image of a man celebrating Christmas with his family in their horrible sweaters living their boring lives out in Pleasantville. They keep the tradition alive for they are the keepers of it!

"They look terrible but it's tradition, dammit!"

“They look terrible but it’s tradition, dammit!”

In reality, this can mean anything. If the parents hated Christmas, the SJ kids may hate Christmas. If the parents say, loved Christmas and the SJ kids come across another figure that hates Christmas and makes more sense to them then their own parents, they may come to hate Christmas and be devoted to it. If the SJ skydives or loves to write, then they take it seriously and make it a lifestyle. Whatever they do, they do it repetitiously and as we all know, practice makes perfect. It’s why they can make such good soldiers but a lazy ISTJ you know will be the laziest. person. you know. 

Uh-oh, I’m using my experience again!

It’s this reason why Jin seems at all comfortable with his life as a ronin. Now that he has no sensei due to such a serious betrayal, he sees all forms of authority as being greedy and false. So to wander with his skills are the only things he knows, making money where he can yet still treating people with the respect he believes they deserve.


6 Responses to “MBTI: Jin- ISTJ”

  1. chris Says:

    I was wondering…You mention that Jin is like a female Mikasa,what do you think captain Levi’s mbti type from AoT is?I’m torn between istj and istp for him…

    • Taylor Says:

      I was thinking INTJ. He doesn’t quite fit the real life INTJ model being that he’s the best at EVERYTHING but he’s still got the quiet but blunt strategist thing going on. He unorthodox but knows what he’s doing and leaves people in the dark with his thoughts. Annie I would say, is a good example of an ISTP. I plan on typing her for the next ISTP just to get another female on here. Not enough ladies. Tell me what you think or disagree with.

      • chris Says:

        Hmmm…I ruled out intj because he is a clean freak and he doesn’t seem like a strategist to me (Erwin and Armin are the strategy duo of the series) but rather someone who just follows the plan.This two-not entirely compelling I must add-reasons led me to believe that he might be an istj.
        On the other hand,in his face I ”recognize” that I_TP calmness/coolness (think of Rust Cohle or Mike Ehrmantraut). Also,he is a formidable soldier with very quick reflexes,sharp-tongued,cynical,a quick thinker,he detests authority (mainly Erwin) and ,though he is unpleasant to those around him and he prefers to act alone, he cares about his subordinates,which -If he were an ISTP- could be associated with his minor,underdeveloped fe.
        The XNTJ of the anime,in my humble opinion,is Erwin;just check the description of his characterisation from shingekinokyojin. wikia:”Erwin is portrayed as serious, calculating, seeing and planning far for the future.His ultimate goal is for humanity to once again rise up and become the dominant species; a goal he is willing to sacrifice anything for”.Such a typical XNTJ description there.

        • Taylor Says:

          I’m not against him being an ISTJ or ISTP; it’s one reason I haven’t typed him because I’m not entirely sure. It would make even more sense in many ways for hm to be a Sensor, specifically an Se user. But from what I remember (I have to go back and check it out), he’s that “silent planner” type. ISTJ isn’t as discreet as INTJ can be and ISTP is cooler than Levi is, Levi being kind of a stiff. But again, you make a good point and I wouldn’t make a post on him being INTJ with arguments like this one.

          • chris Says:

            Now that I think about it -and because you mentioned the key word stiff (you are right;he is more stiff than cool)- he is either an ISTP or INTJ.My reasoning has to do more with something I noticed in various MBTI forums:there is a tendency to confuse ISTPs with INTJs. for example,Lizbeth from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,whom you correctly typed as an INTJ,is considered by many as an ISTP because she has sensor elements,Rust from True Detective(ISTP) is usually typed as INTJ or INFJ(!),Kakashi (ISTP) from Naruto is typed as an INTJ and the list goes on…So what do we do with characters like Levi whose type is uncertain?Do we have to wait for their story to fully unfold until we can be 100% sure or do they remain untypeable?

            P.S. I saw that you typed Matt Damon’s character in Departed, which is one of my all time favorite movies, and I was wondering is Mark Wahlberg’s character an ISTP?

            • Taylor Says:

              Yeah it is funny how ISTP and INTJ can be confused. They’re practically nothing alike in real life and hardly in fiction. Man, it seems like we’re on the same page as far as all of these characters go; what they’re mistaken for and what they are. Naruto being the only ones I’m not familiar with. With Levi, I’ll need to go back to be sure, picking out little characters details.

              Wahlberg’s character I was thinking was ESTP. He’s a crude loudmouth with quick wit though arguments are welcome. DiCaprio’s character is a definite ISTP.


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