MBTI: Atom Eve- ISFP


With Invincible and Allen able to punch holes in any supervillain, giant meteor, planets, or anything else that would get in their way, Samantha Eve Wilkins and her abilities are a little more complex. Eve has the ability restructure matter through her thoughts. I had to look up how to explain that because while I’ve read every issue and been able to accept what she’s shown to do, wording it is a lot tougher.

Which isn’t that dissimilar to the ISFP themselves; easy to accept, difficult to understand. Fi is tricky.

Created in a government lab, Eve was traded out for the deceased child of a normal couple by a scientist whose conscience got the better of him. Eve’s ability to recreate things from existing matter is similar to the Fantastic Four’s Invisible Woman with her invisible constructs…only you can see what Eve makes and she can’t make things out of nothing.

For example, she uses ground up to leaves to make coffee at one point. Not just coffee grounds, but already made coffee in a mug that wasn’t previously there. Pretty useful in other situations as well I’d imagine.


How does that relate to ISFP? So far, it doesn’t.

What does however, is Eve’s actual character. Not her powers, though they do seem fitting for an ISFP. But Eve herself fits the model for the quiet but friendly, helpful yet laid back personality. ISFPs can throw people off with their perceived laziness when it really comes down to appearances. This is like the ISTP, who can seem to lay around for hours on end, only to get up and go for a run with almost no problem.

Though it’s the SP’s high preference for Se (Extroverted Sensing) that can put them at ease and total comfort in one moment may have them at their height of exerting physical energy within a matter of minutes. It’s all about what they get into in that moment. Could just be video games if that’s what’s caught their attention.

But what sets apart ISFPs from other SPs is their dominant Fi (Introverted Feeling) which prioritizes their values. They don’t need to relate to the room as Fe does, making people feeling welcome and comfortable, unless that’s exactly what that ISFP sees as being important. Sometimes Fe users don’t know what to think about certain scenarios while an Fi user’s life is based around neatly organizing their feelings on it. It deconstructs values to know what’s important like Ti deconstructs concepts and systems.

And an animal rights activist? Fi all over this place.

And an animal rights activist? Fi all over this place.

Though it’s more likely that the ISFP will be seen as careless even if it couldn’t be further from the truth. They just don’t feel the need to share it with everybody if they share their thoughts at all. Eve’s most ISFP moment comes is at the time Invincible is stranded in an alternate dimension by Angstrom Levy. While it’s not too long before Invincible is saved by an older version of the Teen Team (Invincible and Eve’s former team of, ta-daa, teen superheroes, who are now Guardians of the Globe, aka the Justice League) who have been working for years (in their time) to find Invincible.

It’s at this point, a considerably older Eve breaks down to reveal to Invincible that even though he’s currently dating another girl and the present Eve is pretending to be fine, Future Eve has has spent her life regretful that she never made it clear to him how she really felt.

ISFPs have got a lot more going on in their head than they let, as opposed to the ESFP who lets everybody know everything they’ve ever felt when it pops into their head in the moment. Though Eve subtly argues that Amber isn’t right for Mark (Invincible), she can’t get the nerve to outright say it. All this even happens this way because Mark and Amber go to visit Eve in Africa because for a while, being a superhero wasn’t enough and she felt the need to help starving villages. Like, so ISFP.

She also keeps it secret from Mark the first time she’s pregnant and at this point, you’re probably thinking that I associate ISFPs with secrets. Maybe that’s the case, but of all the types it just seems ISFPs are the most to themselves. I wouldn’t necessarily even call them the ultimate introverts, due to their friendliness and general state of concern. This, along with their quiet love of the natural world.

None of this keeps ISFPs from blending in with the rest of us and doing what she wants all the same.

When Eve wants to change into her alter ego, she goes to more obvious places to change and flies away. Why not be more discreet? Because as she tells Mark, he’d be surprised how rarely people look up.

Do you get it yet? You need to be reading this.

Do you get it yet? You need to be reading this.



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