MBTI: Britta Perry – ENFP


Written by Bryce Waller!

Every group needs a wild card, and while many people would argue for Troy or Abed, I have to cast my vote for Britta Perry. Few people in the group are as bold, practical, and original as Britta.

Whether she is coming back to the study group wearing the same clothes as the day before asking how long peyote lasts, or living homeless on the front lawn of Greendale, Britta chooses to see life as something that needs to be lived and the study group needs to know about it!

Any one who has watched more than a few episodes knows Britta is the activist or idealist of the group. Whether she is taking part in silent protests for journalists in South America, or commenting on how futile the drug war has been, Britta has her beliefs and she sticks to them no matter what. She finds great purpose in that and if you question those beliefs, get ready for an ear full. ENFPs often find meaning in interpreting social events and can become overbearing to their friends and others.

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Britta’s primary function, Extraverted iNtuiting [Ne], is most obvious in her interactions with Jeff that concern his father. These conversations also allow Britta the opportunity to showcase what she learns in psychology. Psychology is where ENFPs often find a natural environment to present their skills of communication with other human beings. This career is always chang-ing so it is perfect for an ENFP because they accept the fluidity of the science and often thrive in it.  (Side note: You could also notice this function in conversations with, and about, Abed, but it was Jeff’s character is much easier for Britta to feel like she accomplished something greater).

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 6.53.08 PM

ENFPs are excellent at interpreting the situations that surround them and their friends and finding meaning in those situations. Coming back to Jeff, it was obvious in season 4’s “Paranormal Parentage” when Britta convinces Jeff to open up about his father by first introducing the idea of ghosts. While Jeff only thought she was stating her fears of the paranormal, Britta knew that Jeff would some how relate ghosts to Pierce’s dead dad, which would lead to Jeff’s feelings about his own father. Out smarting an ENTP is not easy to do.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.44.00 PM

ENFPs also know how to relax and let the world fade away. Britta does this by smoking cannabis in Troy and Abed’s bathroom. END THE DRUG WAR!!! It is nice to know that ENFPs have the strength to relax because they also have the weakness of getting worked up easily. Introverted Feelers [Fe] must speak out when something they care about is brought up for questioning. When ENFPs choose not to speak out, they moves to ACTION!

ENFPs make great friends, and are often people that others want to be around, but if you had to have them as your biology 101 lab partner, you should consider yourself on the losing end. ENFPs find it easy to lose focus on school projects when they have friends with daddy issues who need to counseled.

Annie actually points out that Britta is the obvious “weakest link” in the group when it comes to grades when they were deciding who would be lab partners in season 3. This is not to say that ENFPs are “Stupid” or “dumb,” not at all. But, they would rather be focusing on interpersonal relationships than a yam.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.43.26 PM

NFPs want to be the most independent people in the world.ENFPs dont want to be free for the sake of freedom, but because they hate to make decisions and limit their choices. ENFPs are the ultimate grass is greener type. They want to pack their own lunches and avoid “I love you” notes from mommy because they believe it would feed in to the stereotypes that all women stay at home and pack lunches for their children. Sophie B. Hawkins never packed any lunches! Take money from mom and dad…I dont think so. Let men run the world…NO SIR! I prefer to sleep on the front lawn of Greendale in a tent.

Activist, life of the party, original…Britta Perry!

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